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How can I register for Pearl Club and pay the membership fee?

Customers can register Pearl Club and pay membership fees at:
- Vinpearl Website:…
- Vinpearl's properties and ecosystems.
- Vinpearl official agencies or our Sales representatives.

What is the difference between a physical card and an online one?

An online card is attached to the customer's profile on the MyVinpearl app, functioning as a physical card.
Vinpearl encourages customers to use online cards for enhanced convenience.

Can I buy a membership card as a gift?

Customers can buy membership cards for any others. When the recipient needs to use it, they will register with Vinpearl to activate their account.

Can I request the VAT invoice when buying the Pearl card? How can I get VAT invoices?

Yes, You can. Please do note your request to receive VAT invoices before completing payment of the Pearl card booking.

Can I purchase a card under my company's name instead of my personal name?

Currently, the card is only applicable to individual customers, not to businesses.

Can I own more than 01 Pearl Club card?

Each customer owns only one (01) card number code.

When can I use the card benefits after registering as a member?

- For online account registration via Website/App: customers can use the benefits of Pearl member right after the successful registration.
- For customers buying VIP Pearl premium cards: the account will be activated 03 working days after registering for card activation. Customers can log in for the online card to use the benefits immediately.

Can I check the usage status history transaction of my card?

Customers can check the card transaction history directly on My Vinpearl application through PearlClub Members section.

When can I be upgraded to higher membership tier?

Membership card can be upgraded in the following cases:
- Customers buy VIP Pearl card
- Customers accumulate enough transaction value to satisfy the upgrade conditions:
+ Reach to 50 million VND accumulated value: Ambassador Pearl
+ Reach to 100 million VND cumulative value: VIP Pearl
+ Customers will upgrade as soon as they accumulate enough transaction value in the calendar year (from January 1 to December 31)

Could I be downgraded?

Yes. Customers could be downgraded in the below cases:
- The card is failing to accumulate enough transaction value according to the conditions of the card tier applied in the calendar year.
- The expired VIP Pearl premium card and accumulated value for qualifying are not eligible for VIP Pearl continuing the membership tier.

Why is the transaction showing up in the transaction history but not in the accumulated history?

As soon as the customers successfully place the online service, the transaction will display in the Transaction History section.
After the Customer finishes using the service, the transaction will display in the Accumulated history section

Can I accumulate the value of nights purchased through Vinpearl travel agents?

Accumulated value only applies when customers book directly with Vinpearl.

Can I apply the member's privileges for room-related surcharges incurred after booking accommodation through Vinpearl's travel agency? How can I get the offers?

We are sorry. The room-related surcharges do not apply in this case.
However, member benefits apply to all other services at the properties.

In 01 year if I have no transaction, will my account be deactivated?

The customer's account will not be deactivated but will be maintained at the lowest membership tier, which is the Pearl tier.

Why is the card validity not printed on the physical card? How to check card validity?

For checking the expiry date of the Pearl Club card, please visit our website or MyVinpearl application then follow the below steps:
- Sign in your account
- Access "Account" section

How do I activate my Pearl Club card on a mobile device?

We are pleased to assist you via Hotline 1900 232389 - ext 3.

My card order was delayed over 05 days? How can I check the delivery status?

Please kindly contact us via hotline 1900 232389 (ext 3) or email call [email protected] for assistance.

What should I do when I lost my card?

When your card is lost, please block your card immediately to avoid any further misused transactions by contacting us via hotline 1900 232389 (ext 3) or email [email protected]

Is there a way to re-issue a new card when my card is lost?

The card re-issuance fee is 100.000VND/card. In addition, the cardholder can use an online card on the MyVinpearl App instead of the physical card

In which situation, the account is temporarily locked? How to resolve?

- The account owner requests to lock
- Generated too many suspicious transactions (according to the Program's risk control assessment)
Kindly contact Hotline 1900232380 (Ext 3) or email [email protected] for further assistance.

