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Terms of use

Điều khoản chung của Pearl Club

1. This terms - Conditions ("T&C") govern the Pearl Club membership program (“Program”) operated by Vinpearl JSC, applied to customers participating in the Program.

2. Conditions of being a member:

-          The Program is available to any individual of 18 years old and above, having valid identification documents.

-          Have identified account, according to the joint account of Vingroup ID

-          Online membership registration (Website/App)

-          Offline membership registration (At hotels, partners, membership card sales agencies)

3. Conditions of registering, maintaining & upgrading card tiers


Content/Membership Tier


Ambassador Pearl

VIP Pearl

Conditions of registering for loyalty program tiers


Online membership registration on website & App MyVinpearl)

- Accumulated transaction value in 1 year from 50 million or more (01 year is understood as the period from January 1 to December 31 every year)

- Customers who are included in Vinpearl's card gift policy

- Accumulated transaction value in 1 year from 100 million or more (01 year is understood as the period from January 1 to December 31 every year)

- Customers who purchased membership cards worth 5 million VND/year

- Customers who are included in Vinpearl's card gift policy

Qualification of loyalty program tiers

As soon as completing registration and being qualified

- Upgrading period: Customers will be considered for upgrades on December 31 annually.

- For Ambassador Pearl & VIP Pearl customers, the card's validity period is calculated from the month the customer fulfills the accumulation to upgrade, or the customer renews the card by purchasing a membership card, whichever comes first. The card is maintained until December 31 annually and then considered for upgrades.

- Customers who pay the membership fee will be counted for 12 months from the date of payment completion and successful card activation.

Maintain membership tiers

Register and conduct valid transactions within 12 months

Maintain consumption of Vinpearl’s products/services from 50,000,000 VND /maximum 12+ months from the month of card issuance.

The time to calculate the accumulated consumption value is January 1 - December 31 every year. After this period of time, the accumulated value will be set to 0 to calculate the accumulated value for the next cycle.

Maintain the consumption of Vinpearl's products/services from 100,000,000 VND /maximum 12+ months from the month of card issuance.

The time to calculate the accumulated consumption value is January 1 - December 31 every year. After this period, the accumulated value will be set to 0 to calculate the accumulated value for the next cycle.

For customers who purchase a membership card, the membership is maintained for 12 months from the month of card activation. On the card's expiration date, if the customer does not renew by purchasing a new card, the card will be ranked by the usual accumulated value calculation.


4. Conditions of activating and issuing card

Card activation

- The card has been activated when sending information to the customer.

- Each card has a card number corresponding to an identified account.

- When a new card is issued, the old card will be automatically disabled

Card re-issuance conditions  

- Customers register required information for identification on the system & to satisfy the conditions of card classification

- The minimum required information for Ambassador Pearl and VIP Pearl tier includes: (1) Full name, (2) ID Card Number/Passport, (3) Date of birth, (4) Gender, (5) Card receiving address, (6) Phone number, (7) Email

- Fee for card making/re-issuance/lost/damaged card: 100,000 VND/card (applied to hard card)



5.       Loyalty Member (“Member”) is a customer who has (i) properly registered to participate in the Program, and (ii) has activated and owned a Pearl Club card (including physical card and/or mobile application and/or barcode of Pearl Club card or another form as prescribed by the Program at that time). Only then, the member officially owns the Pearl Club account ("Account"). Each Member can only own one (01) Account. The Vinpearl Ecosystem includes Vinpearl, VinWonders, Almaz Ha Noi and other entities/facilities as published on the official website ("Website") and mobile application (“App”). All units in the Vinpearl Ecosystem are collectively referred to as Vinpearl.

6.       Member agrees that, by registering to participate in the Program, or activating and using the Card to transact, the member has read, understood, and agreed with the T&C and the Program's policies as published on the Website.

7.       Member will be entitled to (i) the primary benefits of Cardholder, and (ii) exclusive incentives depending on the membership tier according to the Program’s content as published on the Website and App. The exclusive incentives will include the following benefits: (1) to accumulate transaction value into the Account to maintain or upgrade membership tier.

8.       Member has the rights to access, look up and update personal information, rights to access and look up accumulated value in the Account through different methods such as the Program’s call center 1900 232389 (extention 3) ("Call Center"), app MyVinpearl or website Member is responsible for any and all costs, taxes, fees, claims or liabilities (if any) resulting from the use of benefits from the Program as a Program Member under Vietnam's law

9.       Member understands, commits and ensures to be the only individual using the Card/Account, is responsible for preserving the Card and maintaining the Account confidentiality. Member is responsible for any Account transactions and other operations (such as change of configuration, change of address, Account information). Unless the Program content is otherwise stated on the Website, Member is not allowed to provide Card/Account information to any third party and must be responsible for any improper implementation of this T&C.

10.       The Program's T&C may be modified/adjusted / terminated according to Vinpearl's notice on the Program’s Website or App. Member's continuous holding of the Account is deemed to accept such modifications/adjustments.

11.       Vinpearl is not responsible in the event that Member cannot perform or consume the benefits and privileges that Member is entitled to due to force majeure such as flood, earthquake, war, labor strike, demonstration, computer breakdown, Government enactment of policies/interventions/directives/bans, legal changes, or external out-of-control events.

12.       If there is any change in Member information (phone/email/address), Member is responsible for updating information immediately via the Program’s Website, App or Call Center, customer service counters, customer care counters or any other channels of the Program. Vinpearl is not responsible for any damages related to or arising from the above information not being updated in time.

13.       All Card’s accumulated value/benefits, which is in dispute or showing signs of fraud or violation of the Program's T&C will not be used during the time of dispute or investigation of fraud or violation.

14.    Member agrees for Vinpearl to create, store, maintain and update personal information provided and updated by Member. Member agrees to allow Vinpearl to use these data for the purposes consistent with the Program, including but not limited to perform transactions and introduce new Vinpearl products/services. All data related to Member will be protected and used by Vinpearl in accordance with Vinpearl's privacy policy posted at: Quyen-rieng-tu

15.    Vinpearl reserves the right to request Member to provide information and/or present valid personal documents as soon as Vinpearl detects that Member commits acts against the rule or before Member uses accumulated value to upgrade/ or receive the incentives in some cases.