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VinWonders Nam Hoi An: The top-rated entertainment complex in the Central

14/05/2024 46.219

VinWonders Nam Hoi An is one of the most attractive destinations in the Central region and is the ideal choice for an endless entertainment journey that combines the unique cultural experiences of Vietnam and the world.

VinWonders Nam Hoi An

Setting foot on the journey to discover VinWonders Nam Hoi An, both domestic and international visitors will have a chance to experience the unique combination of entertainment activities with culture, art and nature. This place is a perfect blend of unique traditional Hoi An values mixed with the lively and exciting atmosphere of a world-class theme park.

1. About VinWonders Nam Hoi An - Where the essence of heritage is embraced

VinWonders Nam Hoi An (formerly Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An) is a world-class amusement park in Vietnam and about 17 kilometers away from Hoi An city center. Coming here, visitors will immediately feel the grandeur, modernity and beauty at the entrance, with the vastness beyond imagination of the park right before their eyes.

  • Address: Vinpearl Nam Hoi An complex, Vo Chi Cong street, Binh Minh ward, Thang Binh district, Quang Nam province
  • Area: 50 hectares
  • Opening hours: 9:00 a.m - 7:15 p.m
VinWonders Nam Hoi An

2. How to get to VinWonders Nam Hoi An?

If you go from Da Nang city or Hoi An ancient town, you can take the buses of Vinpearl at some fixed locations. These buses are completely free and easy to identify because they are decorated with the attractive images of the VinWonders entertainment paradise. To make it easier to plan your trip, you should know the bus travel routes as follows:

  • Some pick-up points in Da Nang city: Melia Vinpearl Danang Riverfront, Vincom Ngo Quyen, Vinpearl Luxury Da Nang, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Da Nang
  • Some pick-up points in Hoi An ancient town: Vinpearl Resort & Spa Hoi An, Cua Dai beach, An Bang beach, Hai Ba Trung - Nguyen Cong Tru intersection

In addition, you can also get a taxi or a private car to move to VinWonders Nam Hoi An. For groups of 3-4 people, traveling by car will be more convenient and cost-effective. As for tourists traveling in pairs, they can rent motorbikes by themselves in the city, provided that they bring their driver's licenses and know the travel routes.

VinWonders Nam Hoi An

3. How much is VinWonders Nam Hoi An ticket?

To get the best prices, visitors should book tickets directly via the official website of Vinpearl. Here, great deals will be updated regularly for everyone to consider.

Ticket category

Visitors of 100-140 centimeters high

Visitors of over 140 centimeters high

Visitors aged 60 years or older

Standard admission ticket

450.000 VND

600.000 VND

450.000 VND

Admission ticket after 3pm

320.000 VND

420.000 VND

320.000 VND


The above prices are in Vietnam Dong currency. A US dollar roughly equals VND 22,000.

  • The above prices have included VAT.
  • Visitors under 100 centimeters high get free admission
  • Visitors aged 60 years or older should bring their photo-attached personal identification papers for comparison.
  • Late entry tickets are applicable to all visitor categories and can only be used after 4 p.m.

Note: VinWonders Nam Hoi An ticket prices and opening hours may change from time to time depending on promotion programs.

Book tickets of VinWonders Nam Hoi An to explore this wonderful theme park

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4. The best deal on VinWonders tickets

4.1. Wonder trip - Amazing mini tour journeys at VinWonders Nam Hoi An

With "Wonder Trip," knowledge is no longer confined to books or TV screens but becomes "embodied", invoking the diversity of Vietnamese culture, attracting participants to learn, explore, and leaving an indelible mark in their hearts.