What should I do when changing my ID number or email?

Please use the account owner's email to send a request and provide the below information to [email protected]:
1. Changing ID number:
- Current ID number
- Photo 2 sides of current and new ID
2. Changing email:
- Current card number
- User's information
- Current and new email

Is there a dedicated Hotline for VIP Pearl members?

For VIP PEARL member: 0965221168
For others member: 1900 232389 (ext 3)

When checking in or using F&B, Spa, Golf benefits.., do the cardholder need to present the physical card?

The cardholder presents the physical card or the online card (on the MyVinpearl app) at the front desk or service points along with an identification document proving membership card ownership (with the same name as the cardholder) upon arrival to enjoy the privileges.
Cardholders who have updated their profile picture on the app for authentication do not need to present identification.

I have already registered and paid the fee, can I cancel, transfer or modify the information cardholder?

We are sorry. But the card, which successfully has registered and paid for, will not be refunded or transferred in any case.

How many days in advance should the cardholder register use the complimentary night offer?

The customer has to register at least 03 days in advance for the best support.
The notice: To proactively choose the desired period of stay, please make a reservation on the website or MyVinpearl application.

The cardholder books the complimentary night but is not present at check-in time, is the free night benefit still applied? - If not applicable, at what price will the customer pay? - Will the cardholder complimentary night become invalid?

As stated in the regulation, the Cardholder is required to stay. In case the Cardholder is not present at check-in time, the complimentary night benefit will not apply.

I have made my reservations before activating my membership card. So, can I cancel my booking to re-book and accumulate bonus points?

All reservations have a cancellation policy included. Customers can double-check in the booking confirmation email.

Can I use the privileges of the Pearl Club card for relatives or friends when they use the Swimming, Spa, Gym service... ? Can they use it without the cardholder's presence?

The cardholder need to present when using service

I make a reservation for a group using my privileges, can the group bring along my physical card and my identification document?

No. You can. The number of rooms booked under the benefits members is not limited, but members need to be present when using the service.

Will the group be surcharged for the discount applied? In this case, I make a reservation by using my privileges, my room is not canceled, but I can't check in with the group.

The group will pay the difference amount between the public rate and discount rate.

Can I accumulate the points the next day If I forget to bring my card when using the service?

Unfortunately, the accumulation of transactions is only processed when the owner shows the card. Please kindly install the MyVinpearl application to use the card online without a physical card.

Nếu quên không mang theo thẻ khi sử dụng dịch vụ, tôi có được tích điểm bù vào ngày hôm sau không?

Rất tiếc, việc tích lũy giao dịch chỉ áp dụng cho Khách hàng có xuất trình thẻ. Khách hàng có thể cài ứng dụng My Vinpearl để sử dụng thẻ trực tuyến mà không cần mang theo thẻ vật lý.

Can a foreigner own a Pearl Club card?

The membership card can issue to all customers living in Vietnam, including foreigners who hold Vietnam residence cards.

The discount benefit for the MICE group to book meetings is a company's privilege, but the card issues only for individual customers, so how is this benefit applied?

The card is only issued for individual customers, not for the company. In case the customer uses the card to book events or conferences, the cardholder must be present.
The discount is only applied for F&B service and not for setting-up service like AV system, flowers,...

When booking via hotline under the discount/complimentary privileges, do cardholders need to send a photo of the card or just provide the card number for staff to check, verify and confirm the benefits included?

Customers provide the card number and cardholder's name. Our consultants will check the information and assist with service booking.
When customers check-in at the property, please show a physical card or an online card with an identification document for the receptionist to verify. If the customer cannot present all the documents, the customer will pay the difference between public rate and membership discount rate.

How and where to use benefits when join-in the Pearl Club membership program?

Customers may own different benefits depending on the membership tier.
Please kindly check out more detail at:

How to redeem complimentary night (s)?

