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Tips for visitors in Nam Hoi An: where to visit and stay? what to do and eat?

29/05/2021 5.267

When you are in Nam Hoi An, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to stay at a luxurious hotel, try local specialties and experience the culture here.

Before coming to Nam Hoi An, you must have serval questions about this place – what to do, where to stay, what to eat and where to go? The following comprehensive sharing on tourist experience in Nam Hoi An hopes to bring you a memorable trip. 

Nam Hội An

1. Which hotels and resorts are nice and comfortable in Nam Hoi An? 

As the focal point on the heritage road in Central Vietnam, Vinpearl Nam Hoi An complex is an intercultural and experiential entertainment and resort paradise. The 5-star Nam Hoi An resort by the beach not only offers modern and comfortable accommodation that ‘meets any needs’, but also has a stunning view to the beach, an ideal choice for you and your family. 

Vinpearl Nam Hoi An Resort & Goft is a luxurious resort with a unique sail-shaped design. You will be immersed in the sunshine and the scent of the ocean on a pristine 1.3km beach. This is also the reason why Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An has become a tourist attraction in recent years

Nam Hội An

If you wish to spend your holiday in the luxury Nam Hoi An resort, please book tickets through: for the best price. 

2. What to do in Nam Hoi An? 

2.1 VinWonders Nam Hoi An

VinWonders Nam Hoi An is divided into 5 zones with different interesting experiential activities which satisfy visitors of any ages, from children to adults. 

Enjoy yourself in the Water World

Nam Hội An


For those who love thrills and adventure, it is impossible to miss out the Water World with giant slides such as Dinosaur slide and Magic Dragon slide. Conquering those massive slides gives you such a sense of victory and surely cools down the summer blistering heat. 

Try thrilling games at the Adventure Land

Nam Hội An

Dubbed as a thrilling entertainment paradise, the Adventure Land has more than 20 thrilling outdoor games and nearly 100 indoor ones, which absolutely leaves you unforgettable experiences. You will be lost in a hypnotic maze in ‘The Forgotten Valley’, your bravery will be challenged in “The Fall of the Century” with a free fall from the height of 85 meters, and many other exciting games. 

Explore the unique traditional culture with the Folklore Island

Nam Hội An


The Folklore Island has its own ancient features, converging unique architectural works from the North to the South. It makes Folklore Island become the heart of VinWonders Nam Hoi An. Only in VinWonders Nam Hoi An, you can explore 3-region space, especially getting to know the ethnic minorities in Tay Nguyen, experiment with weaving and paper making in craft village centre. 

Especially, tourists to Nam Hoi An will enjoy the atmosphere of folk festivals in the extravaganza show “Back to the sea”. The show is the story of a harvest day that is vividly reproduced through 3D mapping screens, exciting music, and promises to bring unforgettable emotions to the audience.

Nam Hội An

Admire the impressive images of the past and present of the Crossing Harbor

Nam Hội An


Hoi Nam harbor in the seventeenth century is reproduced with a very lively and authentic look, leading you on an emotional and experiential journey from the past to the present.

Vietnam’s only cruising River Safari experience 

River Safari is one of the largest wildlife conservation parks in Vietnam, with 50 species of animals and more than 530 individuals. Especially, here, you will have the opportunity to explore 4 main wild habitats, the homes to many rare wild animals on the world's conservation list such as Bengal tigers, lions, and tigers. scimitar-horned oryx, kangaroo, white antelope, rhinoceros...

Nam Hội An

Discover the leading entertainment complex VinWonders Nam Hoi An by booking directly HERE

2.2 Famous tourist attractions in Hoi An

In addition to spending time at VinWonders Nam Hoi An, you can also visit famous tourist attractions in Hoi An such as the old town, Cua Dai beach, An Bang beach and so on. 

  • Bridge Pagoda: The Bridge Pagoda is considered a symbol of Hoi An, where Bac De Tran Vo, the god who protects the land and brings the good to people, is worshipped. 
  • Hoi An Night Market: Visitors easily get lost in the shimmering nostalgic space of colourful lantern light from dozens of handicrafts, food and souvenir stalls. 
  • An Bang Beach: A romantic beach was once in Tripadvisor’s top 25 most beautiful beaches. 
  • Cua Dai Beach: Visitors will be lost in the scenery of an endless white sand beach, listening to crashing waves. A peaceful and poetic space that touches any hearts!
Nam Hội An

3. What to eat in Nam Hoi An?

3.1 Famous Hoi An specialties

It is a pity to come to Hoi An without enjoying these dishes. Take a look at some of Hoi An's famous specialities below:

  • Cao Lau Hoi An: A dish that cannot be missed when you are in Hoi An. Cao Lau is made with yellow noodles, shrimps, char siu, pork and herbs.
  • Mi Quang Hoi An: Mi Quang is similar to Cao Lau but often served with crispy rice cakes.
  • Wonton: There are 2 types of wonton: fried wonton and wonton served in broth, regardless of what you choose, both tastes very special. 
  • Banh Xeo Hoi An: Inside Banh Xeo is bean sprouts, shrimps, meat, etc with a rich seafood smell. The crusts are crispy yellow. Foodies will surely be captivated by the dish.
  • Che Hoi An: Hoi An is the "paradise of Che" with a variety of different flavours: lotus seed, green bean, corn, etc, which are also very affordable. 
Nam Hội An

3.2 Enjoy cuisines at Vinpearl Nam Hoi An restaurant

If you choose to stay at Vinpearl Nam Hoi An, don't forget to explore the wide range of cuisines at the luxury restaurant system right inside the resort. 

The chain of luxurious 5-star restaurants that gather culinary quintessences of the world will surely satisfy all visitors staying at Nam Hoi An.

  • An Restaurant: If you are a fan of delicate Italian cuisine combined with Hoi An specialties, An restaurant will be the most suitable choice. Type of service: A la carte.
  • Cocoon Restaurant: The restaurant mainly serves buffet with a variety of dishes from all over the world, all dishes are prepared by talented chefs of international 5-star standards.
  • Lantern Restaurant: The restaurant offers a rich buffet menu with a variety of Vietnamese dishes from three regions and special European - Asian dishes, satisfying even the most demanding diners.
  • In addition, there are Lobby Lounge, Latitude Rooftop Bar, Pool Bar specializing in beverages and snacks.
Nam Hội An

Not only standing out with the high-class cuisine and entertainment areas, Nam Hoi An also has many shopping malls with world famous brands. Have you been inspired enough to pack and go? Hope the above information will make your trip easier and complete. Check out the best price combos for Nam Hoi An resort at:


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