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Cat Ba beaches: TOP 7 exquisite locations for your ultimate getaway

06/09/2023 9.731
Cat Ba beaches enchant travelers with their diverse allure. From the pristine sand on Tung Thu Beach to the exciting activities on Tiger Beach, there is something for everyone in Cat Ba.

Hanoi to Cat Ba: The complete guide for transportation options and tips

31/08/2023 5.479
Explore the various transportation options to go from Hanoi to Cat Ba and make your journey a memorable adventure. Discover the distances, travel times, and insider tips for each mode of transport.

Cat Ba climbing: A must-try extreme sport for adrenaline junkies

31/08/2023 5.737
Cat Ba Island is often known as a seaside destination with white sand, golden sun, and blue sea. However, the lesser-known activity of Cat Ba climbing is also on the rise and becoming the most exciting pursuit, eagerly anticipated by many travelers.

Top 12+ fun and unusual things to do in Cat Ba Island on your first trip

29/08/2023 14.150
For those who are looking for a coastal escape filled with fascinating experiences and magnificent scenery, Cat Ba is an ideal destination. There are a myriad of captivating things to do in Cat Ba that you should not miss out on.

Hanoi to Cat Ba bus: Duration, Average fares, Bus schedules & reviews

27/08/2023 5.945
Hanoi to Cat Ba bus is one of the most convenient ways to reach the pristine island. Following is the complete guide to getting to Cat Ba Island from Hanoi by bus.

Lan Ha Bay cruise: Guide to crafting your ultimate journey through nature

23/08/2023 5.308
A Lan Ha Bay cruise is a sensory delight, allowing travelers to sail along tranquil waters, explore hidden caves, and unwind on pristine beaches.

Cat Ba weather: Best time to visit the pearl of the Gulf of Tonkin

23/05/2023 6.087
Cat Ba weather has made this island a renowned tourist destination in Hai Phong, also known as the “pearl” of the Gulf of Tonkin. Prepare for your trip with the valuable information provided below.

Du Hang Pagoda: Explore the centuries-old pagoda in Hai Phong

24/04/2023 30.248
Du Hang Pagoda has stood for a millennium and is revered as a site of spiritual significance. Regarded as a veritable treasure trove of history, this sacred site offers a plethora of fascinating attractions that any traveler would be remiss to miss.

Hai Phong food tour: 11 delicious foods not to be missed out on

23/04/2023 11.189
A Hai Phong food tour has always been a must-try experience for any visitor to Hai Phong City. Read on if you are unsure what and where to eat here.

Hanoi to Hai Phong: The 5 most popular modes of transportation

23/04/2023 7.618
For travelers journeying from Hanoi to Hai Phong, there are several transportation choices available to cater to different preferences. If you're unsure about which option to pick, this article will assist you in selecting the most suitable mode of transport.


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