VINPEARL General regulations

A.                  INTRODUCTION

The following rules and regulations have been issued by Vinpearl to ensure the safety, stability and protection of Guests’ interests. The regulations will be seriously implemented by the Management and Staff of Vinpearl and VinOasis Hotels. Vinpearl wishes to ensure that all Guests enjoy the facilities, services and benefits of the Hotels. In addition, Guests have the duty "to understand and comply with the General Regulations to ensure the best service experience at the Hotel."

B.                  GENERAL REGULATIONS

1.         Pets are not allowed in the Hotel.

2.         Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas and/or on guest room balconies. Smoking is strictly prohibited in non-smoking areas and/or guest rooms (except for balconies).

3.         Comply with safety rules on transport vehicles while moving in Hotel areas.

4.         Be courteous in public areas: First come first served; Show consideration to pregnant women, the disabled and the elderly; Do not make noise; Do not place your legs on a chair or have other non-courteous behaviors in public areas; Manage your child in public areas.

5.         Return your room key to the Reception before leaving the Hotel.

6.         Kindly keep the valuables in the safe in guest room or at the Reception. The Hotel shall not bear any legal responsibility for lost or damaged personal belongings in case Guest fails to comply with this rule.

7.         When leaving guest room, Guest must ensure (i) all electric devices are turned off and unplugged; (ii) room door is safely locked; and (iii) room key is not given to another person.

8.         Cooking is strictly prohibited in guest room. Use electric devices for the right purposes. 

9.         In villas: Dial “1” to call Service Center for instructions if you want to use the Kitchen. Cookers are only used for heating up food. All types of cooking that cause smoke, smell or risk of fire and explosion in the Kitchen of Villa/Apartment are strictly prohibited. All requests for BBQ in the yard and garden of the Villa/ Apartment must be submitted to Service Center (and the service is chargeable). The Hotel will not be responsible for food safety when Guests cook food in Villa/Apartment without prior notice to the Hotel.

10.      Do not bring food and drinks to the Hotel. Brought-in food and beverages will be charged as per regulations.

11.      Do not bring fruits with strong smells to guest rooms.

12.      Do not bring any weapon, chemical or explosive to Hotel areas at any time.

13.      Some items in guest rooms are chargeable if they are lost or broken. Please refer to the list of chargeable items in guest rooms. 

14.      Illegal activities such as gambling, prostitution or drug use are strictly prohibited in the Hotel.

15.      Hang laundry only in bathroom in guest room. Do not hang laundry on the balcony and/or public areas.

16.      Inform the Reception in case you have visitors in the Hotel. For security reason, visitors are not allowed in guest rooms after 20:00. If a Guest wishes to have a visitor stay overnight in the Hotel, the Guest must register with the Reception and pay room rate in accordance with the regulations of the Hotel.

17.      If you use the swimming pool after 19:00, you have to be responsible for your own safety and cannot make any claim against the Hotel. Public swimming pools are closed at 22:00 to prevent accidents, so kindly refrain from using public pools after 22:00. 

18.      Beaches: Do not swim in the sea after 19:00 when the security staff/ life guards are off duty. You have to be responsible for your own safety and cannot make any claim against the Hotel in case you still swim in the sea after this time.

19.      Dress up appropriately in public areas in the Hotel, especially in the lobby and restaurants, to show respect to people from other cultures. Nakedness is strictly prohibited, including children.

20.      Implement other procedures (if any) as requested by Vinpearl’s regulations from time to time.

21.      The Hotel Management may request a Guest to leave the Hotel without refunding any expenses if the Guest intentionally neglects or violates the regulations of the Hotel.

22.      The General Regulations may be amended or supplemented from time to time at Vinpearl’s discretion in order to improve Service quality and Guests’ experience as announced on the official website of Vinpearl at:

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