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Fishing in Phu Quoc: A complete guide for first-timers

30/06/2024 12.107

Nestled in the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand, Phu Quoc is often referred to as the Pearl Island for its stunning beauty and rich natural resources. Among its many attractions, fishing stands out as a must-try for visitors. Let’s delve into the captivating world of fishing in Phu Quoc, and discover why this activity should be at the top of your itinerary.

Fishing in Phu Quoc

1. How to go fishing in Phu Quoc as a tourist?

Fishing in Phu Quoc offers a variety of exciting options for tourists. You can buy package tours for about 550,000 VND per person, which include activities like visiting pearl farms, diving to see coral, and going squid fishing at night. Alternatively, you can rent a boat for about 1.3 million VND for up to five people, or join another group for about 250,000 VND per person. Fishing is done using bait such as fresh chopped squid or shrimp. Whether you choose a full-day tour or a focused fishing trip, this experience is a must-try on the Pearl Island.

2. Best places to go fishing in Phu Quoc

2.1. Rach Vem Fishing Village

Rach Vem fishing village in Phu Quoc is a hidden gem that attracts tourists seeking a peaceful retreat and a glimpse into the local culture. Known for its pristine beauty, the village boasts a stunning white-sand beach, crystal-clear waters, and a shallow shoreline perfect for various water activities. Visitors can enjoy kayaking, taking photos with stand-up paddleboards, scuba diving, spearfishing, squid fishing, and swimming.

In Rach Vem, visitors can try "feather fishing," a method that requires no bait. Using a fishing rod equipped with about five small hooks adorned with fluorescent hairs, anglers can attract fish simply by casting their line into the water. The glowing hairs mimic the appearance of prey, enticing the fish to bite.

Exciting Phu Quoc fishing experience

2.2. Fingernail Island

Fingernail Island is a captivating attraction situated in the south of Phu Quoc, part of An Thoi Archipelago. Often referred to as "Robinson Island," it is renowned for its untouched natural beauty. Here, visitors are greeted by the blue waters, lush coconut trees, and smooth sandy beaches.

Fishing at Fingernail Island is a thrilling activity for adventure enthusiasts. The island's abundant marine life ensures a fruitful experience, where the excitement of the catch contrasts with the quiet nature of fishing. Here, the atmosphere is lively, filled with the harmony of the sea breeze, the hum of canoe engines, and the joyful shouts of successful anglers.

Fishing in clear blue waters

2.3. Doi Moi Island

Doi Moi Island is a relatively unspoiled attraction that has recently gained popularity among tourists. The island captivates visitors with its clear waters, fine white sand, and radiant sunshine. Beyond swimming and diving, Doi Moi Island offers exciting fishing opportunities. Visitors can rent a fishing boat for about 500,000 VND, allowing their entire group to venture offshore. This activity provides a chance to not only catch fish but also savor the joy of your achievements as you bring in your haul.

Fishing in Phu Quoc is unforgettable

2.4. Ong Doi Cape

Ong Doi Cape is situated at the southernmost point of An Thoi Town. This attraction is celebrated for its untouched beauty, featuring fine sandy beaches, impressive rocky cliffs, and vibrant coral reefs. Its unique location, with two sides facing the sea, allows visitors to witness both the stunning sunrise and sunset from the same spot.

Fishing at Ong Doi Cape is a remarkable experience. The abundant marine life and clear water here provide excellent conditions for a fruitful fishing trip. Whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner, the thrill of reeling in a catch amidst such breathtaking surroundings is unparalleled. The serene beauty of the surrounding landscapes enhance the fishing adventure, making it not just a sport but a way to connect deeply with nature.

Phu Quoc fishing is an adventure

3. Best time to go fishing in Phu Quoc

According to the local fishermen, the season for fishing in Phu Quoc spans the entire year, except during days with rough seas. However, the most ideal period for Phu Quoc fishing is from November to April. During these months, the weather in Phu Quoc is calm, providing the best conditions for a successful fishing trip.