Product Details:

  • RIVER SAFARI TOUR: 250,000 VND/person
    • Price applies to: Adults / Children / Seniors
    • Price applies to: Adults / Children / Seniors


  • Visitors must adhere to VinWonders' guided schedule.
  • Tours take place at 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM daily.
  • To ensure service quality, please book tickets no later than 5:00 PM the day before.
  • Kindly be present at least 5 minutes before your selected tour time. VinWonders reserves the right to cancel tickets if customers are not present on time.
VinWonders Nam Hoi An


4.2. Happy member day - x3 the offers with VinWonders



HAPPY MEMBER DAY - Enjoy special offers when booking on the 15th of every month:

  • Pearl Club members: Log in and enter promo code PEARLVW6 for x3 benefits, get an instant 6% discount
  • Get extra 3% off when you purchase tickets at least 7 days in advance (*not applicable to certain products)
Applicable period: On the 15th of each month until further notice
Applicable to: Pearl Club members

Sign up now to secure this offer

4.3. Book early, pay less: early bird offers for VinWonders ticket

Allow yourself to relax, recharge and reunite with your family in the vibrant holiday at VinWonders Nam Hoi An, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc with up to 8% discounts on ticket prices.

Applicable time: From now until further notice

Offer details: 

  • 3% off for tickets booked at least 7 days before use via website or MyVinpearl mobile app or website
  • An additional 2% for Pearl members, 3% for Ambassador Pearl members, and 5% for VIP Pearl members for tickets booked at least 7 days before use via website or MyVinpearl mobile app or website
  • Deal stack:
    • Receive add-on food vouchers worth 150,000 VND/adult ticket, and 100,000 VND/child or elderly ticket, applicable to the quintessential and diverse culinary services, from buffet, set menu, a la carte menu to fast food, takeaway food and drinks at any VinWonders’ restaurant or food stall
    • Happy Tuesday: X2 discount for Pearl Club member tiers every Tuesday (enter code TUED4 – TUED6 – TUED10 respectively to apply promotion)

4.4. Happy combo: Combo 2 entrance tickets & 100.000VND meal voucher

Offer details:

  • HAPPY COMBO includes 2 adult tickets (height >139 cm) to the VinWonders amusement park, accompanied by a VND100,000 meal voucher
  • Only at Nam Hoi An: HAPPY COMBO include 2 adults tickets & 2 buggy tickets worth VND100.000
  • Log in and enter the code HAPPY5 to receive an instant 5% discount on the combo price. 

Time of application: 

  • Booking time : 01/01 – 31/12/2024 
  • Validity period: Until 31/12/2024
VinWonders Nam Hoi An


4.5. Family Combo: Family Fun Made Easy with VinWonders!

Applicable time: Until 31/12/2024

Applicable channels: Website

Offer details: 

  • Enter code FAMILY5 to get 5% off Family Combo:
    • FAMILY COMBO 1: 2 Adult tickets & 1 Child ticket and  Food and Beverage Voucher 200k
    • FAMILY COMBO 2: 2 Adult tickets & 2 Child tickets and Food and Beverage Voucher 200k
    • Particularly at VinWonders Nam Hoi An: FAMILY COMBO includes 2 adult tickets +  2 child tickets + Buuggy tickets.
  • Not applicable in conjunction with Early Bird anh others program

5. The 5 not-to-be-missed attractions in VinWonders Nam Hoi An

With an extremely large scale, the park was built with 5 large subdivisions namely Harbor Corner, Island of Folk Culture, River Safari, Adventure Land and Water World. Unless you have a VinWonders Nam Hoi An map, your discovery journey will most likely become confusing because you may be constantly "lost" in this vast world of cultural heritage and entertainment.

VinWonders Nam Hoi An

If you have any difficulty in reading the map, you can ask the staff of VinWonders or the staff of the shopping stores or restaurants for guidance. The staff here are all very friendly and enthusiastic, so you can rest assured!

5.1. Harbor Corner

Located in the land of heritage, this VinWonders entertainment complex seems to recreate the once bustling commercial port of the ancient town. Passing through a unique “door” comprised of 12 giant symbolic ships at the entrance, you can embark on a meaningful journey through time and space. The Harbor Corner vividly revives the signature scenery and ambiance of the hectic trading ports of the 16th and 17th centuries in the heart of Hoi An. The poetic river here also tells many stories.

