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Sam Son Beach: The gateway to coastal bliss on your Thanh Hoa trip

19/01/2024 9.622

Sam Son Beach Vietnam is a popular tourist spot with long sandy shore and clear blue water. The beach offers a range of activities, from swimming and sunbathing to exploring nearby attractions, making it an ideal destination for relaxation and adventure.

Sam Son Beach

Stretching for nearly 9 kilometers, Sam Son Beach is a famous destination in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam. With its long sandy coastline and clear water, this beach in Thanh Hoa offers a serene escape for travelers seeking a tranquil coastal retreat in the North Central Coast. Follow our guide to this beautiful beach on your upcoming Vietnam travel.

1. Where is Sam Son Beach? When is the best time to visit?

Sam Son Beach Vietnam is one of the most famous Central Vietnam beaches, about 16 kilometers away from Thanh Hoa’s city center and 180 kilometers from Hanoi. The beach is shaped like a crescent moon, stretching 9 kilometers from the foot of Truong Le Mountain to Quang Cu Village.

The best time to visit Sam Son Beach is summer, specifically from May to August, when the beach is airy with lots of sun and wind, clear water, and little rain, providing ideal conditions for swimming and water activities.

Sam Son Beach

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2. How many areas is Sam Son Beach divided into?

Sam Son Beach is generally divided into 4 small beaches: A, B, C, and D.

  • Beach A is the busiest, with a gentle slope and strong waves. You can find many boats and rocky cliffs to take photos with, but take caution with the sharp rocks. 
  • Beach B has moderate waves, suitable for elderly and young visitors. Here, you can also find a variety of beachside snack stalls.
  • Beach C has larger waves and is cleaner. It has a bustling atmosphere, where you will find many restaurants and cafes. With its flat slope, Beach C is often chosen to organize recreational activities.
  • Beach D is quieter, near the fishing area, perfect for those seeking a tranquil space.

3. How to get to Sam Son Beach in Thanh Hoa?

If you depart from Hanoi, you can travel by bus, car, or motorbike, which will take about 3 - 4 hours. Alternatively, you can take a train to Thanh Hoa City, then take a taxi or motorbike taxi to get to Sam Son Beach. Travelers from Ho Chi Minh City and other southern provinces can take a 2-hour flight to Tho Xuan Airport in Thanh Hoa, then take a taxi to reach the beach (nearly 60 kilometers away).

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4. Other tourist attractions near Sam Son Beach

4.1. Hon Trong Mai 

Hon Trong Mai, located in Truong Le Mountain, is known for its unique rock formations resembling a rooster and a hen. It is steeped in a poignant legend about a young fisherman who rescued a sea maiden washed ashore, leading to a deep love that defied celestial boundaries. They later transformed into rocks to immortalize their eternal love.

Sam Son Beach

4.2. Doc Cuoc Temple

Doc Cuoc Temple is a spiritual site near Sam Son Beach. Perched atop Co Giai Peak in Truong Le Mountain, it is closely tied to the legend of a giant who sacrificed himself to defeat sea demons and defend the land. Local people established a temple near a rock indentation, which is believed to be a footprint of the giant, to pay their homage.

Sam Son Beach

4.3. Co Tien Temple

Nestled at the end of Truong Le Mountain, Co Tien Temple is a celebrated historical site near Sam Son Beach. The site is rooted in a legend about a female healer who married a poor man against her father's wishes. She suffered from leprosy and was rescued by an old woman, who gave her a house. The couple continued their healing work and vanished one day. The house later became Co Tien Temple.

Sam Son Beach

5. Extra tips for the best experience at Sam Son Beach

  • Follow the regulations regarding the time for swimming: 5:30 am - 10:30 am, 2:00 pm - 6:30 pm.
  • Do light exercises before swimming to prevent cramps, as this beach in Vietnam has strong waves.
  • Observe and avoid dangerous areas, as there can be dangerous offshore currents on rough sea days.
  • Pack sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun.
  • Delight in famous seafood dishes such as fish salad, sea snake hotpot, grilled shrimp rolls, etc.
  • Buy souvenirs like sea stones, seashell keychains, seashell wind chimes, etc. for your loved ones.

Apart from Sam Son Beach, Thanh Hoa boasts many other attractions that you should not miss out on, such as Ben En National Park, Pu Luong, Ho Dynasty Citadel, Hieu Waterfall, Hai Tien Beach, etc. These attractions promise to enrich your Vietnam travel experience with lasting memories.

Ranked among the most attractive destinations in Asia, Vietnam offers numerous beautiful natural wonders, unique architectural works, and detectable cuisine. Don't forget to visit Ha LongHoi An, Nha Trang, and Phu Quoc to explore the best that Vietnam has to offer.

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Sam Son Beach

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