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Cua Lo Beach and Cua Hoi Beach are two of the nicest beaches in North Vietnam with their white sand and clear blue water. They are also renowned for their gorgeous surrounding islands such as Hon Ngu, Hon Chu and Hon Mat… As traveling to Cua Hoi or Cua Lo in the morning or moonlight night so you could have a chance to freely indulge yourself with fresh, peaceful  and very charming seascape like being given a surprising present from nature here.

Actually, these 2 beaches are not only famous for attractive scenery but they also attract tourists with renowned fresh seafood dishes. Catching in your own eyes these fresh crabs, cuttlefish and prawns, boiled with eye-catching red, eating with pepper-salt will certainly give you mouth-watering flavor and unforgettable feeling as well.

Besides, travelers can explore more wonderful places like enjoying the picturesque mountainous landscape of the stunning Sao Va Waterfall, tasting rice liquor and sticky rice cooked in bamboo segments, going along the small path of Sang Le Forest, or relaxing their mind in the grandiose landscape and rich bio-diversity of Phu Mat National Park…  Specially, guests love sunflowers remember not to miss out on enjoying the beauty of Nghe An Sun Flower Festival which is held on 25th December to 5th January annually.

Finally, coming to Kim Lien Vestigial Complex – President Ho Chi Minh’s Native land, visitors from across the country and international friends have an opportunity to understand more about the life and political career of President Ho Chi Minh, who is the nation’s preeminent hero and a world cultural celebrity.

With all these highlights, Nghe An is deserved to be one of Vietnam’s well-known vacation destinations. Nghe An of picturesque landscapes and hospitable people are awaiting your adventure!

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