In addition, the two streams of Eastern and Western cultures integrated into Hoi An in the 16th and 17th centuries are also shown in the Harbor Corner. Here, visitors will be filled with surprise as they can have a look at the past with slow-motion movies about the golden age of this land.

VinWonders Nam Hoi An

Some substantial features of this subdivision:

  • Harbor Corner: Stepping through the entrance of the park, you will have a chance to admire and take photos with the 12 giant ships - a symbol of the bustling trading atmosphere of Hoi An in the 16th and 17th centuries.
  • Riverside Old Town: The typical image of Hoi An is fully reproduced with the lantern streets, the rows of old houses by the calm and poetic river, etc. Coming here, visitors should walk along the old town, enjoy the peaceful air and take photos in front of the antiquated still walls.
  • Palace of Dreams: Contrasting with the ancient scenery across the river, the Palace of Dreams has a modern Western vibe with fairytale-like castles and houses with flat or pointed roofs. This area will be a great background for you to take photos deserving of thousands of “likes”.

5.2. Island of Folk Culture

As the "heart" of VinWonders Nam Hoi An, the Island of Folk Culture provides an opportunity for visitors to admire the artistic quintessence of traditional Vietnamese villages. This place not only features the architectural space of various regions but also helps you to personally experience many unique art forms that have been recognized by the UNESCO as the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

The Island of Folk Culture reconstructs various housing designs across the 3 regions of Vietnam (North, Central and South), reviving the locals’ customs and lifestyles. Coming to this spiritual area, visitors should definitely participate in the following activities:

  • Explore the craft village: You will have a chance to become a talented artisan that, with your skillful hands, weaves the soft fabrics.
  • Admire the housing designs of different regions: The architectural features of all the three regions of Vietnam, the North - Central – South, are reproduced in the heart of Hoi An to reflect the daily life of Vietnamese people.
  • Enjoy top-notch traditional art shows: Visitors will be immersed in the lively atmosphere of various traditional art forms such as Vietnamese ritual singing, Quan Ho singing, etc.
  • Relive the atmosphere of folk festivals with the realistic show “Return to the Harbor”: This festival of music, props and artistic dance moves combined right on the water surface will make the audience exclaim in admiration.
VinWonders Nam Hoi An

5.3. Water World

The hot summer days of the Central region will be temporarily relieved when you come to the Water World thanks to a system of slides, pools and a series of exciting activities.

Some substantial features of this subdivision:

  • Boomerang Slide: With a length of 55 meters, this giant slide is a must-try to relieve stress with your family and friends.
  • Lazy River: This river is an ideal place for you to loosen up after intense rides. Let the stream carry you away before taking on the next round of challenges.
  • Wave Pool: This pool has an area of ​​3,275 square meters in the shape of a seashell with many different wave levels like a miniature ocean, allowing players to freely dive and play between the waves, which are sometimes gentle, sometimes violent, yet always changing unexpectedly.
  • Children’s Pool: This swimming pool is designed for kids, with the Hawaiian house, the water guns, the Swan slide, the rain-spraying Jellyfish, the Rainbow corridor and the Apple house - for a day of never-ending surprise and fun.
VinWonders Nam Hoi An

5.4. River Safari

Vinpearl River Safari Nam Hoi An is a wildlife sanctuary - where visitors can see many rare animals from the boat while floating on the river modeled after the legendary Amazon River. This place is the shared home of 530 animal individuals of 50 rare species in need of conservation.

