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  1. The following regulations are set forth by Vinpearl Joint Stock Company and Phu Quoc Tourism Development and Investment Joint Stock Company, Phu Quoc Branch - the NewVision Real Estate Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Vinpearl”) to protect the security and interests of Guests (“Guests”). These regulations will be strictly implemented across all management boards and staff of Vinpearl, VinOasis and VinHolidays. Vinpearl wants to ensure that all Guests can enjoy and optimize the high-quality facilities, services and benefits of their Hotel. Morever, the Guests’ duties have already included understanding and complying with the GR '' to ensure a safe and pleasant stay.
  2. These General Regulations may be amended and supplemented from time to time according to Vinpearl's decision to improve the quality of service and customer experience. These changes will be announced on the official Vinpearl Website at https: / /


  1. Pets are not allowed in the Hotel.
  2. Smoking is only allowed in areas with authorized sign boards and/or outside in room balconies. In unauthorized areas and/or hotel rooms (except in balconies), smoking is strictly prohibited. If this regulation is violated, the Guests must pay a compensation fee of 3,000,000 VND for the restoration, deep cleaning, and deodorization of the Hotel’s facilities and utilities for a stay with detected smoking that affects the room conditions.
  3. Comply with safety regulations when commuting within the Hotel.
  4. Behave appropriately in public: Follow the first come, first serve basis; Give priority to pregnant women, the disabled, the elderly and the weak; Do not make noise or screaming; Do not put your feet on public chairs or exercise other impolite behaviors in public spaces; Look after your children in public spaces.
  5. Please kindly return the room keys (unless otherwise stated) to the Reception staff when checking out of the Hotel.
  6. Please store your valuables in your room’s safe or keep them at the front desk. The Hotel will assume no liability for the loss or damage done to the Guests’ personal property in the case when they refuse to follow the Hotel’s policies.
  7. When leaving the hotel room, please make sure that (i) all electrical equipment has been returned to the original condition; (ii) the door of the room has been securely locked; and (iii) the room key is not given to anyone else.
  8. Cooking inside the room is strictly prohibited. Please use electronic equipment for appropriate purposes.
  9. At the villa: For requests to use the kitchen area, please call the Customer Service Center (extension “1”) for specific instructions. The kitchen is solely used to heat food. All forms of cooking and processing food that cause odors and smoke, or are unsafe and may lead to fire or explosion in The Villa/Apartment’s Kitchen are strictly prohibited. If the Guests wish to have a barbecue party in the garden or in the kitchen of the Villa/Apartment, they need to inform and register with the Customer Service Center in order to be served (the fees for those services will be charged based on the Guests’ specific requirements). The Hotel is not responsible for food safety or hygiene issues if the Guests cook in the Villa/Aprtment.
  10. Do not bring food and beverages from outside to the Hotel. If the Guests decide to do so, please pay an additional service fee of 1,175,000 VND/time to the Hotel. The Hotel is not responsible for food safety or hygiene issues when Guests consume food from outside.
  11. Do not bring fruits with a strong smell (such as durians) into the Hotel room.
  12. No weapons, chemicals or explosives are allowed to enter the Hotel’s property at any time.
  13. Some items in the hotel room will be charged if lost or broken. Please refer to the list of items that are charged/sold in the room for more details.
  14. Illegal activities, such as gambling, prostitution or using drugs, are strictly prohibited in the Hotel.
  15. Guests can only dry their clothes inside the accommodations’ bathrooms. If they wish to do so in balconies and/or in other public areas, they must pay an additional service fee that is equivalent to 70% of the Hotel’s laundry cost for each item of clothing.
  16. In the case when there are visitors coming to the Hotel, please notify the Receptionists. For security reasons, outside visitors are not allowed to enter the Guests’ rooms after 8 PM. If the Guests wish to invite visitors to stay overnight, they must register with the Hotel Reception and pay the accommodation fee in accordance with the Hotel’s regulations.
  17. In case there are guests visiting guests at the Hotel area, please notify the Reception. For security reasons, guests are not allowed to enter the guests' room after 8:00 pm. If guests wish to invite guests to stay overnight, guests must register with the Hotel Reception and pay the accommodation fee in accordance with the Hotel's regulations.
  18. Guests using the swimming pool after 7 PM must be responsible for their own safety and health and must not file claims against the Hotel. The hotel will close the swimming pool at 10 PM to avoid any unfortunate accidents. Please do not use the swimming pool after 10 PM.
  19. Beach areas: Please do not swim after 7 PM as the Hotel does not have security/rescue staff on duty at this hour. The Guests are solely responsible for their safety and health and must not file claims against the Hotel if they still go swimming after this time.
  20. Please wear appropriate clothes when staying in the Hotel’s common areas, especially in public spaces, such as the lobbies or restaurants, to show respect for other Guests. Nudity is strictly prohibited (even with children).
  21. Follow other procedures as stated by Vinpearl.
  22. The Management Board may request the Guests to leave without offering a refund if they deliberately neglect and violate the Hotel’s rules and regulations.


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