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Central Vietnam Itinerary: A complete guide to satisfy your wanderlust

21/01/2024 10.625

This Central Vietnam itinerary guide offers a well-structured plan that allows you to explore vibrant cities and tranquil villages, admire majestic landscapes, and get fully immersed in the diverse cultures of this enchanting region with ease.

Central Vietnam itinerary

Renowned for its captivating variety of natural landscapes, cultural encounters, and historical treasures, Central Vietnam holds a special place in the hearts of travelers. To assist you in crafting an exceptional journey and optimizing your time, check out this meticulously designed Central Vietnam itinerary guide! Prepare to embark on a remarkable tour of Central Vietnam by delving further into the following sections.

1. Important things to know for your first Central Vietnam tour

1.1. When is the best time to visit Central Vietnam?

Central Vietnam experiences a unique tropical climate characterized by two distinct seasons: the dry season and the wet season. During the dry season, which spans from January to August, the weather is hot and humid, with temperatures frequently hovering around 30 degrees Celsius. This period is considered the ideal time for any Central Vietnam itinerary.

However, traveling throughout the remainder of the year is still enjoyable, although it is worth noting that the region experiences the rainy season from September to November. Heavy storms and floods can occur during this time, but Central Vietnam remains a pleasant destination for adventurous travelers despite these occasional challenges.

Central Vietnam itinerary

1.2. Best places to visit in Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam has earned widespread acclaim for its captivating beaches, mesmerizing nature, cultural diversity, and historical marvels, making it an extraordinary destination cherished by travelers worldwide. Explore the list below for the top-notch destinations that are a must-visit on your Central Vietnam itinerary:

Central Vietnam itinerary

2. A highly-recommended 1-week Central Vietnam itinerary

2.1. Days 1 & 2: Hue, Thua Thien Hue

Hue, the former imperial capital, stands as a testament to a timeless legacy, boasting an array of world-renowned ancient wonders, distinct cultural traits, and delightful traditional cuisine.

The Hue Imperial City, an iconic stronghold of the Nguyen Dynasty, encapsulates the vibrant heritage of Vietnam's formidable feudal era. To fully appreciate the splendor of the ancient imperial capital, it is essential for visitors to embark on an exploration of this magnificent site, as well as the Hue Royal Tombs, which include Khai Dinh Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb, and Mausoleum of Emperor Minh Mang.

In addition to its regal heritage, Hue holds the distinction of being a sacred destination, revered for its collection of precious Buddhist relics. Don’t forget to include the iconic Thien Mu Pagoda and Tu Hieu Pagoda on your Central Vietnam itinerary.

For nature lovers, visiting Bach Ma National Park, Lap An Lagoon, and Thuan An Beach are some of the most amazing things to do in Central Vietnam. Also, your Central Vietnam holidays would be incomplete without strolling around the Perfume River and admiring the scenery along the banks.

Elevating the culinary experience to new heights, Hue cuisine showcases distinctive regional characteristics that are emblematic of Central Vietnam. Some local specialties you can try in Hue are Bun bo Hue (Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup), Bun thit nuong (Hue grilled pork vermicelli), and Nem lui (Hue lemongrass pork skewers).

Central Vietnam itinerary

2.2. Day 3 of the 7-day Central Vietnam itinerary: Hoi An, Quang Nam

Nestled along the central coast of Vietnam, Hoi An Ancient Town stands as a captivating UNESCO World Heritage Site, renowned for its enchanting blend of ancient charm and vibrant cultural tapestry. Admiring ancient architecture, discovering historical relics, and sampling local dishes such as Banh mi (Vietnamese bread), Quang noodles, and Cao Lau are must-try things when visiting Hoi An.

Besides the ancient town, visitors can admire the crystal-clear beaches of An Bang Beach, Cua Dai Beach, Ha My Beach, and Cu Lao Cham (Cham Islands) on the Central Vietnam itinerary. A trip to Bay Mau Coconut Forest is recommended for nature lovers who seek to indulge themselves in the green coconut forest in a circular boat.

Central Vietnam itinerary

For more recreational experiences, VinWonders Nam Hoi An is a great option. This is a world-class amusement park in Vietnam that offers a unique combination of entertainment activities with culture, art, and nature. In this place, you can both learn about Vietnamese culture at Harbor Corner and the Island of Folk Culture and experience exhilarating games at Water World and Adventure Land.