Some substantial features of this subdivision:

  • Explore the world of waterfowl: From the boat leisurely surfing along the river, you will encounter many beautiful and graceful waterfowl "dancers" such as: white swan, black swan, Tadorna mallard, flamingo, pink-legged pelican, etc.
  • Visit the kingdom of herbivores: Here, you will have a chance to stand close to the giraffes, stroke and feed them. You can also see camels and zebras with your own eyes. They are very friendly and active, you can enjoy taking pictures with them without fear!
  • Witness the life of carnivores: Next, you will visit the habitat of carnivores such as Bengal tigers, African lions, Asian black bears, sun bears, etc. You can witness them letting out their roars right in front of your eyes.
  • Visit the sanctuary of primates, birds and parrots: Hundreds of apes and monkeys will buzz with excitement when you visit their home. You can also see chirping birds or colorful parrots, which will make your journey even more interesting.
VinWonders Nam Hoi An

Articles for you:

5.5. Adventure Land

This is a paradise of entertainment with nearly 100 indoor games and more than 20 thrilling outdoor games. For young people who love adventure, like to explore and always hold in their hearts the desire to constantly challenge themselves, the Adventure Land will be the perfect place to show their bravery.

Some substantial features of this subdivision:

  • Outdoor adventure games:
    • Twiss Tower: This game will give a chance to drop from an 85 meter high tower at a speed of 72.5 kilometers per hour. The tower stands in the middle of the sky, like a "challenge" to the bravery of thrill seekers.
    • Desert Twister: With continuous spins in the air, this game is an extreme challenge for brave hearts. Even the boldest thrill seekers may have their hearts skip a beat when they experience this continuous 360-degree vortex with a speed of up to 19.8 meters per second.
    • Other exciting adventure games: reverse world, sky dance, cable-stayed tree, forgotten valley, etc.
  • Indoor games: The indoor entertainment paradise, with more than 100 games of various types, is suitable for visitors of all ages. There are some outstanding games which will promisingly bring you a lot of fun such as: kid’s fairy garden, Trampoline jumping, Playoke dance, 4D/5D cinema room, etc.
VinWonders Nam Hoi An

Book tickets of VinWonders Nam Hoi An now to get a better deal!

6. The top shopping and dining tips in VinWonders Nam Hoi An

Coming to this VinWonders park, shopaholics can satisfy their passion with the countless shops selling a variety of products. Here, you can buy unique souvenirs and fashion accessories, from traditional handicrafts to high-class imported items. Some stores in this shopping street that you can refer to are:

  • Riveria Souvenir: A souvenir shop for families and young people
  • Kid zone: A kid’s souvenir shop
  • Safari Souvenir: A souvenir shop from River Safari park
  • Alibaba: An India's fashion and gift shop
  • Hoi An colors: A souvenir and gift shop for families and young people
VinWonders Nam Hoi An

Also, here you will not have to worry about what to eat, because this theme park is also the convergence point of Vietnamese and international culinary quintessence. The restaurants here will surely bring you a fascinating food journey.

Some of the notable restaurants here are:

  • Deli Land Restaurant: Visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy countless dishes of Asian - European cuisine with an attractive buffet menu.
  • Riverrine Restaurant: This is a place that brings to diners Vietnamese dishes that are enhanced in both appearance and taste.
  • Cho Que Restaurant: This is a typical rustic and traditional space with specialties from all the three regions of Vietnam.
VinWonders Nam Hoi An

Before your trip, choosing the suitable Hoi An hotels will surely be a concern. In order to conveniently explore VinWonders Nam Hoi An, Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An is a recommended place to stay. It is a perfect destination for family vacations and ideal for MICE events with a system of high-class meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 600 guests. Here, you can also try golfing at the world-class Vinpearl Golf Nam Hoi An with its international-standard golf course. From here, you can also conveniently visit other famous Hoi An attractions in Hoi An Ancient Town such as Hoi An Night Market, Quan Cong Temple, Japanese Bridge, Tan Ky Old House, etc.

VinWonders Nam Hoi Anvinpearl nam hội an

>>> Book rooms in Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An to easily get around on your Hoi An trip!

Above is the latest information about VinWonders Nam Hoi An - the ideal destination for you to experience the journey of fun and discovery in the heritage land. This place will bring you a different and memorable journey that combines entertainment activities, nature exploration and national cultural values.

Book tickets of VinWonders Nam Hoi An for your upcoming fun journey!

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