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Hai Phong weather: Essential information for your trip in 2023

09/02/2023 5.589

Weather affects our mood and activities. Let’s explore how Hai Phong weather changes throughout the year to plan your trip to this bustling coastal city in the north of Vietnam.

Hai Phong weather

Hai Phong weather must be among your biggest concerns regarding one of the most important coastal cities of Vietnam. The weather in Hai Phong Vietnam changes according to seasons throughout the year. Let's explore it and choose the most ideal place to stay in Hai Phong according to your purposes!

1. About Hai Phong weather and Hai Phong temperature

Hai Phong City Vietnam is located in the northeast of the country, 100 kilometres to the northeast of Hanoi capital. Hai Phong is an important port city, a centre for industry and sea transportation. It is the third biggest city in Vietnam after Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. The coastal city possesses great potential in tourism.

Hai Phong weather bears typical features of subtropical climate in northern Vietnam, which means hot, humid weather with heavy rains in summer, dry and cold weather in winter.

Hai Phong weather

Hai Phong City Vietnam has four obvious seasons: spring (warm), summer (hot, humid, with lots of rain), autumn (cool) and winter (dry and cold).

The average humidity remains high of over 80% while the rainfall is between 1,600-1,800 milimetres per year. 

Hai Phong temperature reaches its highest in July of 28.3 degrees Celsius while it falls lowest in January of 16.3 degrees Celsius.

In recent years, the temperature in Hai Phong has tended to gradually increase by 1-3 degrees Celsius.

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2. The weather in Hai Phong - When is the most ideal time for your trip?

Hai Phong city Vietnam has four different seasons, which creates special charms for the coastal city throughout the year.

2.1. In the tourist season: From April to October

Hai Phong weather

This period has been considered as a season that is perfect for tourists to visit Hai Phong city Vietnam. Hai Phong weather is quite nice with little rain and lots of sunshine, which facilitates sight-seeing and swimming on the beaches.

Popular check-in places like Do Son and Cat Ba beaches with immense and romantic spaces are highly recommended to tourists. 

Hai Phong weather

2.2. In the festive season: From January to May

Hai Phong weather

Travelling to Hai Phong city Vietnam, you may have chances to join in various local traditional festivals like Doi mountain festival, Elephant festival, and Trang Trinh Temple festival. At the venues, you can learn about local history, customs, try local delicacies and enjoy folk arts and games.

Hai Phong temperature is pleasant at the beginning of the year, so don’t miss a chance to pray for luck at holy places like Du Hang pagoda, Cao Linh pagoda, Do Son Cave or Trang Trinh Temple. 

Hai Phong weather

2.3. In the winter: From November to March

The coastal city seems to be more charming in winter when the temperature drops. Visitors can enjoy walking around bustling downtown streets without worrying about being sweaty like in summer. You can take a lot of photos at popular sight-seeing spots that are not too crowded. A food tour round the city’s delicacy shops is a great idea when Hai Phong weather gets cooler.

Hai Phong weather

Hai Phong city Vietnam has so many delicacies highly recommended to visitors. In Luong Van Can market in Ngo Quyen District, there are xoi do den (steamed sticky rice with black bean), boiled snail and nem tai (boiled pig’s ear cut in thin slices mixed with minced roasted rice). 

Hai Phong weather

In Le Dai Hanh street, there are banh beo (fried thin rice pancake with shrimp, pork and mung bean sprout) and banh my cay (spicy sandwich) while in Dinh Tien Hoang street, you can try banh da cua (shrimp noodle) and bun ca (noodle with fried fish). The latter is available in many corners of the streets downtown. The restaurant at Lane No. 23, Nguyen Duc Canh street in Le Chan District offers one of the best bun ca in Hai Phong city Vietnam.

Hai Phong weather

3. Where to stay during your Hai Phong tour?

For such a trip, staying at Sheraton Hai Phong or Melia Vinpearl Hai Phong Rivera is a valuable experience. You should take this chance to experience one of the most luxurious hotel services in Vietnam. 

Hai Phong weather


3.1. Melia Vinpearl Hai Phong Rivera

The first option is Melia Vinpearl Hai Phong Rivera, which is located right in Vinhomes Imperia campus. This unique place in the port city will bring along a pleasant stay in the middle of nature. The hotel has over 200 rooms in French-style architecture with large balconies and a nice view towards a swimming pool in an open area of over 300 square metres. 

Hai Phong weather

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3.2. Sheraton Hai Phong

Hai Phong weather

Sheraton Hai Phong, located in another prime location in Hai Phong city Vietnam, has a combination of modern and classic architecture. This highrise hotel has been considered as the city’s symbol of prosperity, where visitors can relax and enjoy delicious and fresh seafood. The hotel is more suitable for the youth and big groups joining in MICE events. 

>>> Try to book rooms at Sheraton Hai Phong for your convenience!

Hai Phong weather or Hai Phong temperature, hopefully will no longer be a complication to you with our above thoughtful guides. Hai Phong city Vietnam has her own charm in each of four seasons in the year. Check Hai Phong weather each season and choose the most ideal place to stay in the bustling coastal city to enjoy the most of her landscape, seafood, culture and more. Hai Phong city Vietnam will bring an unforgettable trip to you.

>>> Don’t hesitate to make a plan and book rooms at Sheraton Hai Phong and Melia Vinpearl Hai Phong Rivera for your trip!

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