Central Vietnam itinerary

2.3. Day 4: Da Nang

Da Nang is considered the economic and cultural hub of Central Vietnam. Visiting this city, tourists can have a chance to conquer the breathtaking Marble Mountains, or Ngu Hanh Son, which is a landscape consisting of five limestone mountains.

Son Tra Peninsula is another not-to-be-missed destination in Da Nang on your Central Vietnam itinerary. Located about 10 kilometers northeast of the city center, this peninsula offers a mesmerizing escape for those seeking crystal-clear beaches, white sand, and amazing water sports.

Other landmarks in Da Nang are My Khe Beach, Dragon Bridge, and Nam O Reef, making this city an attractive place for both novice travelers and globetrotters alike. Also, culinary enthusiasts can try the delectable Nam O fish salad, pork skewers, and Vietnamese bread soup on your Da Nang trip.

Central Vietnam itinerary

2.4. Days 5 & 6: Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

As the home of one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world, Nha Trang is undoubtedly a must-see destination on any Central Vietnam itinerary. Nha Trang beaches are widely renowned for their poetic beauty, with turquoise water, white sand, swaying coconut trees, and gentle waves. Here, tourists can also partake in exhilarating water sports such as surfing, kayaking, and scuba diving.

Located on Hon Tre Island, VinWonders Nha Trang, one of the most large-scale theme parks in Vietnam, offers a plethora of exciting experiences for real thrill-seekers. Once you arrive at this theme park, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a day filled with a myriad of exhilarating and daring activities that evoke a wide spectrum of emotions.

Central Vietnam itinerary

Additionally, you can check out some famous attractions in the center of Nha Trang City, such as Ponagar Cham Towers and National Oceanographic Museum

Also, no Nha Trang day trip is truly fulfilled without savoring the delectable and renowned local specialties. Besides fresh seafood, don't miss the opportunity to sample iconic delicacies such as squid pancakes, grilled chopped fish, and grilled pork rolls on your Nha Trang trip.

Central Vietnam itinerary

2.5. Day 7 of the 1-week Central Vietnam itinerary: Da Lat, Lam Dong

Nestled amidst the picturesque Central Highlands of Vietnam, Da Lat is considered the most romantic city in the country with its mist-covered mountains, vibrant flower gardens, and charming French-inspired architecture.

Tourists can discover the unique blend of French colonial architecture and Vietnamese charm in Da Lat’s historical landmarks, such as Dalat Train Station and French Quarter Dalat. During your trip to the tranquil city of Da Lat, you should not miss out on Linh Phuoc Pagoda to see the locals practicing their beliefs.

For nature enthusiasts, don’t forget to spend time in Bidoup Nui Ba National Park and Da Lat Waterfalls on their Central Vietnam itinerary. 

Also, the unique blend of diverse cultures within Da Lat has bestowed a distinctive character upon its gastronomy. Some must-try dishes in the city are Banh trang nuong (grilled rice paper), Banh mi xiu mai (Bread shumai), and avocado ice cream.

Central Vietnam itinerary

When it comes to planning a Central Vietnam itinerary, preparing an accommodation in advance is important. Vinpearl, one of the most reputable hospitality chains in Vietnam, offers a number of internationally acclaimed hotels and resorts that guarantee both luxury and comfortability for your Central Vietnam holiday. You can immerse yourself in mesmerizing views, impeccable design, professional services, and diverse culinary options when staying at Vinpearl Nha Trang and Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An.

Additionally, don’t miss out on a chance to visit VinWonders, an extraordinary entertainment complex that guarantees unforgettable memories with your family and friends with several thrilling activities and captivating shows.

Central Vietnam itinerary


Central Vietnam itinerary

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>>> Book tickets to VinWonders Nha Trang and Nam Hoi An to have amazing moments with your loved ones!

A Central Vietnam itinerary is a gateway to a remarkable journey through a region brimming with captivating cities, tranquil villages, majestic landscapes, and a tapestry of diverse cultures. From the imperial splendor of Hue to the ancient town of Hoi An, from the breathtaking natural wonders of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park to the vibrant streets of Da Nang, Central Vietnam offers a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. Craft your itinerary wisely and embark on an adventure that will leave you with lasting memories of this enchanting region's beauty, history, and rich cultural heritage.

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