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Central Vietnam: The TOP 10 must-visit destinations for your getaway

21/01/2024 27.403

Central Vietnam contains many mysteries to discover for visitors. Read Vinpearl’s suggestions for the most attractive destinations to plan for your trip.

Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam has been considered a paradise of sea and islands, where you can find a variety of landscapes, ethnic cultures and culinary arts. Let’s explore the most alluring places to have a basic knowledge of local tourism potentials before making a thorough plan for such a central Vietnam tour. 

1. Da Nang - One of the best Central Vietnam cities

Da Nang, which has been nicknamed a “worth-living city”, is one of the most alluring central Vietnam cities with a 60-kilometer coast. Nature bestowed the city with various beautiful landscapes including dozens of beaches, which attract tourists all year round, like Non Nuoc Beach, My Khe Beach, Nam O Beach and Bac My An Beach. 

Central Vietnam

Marble Mountain and Hai Van Pass are other must visit sight-seeing sites in the city. 

Central Vietnam

Da Nang's foods is another magnet to visitors. You should try delicacies like sliced pork rolled with rice paper dipped in local fish sauce, vermicelli salad with pork and fish sauce, noodle with fried fish paste and durian sweet gruel to understand the talent and creativity of locals.

2. Hoi An - Where to explore the Central Vietnam culture

Less than 30 kilometers to the southeast of Da Nang City, the charming ancient town of Hoi An, located by Thu Bon River, has been like a magnet to both domestic and foreign visitors with its diverse landscape and distinctive culture.

Central Vietnam

The city has many beautiful beaches like An Bang Beach and Cua Dai Beach. Only 20 kilometres off from Hoi An are Cham Islands with 1 main island and 8 surrounding small islands. This island cluster was recognised as one of the world's biosphere reserves.

Hoi An Night Market is a must-go destination for tourists in Quang Nam Province, where various local delicacies like cao lau, Quang noodle, banh mi, wonton, water fern cake, and Hoi An chicken rice are available at reasonable prices.

You should also take a photo at Japanese Bridge Hoi An, a symbol of the ancient town. The bridge, also known as Pagoda Bridge (Chua Cau), was built in the 17th century, marking the arrival of Japanese businessmen in the port town. The bridge has been associated with the legend of a monster called Namazu, which is a Japanese mythological monster that caused earthquakes and floods. Namazu’s head is located in India, while its body is in Vietnam and its tail in Japan.

The bridge was built with the belief of being a magical sword that pinned down Namazu’s back so that the monster could not wriggle, therefore causing no natural disasters in Vietnam, Japan and India. 

Central Vietnam

To enjoy a memorable vacation in the heritage region, you can book a room at Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An. The resort offers a luxurious accommodation with a comprehensive range of services and top-notch amenities, making it one of the premier destinations in Vietnam. Rest assured, this place will undoubtedly provide you with an unforgettable holiday experience.

vinpearl Central Vietnam

>>> Remember to book rooms in Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An to perfect your stay!

3. Nha Trang - An ideal place to enjoy Central Vietnam foods

Nha Trang is another tourist hub in Khanh Hoa Province with a long and beautiful coastline. The local weather remains warm almost throughout the year with an average temperature of 26 degree Celsius. There are various beautiful beaches with white sand like Nha Trang Beach, Doc Let Beach, Bai Dai Beach, Hon Chong Beach and Hon Tam Beach.

Central Vietnam

The local delicacies are mostly dishes made from seafood like noodles with jellyfish, noodles with fried fish paste, baked bread with seafood, baked squid stirred in fat with red chilly, raw fish salad, fried pancake with shrimp and squid.

Rarely should visitors miss the renowned National Oceanographic Museum in the city, where one can learn about a part of Vietnamese history. The Institute of Oceanography was established by the French in 1923. 

If you seek an ideal place for swimming, visit Hon Tre Island, just 5 kilometres east of Nha Trang city centre. The white sand, invitingly calm turquoise water and luscious forest offer a real getaway. 

Central Vietnam

On this very pristine island, VinWonders Nha Trang offers recreational experiences with dozens of games for people of all ages, safari, water park, shopping zone and more. Vinpearl Golf Nha Trang, also on the island, is one of the top 3 best golf courses in Vietnam recognized by the Asian Golf Awards. 

There are many choices in the Vinpearl Nha Trang system for your stay like 3 properties on Hon Tre Island as well as Vinpearl Beachfront Nha Trang in the downtown of the coastal city, which offer perfect 5-star services. 

Central Vietnam

>>> Remember to book rooms in Vinpearl Nha Trang to discover the locality!

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4. Hue - One of the well-known Central Vietnam tourist attractions

The central city of Hue is the capital of Thua Thien Hue province, which shares borders with Quang Tri province to the north, Quang Nam province and Da Nang to the south, Laos to the west and the East Sea to the east. 

The province has an 80 kilometer-long Perfume River, a 128 kilometer-long coastline, and over 200,000 hectares of forest. 

Hue had been a feudal capital since the rule of the Nguyen lords in Central and Southern Vietnam from 1687 to 1775. Then the Tay Son brothers conquered Hue and kept it as an administrative capital between 1788 and 1801. After the fall of the Tay Son Dynasty, Emperor Gia Long (Nguyen Anh), a successor of the Nguyen lords, took back the imperial capital and started the reign of the thirteen emperors of the Nguyen dynasty from 1802 to 1945.

Central Vietnam

The Imperial City of Hue was recognised as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site in 1993. It consists of a system of palaces, intricate shrines, pavilions, tombs and gardens, which were used by the royal Nguyen Dynasty for 143 years.

Besides architectural heritage, Hue also has beautiful nature with various sight-seeing sites like Lang Co Beach, Bach Ma National Park, where visitors can relax in nature after learning about the feudal time in Vietnam at the historical sites.