From May to October, the sea tends to be rougher. Nonetheless, fishing enthusiasts can still enjoy their hobby by heading to specific locations like Ong Doi Cape and Dam Ngang Island. These areas remain relatively sheltered, making them suitable for fishing even during the rough sea season.

The optimal time to fish is early in the morning. This is when the fish are most active, increasing the chances of a good catch. After fishing, visitors can explore the island's natural attractions. Shallow beaches with coral reefs offer excellent opportunities for diving, making for a well-rounded day of marine activities in Phu Quoc.

4. Top-rated Phu Quoc fishing tours

4.1. Deep-sea fishing tours

Deep-sea fishing in Phu Quoc is a unique adventure, though it is less popular among tourists compared to snorkeling or island hopping. As a result, deep-sea fishing tours usually require chartering a wooden boat. This private setup ensures a more personalized experience.

Before your deep-sea fishing adventure, take note of the following:

  • It is crucial to have an expert guide on board who is knowledgeable about deep-sea fishing. Due to its inherent risks, beginners should never embark on deep-sea fishing trips without professional guidance. An experienced guide can ensure your safety and enhance the overall experience.
  • An experienced deep-sea fishing guide can identify indicators of where big fish are located. Schools of smaller fish often signal the presence of larger predators nearby.
  • If you are new to deep-sea fishing, consider the possibility of motion sickness. This can significantly impact your experience. Taking medications to alleviate symptoms can help, but if you are highly susceptible, you might want to reconsider this activity.
Deep-sea fishing in Phu Quoc

4.2. Night squid fishing tours

Going on a night squid fishing tour is one of the most popular things to do in Phu Quoc for tourists. These tours typically run daily from 5 pm to 10 pm, the prime time for squid to bite as they search for food. This activity offers a memorable adventure under the stars. The serene night, coupled with the thrill of catching squid, provides a distinctive experience different from daytime activities.

Night squid fishing tours in Phu Quoc are held every evening, making it easy for visitors to join. For small groups, you can book a group tour, sharing a boat with other tourists. This cost-effective option, priced at approximately 280,000 VND per person, also provides an opportunity to meet and interact with other people.

For larger groups or those seeking more privacy, a private sunset squid fishing tour is an excellent choice. Your group will have a private boat for night squid fishing and a dedicated guide. This option costs around 800,000 VND per person, with the cost decreasing as the group size increases.

Squid fishing in Phu Quoc

5. Instructions on how to charter a fishing boat

Chartering a fishing boat in Phu Quoc can vary in cost depending on the size of the boat, the number of people, and the duration of the trip. You can either rent an entire boat or share it with others to save money. Most boat charter prices include fishing equipment, bait, and refreshments. Some additional fees, such as entrance fees to certain fishing spots, or extra gear rentals may not be included.

Here are the steps to charter a fishing boat:

  • Determine your group size:
    • Small boat (2-5 people)
    • Medium boat (6-10 people)
    • Large boat (7-15 people)
  • Contact boat rental companies:
    • For the latest information on pricing and availability, contact the boat rental companies directly.
    • Some recommended companies include Phu Quoc Tony Tour, Phu Quoc Xanh, and Du Lich Kien Giang Xanh.
  • Booking your boat:
    • In advance: Visit the rental companies' websites to book your boat ahead of time, especially during the peak season (November to March).
    • On the spot: You can also book directly at the pier, but availability might be limited during busy periods.
  • At the pier:
    • Make deposits and sign contracts: Upon arrival, pay a deposit, sign a contract, and provide your personal information.
    • Discuss your preferences: Communicate with the boat captain about your fishing preferences, including the type of fish you want to catch and your preferred fishing techniques.
Phu Quoc fishing charter

Fishing in Phu Quoc offers an enriching experience for visitors, whether it is the thrill of deep-sea fishing or the serenity of night squid fishing. With many options to suit all preferences, Phu Quoc's diverse fishing opportunities provide an unforgettable way to connect with nature and enjoy the island's natural beauty.

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Vinpearl Phu Quoc

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