Please sign in on the Vinpearl Website/ MyVinpearl Application and follow the below steps:
- Check out "My benefits" in the Account section
- Choose "Complimentary night" and redeem click
- Select the property, number of guests, check-in/ out date
- The complimentary night will display at "0 VND" for App and "1 VND" for the website
- Select the room type, package, and reserve booking.

Are the complimentary night(s) applied at all Vinpearl properties?

The complimentary night (s) are not applied at Luxury properties and during peak season (following each property's policy)

What type of room does the complimentary night apply to the card owners? And how many people for maximum?

- The complimentary night would only apply to the Standard room and can be upgraded upon availability. Customers can pay extra for a guaranteed upgrade.
- The complimentary night is applied to a maximum of 2 adults and 02 children under 04 years olds.

Does the customer need to pay any surcharges for an extra person or seasonality when using complimentary night(s)?

The customer would pay for additional surcharges and get discounts base on the membership tier.
Please provide the reservation number and Member ID to the hotline agent or present your Pearl card to the receptionist for benefit redemption.

How many rooms can I reserve using member's benefits?

Vinpearl does not limit the number of rooms to be booked by the member. However, the member needs to present at the time of using services.

Do my member benefits apply to Minibar, Room service?

We are regret. The member benefit would only apply to dining at restaurants.

Why does my membership not include complimentary night(s)?

Complimentary night would only apply to:
- Customers purchase VIP PEARL
- Customers accumulate enough transaction value and get the upgrade to VIP membership tier.

Are there any Vinpearl properties (such as restaurants, nightclubs, etc) not accepting Pearl Club cards?

Customers can use the Pearl Club card to get discounts for services at all facilities of the Vinpearl Hotel chain. However, the membership benefits are not applicable to:
- Alcohol products
- Almaz Phu Quoc
- Peak season according to the Hotel's information
For details, please see the "Pearl Club applicable services" section on the Vinpearl website.

How to get the transaction value accumulated when I book services using the membership card?

Customers can accumulate 100% of the transaction value after the discount for the services provided by Vinpearl. Other services do not include in the accumulated value provided by Vinpearl's partners

Can the cardholder accumulate transaction value of services not applied membership discount for membership tier maintenance in the following year?

Yes, you can. All online or on-site transactions placing directly with Vinpearl are eligible for accumulation and used to qualify for the membership tier.
Note: Not applicable to products/services provided by other suppliers such as air tickets, tours, etc.

How long are my card benefits valid for?

- About members accumulating transaction value to upgrade: On December 31 every year, the membership tier will be considered for the next year based on the accumulating transaction value in the calendar year from January 1 to December 31:
+ Accumulating less than 50 million: qualification for the Pearl tier.
+ Accumulating from 50 million to 100 million: qualification for the Ambassador Pearl tier.
+ Accumulating from 100 million or more: qualification for the VIP Pearl tier.
- About members buying VIP Pearl card: Benefits will expire in 01 years starting from the date of activation. After the expiry date, customers can continue paying fees to maintain the membership tier, or the system will automatically calculate the total transaction value in the nearest calendar year to consider the card class.

If I have a Pearl card as a gift, will the membership be automatically renewed? If not, what do I need to do to maintain the membership after 01 years?

The accumulated transaction value spent by customers during the latest calendar year would use to consider the membership tier after the Pearl Card expires.
Customers accumulate enough transaction value to continue maintaining the membership tier.

Will he/she get another 02 complimentary nights according to VIP Pearl benefits? In this case, a Customer is eligible for the Ambassador tier in June. He/she will get 01 complimentary night of stay. And then, they are upgraded to VIP tier in September.

The Customer will get an additional complimentary night when upgrading to VIP Pearl, for a total of 02 nights.

Can the Pearl Club card be used in conjunction with other offers?

Hotel and entertainment services: customers can get discounts on the best rates, including promotional prices.
Other services included golf, F&B services...: Not applicable with other promotions.

Can family members or friends share a membership?

