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Vietnam national flower: A symbol of culture and traditional visual arts

22/12/2022 9.781

Vietnam national flower, lotus, is a special flower. It often grows on a pond of mud, yet it still rises over the water to catch the sunshine without being tarnished by the mud.

Vietnam national flower

Lotus is often considered as Vietnam national flower, as lotus symbolizes purity, elegance, and strength, which are the characteristics of Vietnamese people. Let’s explore the symbolism of this national flower of Vietnam and its significance to the locals. Read on to know about this country’s culture and make plans for your upcoming Vietnam travel journey.

1. The unique features of Vietnam national flower

Lotus, Vietnam national flower, is a perennial aquatic plant. The entire stem, roots, and petioles are underwater while the flower stalk and leaf blade are above water. 

When in full bloom, the flower opens wide with many layers of overlapping petals. The petals are shaped like boats facing each other. 

Although lotus is often seen on muddy water, the flower is not tainted. Instead, it even purifies the water where it grows.

Vietnam national flower

There are some variations of lotus, each with a different flower color. Each color has a different meaning:

  • Pink: Pink lotus represents Buddha and Buddhism. It is also associated with the beauty of simplicity and a strong will to live.
  • White: White lotus represents the purity of mind and spirit. It represents the heart of Buddha, and also the overcoming of difficulties and obstacles.
  • Blue: Blue lotus represents wisdom and consciousness. It also symbolizes the country's freedom, peace, and prosperity.
  • Gold: Gold lotus represents the achievement of enlightenment in Buddhism.
  • Purple: Purple lotus represents spirituality and mysticism.
  • Red: Red lotus represents emotional attachment. It also symbolizes love, passion, and compassion. 

2. What are the cultural meanings of the national flower of Vietnam?

Lotus appears in many daily and cultural activities of Vietnamese people. It bears several meanings, regarding:

  • Human qualities

Although growing on muddy water, Vietnamese lotus flower does not smell like mud. Rather, it shines as the most beautiful flower on the pond. Therefore, it represents the strong willpower of Vietnamese people, who can overcome all the adversity in life. Moreover, it also symbolizes good people who are free from worldly attachments like lust or greed.

  • Buddhism

Lotus in Vietnamese culture is also known as the flower of Buddha. It represents the philosophy of enlightenment in Buddhism. The life of lotus plays out according to the law of cause and effect, of karma and rebirth. The buds represent the past, the flowers represent the present, and the seeds represent the future, all of which are connected to each other.

Vietnam national flower
  • Geomancy

According to geomancy experts, lotus in Vietnamese culture brings peace, luck, and fortune to the homeowner. Therefore, in recent years, lotus paintings have been favored by many people to be put in their offices and living rooms. 

  • Love

Vietnamese lotus flower symbolizes purity. Therefore, it has become a symbol of affection. If you want a sincere love and happy marriage, start by giving your loved one this Vietnam national flower.

  • Femininity

Lotus also symbolizes the beauty of Vietnamese women, in both body and soul. Despite the obstacles in life, they still retain their beautiful appearance and manners.

Vietnam national flower

3. Top 3 places to admire the beauty of lotus national flower in full bloom

Vietnam national flower often blooms in warm weather, especially in summer. To see them bloom, visit some of the most beautiful lotus ponds below:

3.1. West Lake Lotus Field in Hanoi

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, has a large number of ponds and lakes where lotus grows. A perfect place to see Vietnam national flower is West Lake Lotus Field. The best time to see the blooming lotus flowers here is in the morning, when the dew is still on the leaves. You can also come here in the late afternoon, when the fragrance of the lotus begins to spread around the lake. 

West Lake Lotus Field is famous for its vastness, big lotus buds, and vibrant pink lotus petals. Here, visitors can enjoy the scenery and the fresh air, visit a tea shop to drink lotus tea and eat lotus jam, and save the moments by taking photos with this Vietnam national flower.

Vietnam national flower

3.2. Tinh Tam Lotus Field in Hue

Coming to Hue at the end of May or the beginning of June, visitors can admire many lotus ponds spread throughout the inner city. Among them, Tinh Tam Lotus Field is the most famous destination. On the first sunny days of summer, the lotus in the field begins to show its brilliant colors under the blue sky, adorning the peaceful beauty of Hue.

Tinh Tam Lotus Field attracts visitors by its delicate national flower of Vietnam in the wind, delicate and gentle beauty and pleasant fragrance. Take a walk around the city, record beautiful moments of the ancient capital, and feel the faint fragrance of Vietnam national flower in the wind, fatigue and sadness seem to disappear.

Vietnam national flower

3.3. Dong Thap Lotus Field

Vietnam national flower in the Southern region blooms almost all year round, as the weather here is very suitable for lotus. Still, the time when lotus blooms the most beautifully is from June to September. Early in the morning, the flower starts to bloom white. At noon, it will gradually turn pink. Around 3 pm, it will turn purple. 

As the color of lotus changes according to the time of day, this is what makes the sight of Dong Thap Lotus Field so outstandingly poetic and romantic. In addition to seeing the beauty of lotus, you also have a chance to try interesting activities such as boating, fishing, picking the lotus with the locals, etc.

Vietnam national flower

After seeing the lotus and trying the above-mentioned activities, you can further enrich your trip by visiting Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi AnDa Nang, etc. For each destination that you intend to go to in Vietnam, you should plan in advance where to stay in order to have the best experiences. It is recommended that you book a room at the hotel and resort system of Vinpearl. Located at prime locations, Vinpearl provides visitors with luxurious rooms, top-notch services, and countless other attractive amenities such as restaurants, bars, swimming pools, entertainment areas, etc. Vinpearl is present in most major cities of Vietnam:

Vietnam national flower

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Vietnam national flower is a noble flower, a symbol of purity that means a lot in the life of Vietnamese people. Hopefully, this article will help you know more about lotus, as well as when and where to see them bloom in the S-shaped country.

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