Central Vietnam

Hue also has rich cuisine in the central of Vietnam with delicacies like noodle with beef and spicy broth; steamed rice cake scattered with shrimp flakes, crunchy pork rind and served with fish sauce; steamed rice with small river clams, roasted peanuts, herbs, chili peppers and shrimp sauce; grilled pork gripped into stalks of lemongrass and dipped into fish sauce.

5. Thanh Hoa - A great suggestion for your Central Vietnam tour

Thanh Hoa is one of the largest provinces located in the northern central coast of Vietnam, which borders Son La, Hoa Binh, Ninh Binh, Nam Dinh to the north, Nghe An to the aouth, the East Sea to the East and Laos to the west.

The province is home to various scenic spots like Sam Son Beach, Cam Luong Holy Fish Stream, Pu Luong Nature Reserve, May Waterfall and Ben En National Park.

Central Vietnam

6. Nghe An - An excellent choice for your Central Vietnam travel

The Central province of Nghe An is worth a visit as it is the largest province in North Central Vietnam. Stretching an area of over 16,400 square kilometres, the province’s area is mostly forests and mountains. 

Central Vietnam

The province possesses high potential in ecological tourism with top destinations like Pu Mat National Park, Tam Om Cave, Muong Long Sky Gate and Cua Lo Beach. The province also has two special relic sites of Kim Lien Village, President Ho’s motherland and Hoang Tru Village, President Ho’s fatherland. 

In Nghe An, you should try eel porridge, water fern cake and Muot cake, which are the most popular dishes here.

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7. Quy Nhon - Where to find the best beaches in Central Vietnam

Among the best beaches in central Vietnam, the ones in Quy Nhon city will surely stunt you the most. 

Quy Nhon in Binh Dinh province has a long coastline with clear turquoise water embracing smooth sand beaches bordered with high mountains.

Ky Co Beach has been named as the Maldives of Vietnam where people can enjoy smooth clear water, beautiful coral reefs and various kinds of watersports. Ky Co beach is bordered with mountains and hills in three directions so the sea here is calm. Not very far from Ky Co beach is Eo Gio with a magnificent view of the sea.

Central Vietnam

Ghenh Rang Tien Sa is another tourism destination with the rocky site of Ghenh Rang, Tien Sa Beach, Queen Beach, the tomb of the noted poet Han Mac Tu and Ghenh Rang Church. From Ghenh Rang peak, visitors can have an aerial view of Quy Nhon city and Crescent Beach. Crescent Beach is another beautiful beach right at the heart of the city with a 5-kilometre-long yellow sand beach curving like a crescent. 

Central Vietnam

Quy Nhon is well-known for tuna fish’s eye stew and various other seafood dishes like steamed Huynh De crab; grilled fish paste; squid cooked with tamarind sauce; and a sauce made from fermented sea urchin.

8. Quang Binh - One of the stunning places to visit in Central Vietnam

Quang Binh Province is highly recommended to nature lovers, especially those who like extreme sports. 

Located in the northern central coast of Vietnam, adjacent to Quang Tri to the south, Ha Tinh to the north, and the East Sea to the East, the province is considered the “kingdom of caves” with over 400 caves and stunning beaches.

Central Vietnam

This central of Vietnam province has been well-known for Phong Nha Cave – a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, Son Doong Cave – the biggest cave in the world, and Paradise Cave - the world’s longest dry cave, which are all in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. The province is also home to many beautiful beaches, such as Nhat Le and Da Nhay, and famous religious sites.

Quang Binh is home to delicious fresh seafood like clams, fish, shrimp, oysters and snails and so on. The squid here is thick and sweet.

9. Phu Yen - Where to get away from the busy life

If you want to find a place to escape from all the hustle and bustle, come to Phu Yen! This central Vietnam province borders Khanh Hoa province to the south, Binh Dinh province to the north, the East Sea to the east and Gia Lai and Dak Lak provinces to the west. Phu Yen has a 190-kilometre-long coastline, therefore it has many beautiful beaches.

Central Vietnam

Mon beach, Vung Ro bay, Xep beach are among the most popular destinations for visitors here. Swallow Islet is another beautiful place with beautiful coral reefs. Mang Lang Church in Tuy An district, dating back to the 19th century, contains a part of Vietnam’s early history of Christianity. The church has been keeping the first book printed in Vietnamese, which was the translation to a book of the religion written by Avignonese Jesuit missionary Alexandre de Rhodes (1593-1660).

The feature of the local cuisine here is, of course, seafood. Boiled rice with chicken, fried fermented pork roll, rice cake with shredded pork, and crispy fried bread are some other local delicacies. 

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10. Da Lat - The most famous destination in the Central Highlands

Da Lat is quite different from the other central Vietnam localities as it is located in the Central Highlands of Lam Vien, 1,500 meters above sea level. 

The city has a temperate climate, which is good for raising vegetables, fruits and flowers. 

Lang Biang Mountain is a suggestion for nature lovers, together with many waterfalls around the city like Datanla Waterfalls, Pongour Waterfalls, Dambri Waterfalls and Prenn Waterfalls

Central Vietnam

Street food in Da Lat is quite cheap, for example, noodles with chicken intestine; fried rice cake with egg, shrimp and squid as fillings; baked pancake with egg and various kinds of baked meat.

In conclusion, Central Vietnam is a must-go destination with so many attractions listed above. It is a paradise of breathtaking sea, magnificent islands, gorgeous caves and splendid mountains where you can not only admire the stunning landscapes but also learn about the diverse ethnic cultures and enjoy the various culinary dishes. Don’t hesitate to plan for your trip to this region and get away from the busy life. Note down Vinpearl’s suggestions before making your plan so that you don’t miss the most important tips.

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