Membership benefits are only applicable to the presence of the cardholders.

Does the complimentary airport pickup have any limitations? What type of vehicle is allowed for transportation?

The complimentary airport pickup service is only applicable to customers having VIP Pearl cards when booking at Vinpearl with:
- Unlimited times to apply
- Only applicable for properties providing airport shuttle service
- Shuttle bus

How can I use the early check-in and late check-out benefits?

Early check-in and late check-out will be subject to actual room availability.
If the properties have available rooms, customers can check in early after 10 am and late check-out before 4 pm.

If I pay for my booking by bank transfer, can I earn points? If yes, who/how should I contact?

If you pay for the booking by bank transfer to Vinpearl, the front desk will accumulate the booking value to the customer's account at the time of check-out.

What is the Pearl Club membership program?

This is a membership program of Vinpearl company. You can register and pay the prescribed fee to join.

Which brands participate in the Pearl Club membership program?

When owning a Vinpearl membership card, the customer is entitled to many benefits across services in the Vinpearl ecosystem, including:
- Vinpearl
- VinWonders
- Vinpearl Golf
- Vinpearl Safari
- VinKE
- Aquarium
- Almaz culinary system (Not including Almaz Phu Quoc)
- Akoya Spa
- Vincharms
And other brands/services will be launched in the near future (will be updated on website

How to redeem complimentary night?

1. Please visit the website
2. Login with a registered email to activate membership card
3. Select hotel, time, number of adults, children + enter Code (sent via customer's email before that) in the box of promotion code
4. Payment of 1000 VND - symbolic fee for account confirmation.

What are the benefits of owning a Pearl Club card?

When owning a membership card, the customer is entitled to these following benefits:
- Complimentary nights (applicable for standard room) (maximum 02 nights, not including Luxury hotels, including free ticket for VW/SAF/Water Park, not applicable during peak periods of each hotel)
- Discount on Accommodation service (10%)
- Discount on Tour & Experience service packages (5%)
- Discount on Golf courses (green fee) (50%)
- F&B privileges : 25% discount for 1 person; 50% discount for 2 persons; Free for cardholder for group of 3 persons and above.
- Discount on Spa services: 30%
- Discount on Retail products at Spa: 20%
- Discount on Swimming pool, fitness center: 20%
- The optional benefits through the entire validity period of the card.

Why does F&B discounts change according to the number of diners?

The Pearl Club membership program is designed to bring the best promotions to its members, so when using the F&B service, the cardholders can enjoy individual privileges. Specifically, with each invoice:
- Discount 25% if there's only the cardholder
- Discount 50% if the cardholder accompanies 01 person
- From 03 persons or more: free for cardholders
The discount benefit equates to free for the cardholder. Membership discounts are also applicable for breakfast, lunch and dinner at Vinpearl's restaurants.
Each bill can apply 01 membership card only.

Where can I register and pay for the Pearl Club membership card?

Customer can register and pay membership fee at:
- At Vinpearl facilities and brands in the Vinpearl ecosystem.
- Through Vinpearl's agents or sales staffs.

Can the card be delivered at home?

The card will be delivered to the customer's home within 07 to 10 working days since receiving the successful activation email.

What to do when the account is temporarily locked?

Please contact the Hotline 1900232389 (extension 3) or email: [email protected] for support.

For which room category does the complimentary night benefit apply? How many people are maximum?

- The cardholder's complimentary night benefit applies to standard rooms, up to 2 adults and 2 children under 4 years old in accordance with Vinpearl's regulations.
- Surcharge for the 3rd person is calculated according to regulations and discounted according to member price.

For the complimentary night, does the cardholder have to pay the surcharge for the 3rd person/ weekend/ peak season?

- The complimentary night is not applicable in the peak period, otherwise, it is applied for free in all other periods according to room availability and Hotel Regulations.
- Other surcharges (3rd person, upgrade...) are calculated according to Vinpearl's price policy with a 10% member discount.

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