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Perfume River: Explore the symbol of the glamorous beauty of Hue City

07/01/2024 60.029

Perfume River, a panorama view comprising a pure and fresh fragrance, flows through cruising mountains to the center of Hue's romantic city. Perfume River allows you to experience the heritage of artistry, gastronomical specialties, and people's amiability.

Perfume River

Perfume River is a significant natural landscape that symbolizes the people of the ancient imperial, Thua Thien Hue Province. In keeping with the historical imprints of the Hue Dynasties, the "Soul" of Hue shaped the mysterious beauty, silently witnessing historical and poetic impressively. Explore the article below for more information on how Perfume River captivated in-out visitors.

1. About the Perfume River Hue

Perfume River is located on Tran Hung Dao and Le Loi streets, in the heart of Hue city. Visitors can ideally access the city at any time. Its water flows through the Imperial Citadel, and the Forbidden City has highlighted the romance of this ancient feudal capital.

1.1 Where is the Perfume River?

Hue Perfume River is iconic and binds the beauty of poetic ancient culture together. 

Perfume River is nearly 80 km long. There are two sources of flow from the Perfume River. It originates from Truong Son range, flows through Hue's heart, and meets the Bang Lang at the confluence. From Truong Dong mountain range, the Ta Trach (Left Tributary) flows northwest to Bang Lang Fork. The Shorter Huu Trach (Right Tributary) lands at Bang Lang Fork after passing through the Tuan ferry. The Perfume River flows very slowly from Bang Lang to Thuan An estuary. Darkening occurs when the Perfume River winds through Ngoc Tran mountain, home to Jade Cup Temple.

It flows slowly through the villages along the Perfume River. Several architectural works along both sides of Perfume River Hue, including the Hue Citadel, pagodas, gardens, temples, and Truong Tien Bridge, have enhanced the picture of Hue's poetry and romance.

Perfume River

1.2 The meaning of Perfume River

The river has an abode named “Huong” which means “Perfume”. A poetic view engraved a strong-floral aroma for over a century, due to the autumn blossom, flowers of secret gardens from upriver had fallen into the river. Although it no longer has fragrant senses affected by modernization and riverboats, Vietnam Perfume River is still a splendid landscape for your trip.

Perfume River is also known by many other names such as Huong River, Linh Giang River, Lo Dung River, Huong Tra River, Yen Luc River.

Perfume River

2. When and how should you visit the Perfume River Hue?

2.1 Best time for visit Perfume River Hue Vietnam

From January to April, Hue’s temperatures average between 20 to 24 degrees, and rainfall tends to be light. This is an excellent time to visit Hue because the weather is pleasant, travelers could comfortably walk around all these historical attraction sites.

In particular, the Perfume River is the venue for many carnivals. Travelers can visit in even years to attend Perfume River festivals or in odd years for craft villages festivals. 

Perfume River

2.2 How to get to Hue Vietnam Perfume River

Perfume River flows alongside the inner city of Hue, close to all relics and scenic spots. In Hue, you can also visit by these transportation options:

  • By Boat Cruise: Renting a Perfume River tour boat, in combination with transport, enjoy Hue folk songs and Hue culinary on a boat, then release flower lanterns along the water. Otherwise, you can use a tourist's public boat transfer to surrounding attractions.
  • By Cyclo: Cyclo, a three-wheeled rickshaw with a double seat at the front, is also a charming way to admire the poetic scenery.
  • By Taxi: The most secure way of travel, make sure to show drivers the correct address. You can select between a conventional taxi or the eco-conscious alternative of XANH SM Taxi when deciding how to travel to Perfume River.
perfume river

XANH SM Taxi - the first electric taxi company in Vietnam, operated entirely with VinFast electric cars. Customers who travel by XANH SM taxi not only receive an excellent standard of service, but they also join XANH SM in its efforts to reduce vehicle emissions and safeguard the environment. XANH SM provides standard and luxury taxi service, airport taxi, with attractive promotions. Customers can easily book a taxi in 04 ways:

(1) Call the national hotline 1900 2088
(2) Wave on the street like a traditional taxi
(3) Book on the Taxi Xanh SM app. Click HERE to download the app
(4) Use the beVinFast service on the multi-service customer platform BE to book Xanh SM taxi

  • By Motorcycle/ Bicycle: Extremely fun and affordable to explore all roads and alleys of Hue City.

3. Top 5 things to do on your sightseeing to the Perfume River Vietnam

3.1. Experience the Perfume River boat trip

Boating on the Perfume River is an engaging experience that nature offers on your Hue trip. Both sides of the riverbank give poetic scenery, returning to a peaceful time with gentle fresh air and rays of sunlight filtering through the foliage. Toa Kham boat station is also a famous touring pier in Hue, you can take a private boat or travel with other groups.

In the evening, Dragon boat Perfume River tours take you around the Truong Tien and Phu Xuan bridges. Visitors can enjoy Hue's signature folk performance, and book a Royal Dinner to get back the King and Queen banquet. It will be a memorable time for travelers in Hue Imperial city.

Perfume River

3.2. Enjoy the sweet melodies of Hue songs

Over hundreds of years, Hue folk songs or Hue royal court music - The World's Intangible Cultural Heritage are still preserved and developed by Hue's society. Nothing is more fantastic than floating on the Perfume River cruise Hue Vietnam, dropping your soul, feeling into deep songs, and mingling with the moderate beauty of this poetic city.

Perfume River

3.3. Contemplate the stunning sunset on the Perfume River

Perfume River is like the mild glamor of a young lady carrying quiet, sweet, and harmonious poetry that spreads throughout the civilized land. 

During the sunset hour, all sunlight fades behind the majestic high mountains, and the Perfume River takes on a warm coat color. During the night, visitors are fascinated by the poetic reflection of a moon and the artistic voices of folk music on Perfume River, painting a deep sound in every spirit.

Perfume River

3.4. Take a walk on Trang Tien Bridge

When night falls, Trang Tien Bridge puts on a new notion. Dragon boats carrying Hue singing come from far. The colorful lights laid off their shadows on the sparkling river surface creating a shimmering and luminous scene, adorned with the lyrical lanterns floating on Perfume River nights.

Perfume River

3.5. Visit other well-known tourist attractions nearby

  • Thien Mu Pagoda: Thien Mu Pagoda is a must-see attraction on the journey to the Perfume River. Nestled right next to the romantic Huong Giang River, tourists could take a boat along the Perfume River to reach this famous spiritual place. Not only for its unique cultural works, but Thien Mu is also the most sacred pagoda in Hue. 
  • Phu Van Lau Wharf: Located close to the romantic Perfume River, despite the limited space, Phu Van Wharf is an architectural work containing many historical values and unique art in the complex of Hue Ancient Capital. The magnitude of this pavilion will surely make visitors esteem it.
  • Ngu Binh Mountain: Ngu Mountain is also known by another name, Bai Tho Mountain, located in An Cuu Ward, 3km from the South of Perfume River. Reaching Ngu Binh Mountain, visitors could have a full panoramic view of Hue city. It is also a place where many musicians and poets have assembled countless unique artworks of the Perfume River and Hue city.
  • Nguyen Dinh Chieu Walking Street: Located between Phu Xuan bridge and Trang Tien bridge. When night falls, the pedestrian street will become shimmering and fanciful, differing from its inherent calm. From Nguyen Dinh Chieu walking street, visitors can enjoy the charm of Hue's beloved city featuring street art, performances, and significant street food.
Perfume River

4. Where to stay for the best travel experience in Hue?

In Hue, there are plenty of accommodations from hostels to high-class levels. Do not miss out on Hoi An ancient town and the worth-living Da Nang city as your Central Vietnam trip. Vinpearl hotels & resorts brand would be a perfect choice to dedicate your stays and memories through the 5 stars service and people. 

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An, embraces you with idealistic beach view rooms. The large resorts welcome all fresh aroma, natural landscape, beach activities - is a perfect destination for team buildings, weddings, MICE, and family vacations. In addition, the quintessential and diverse cuisine in each concept's outlet will satisfy your nourishment journey.

Perfume River


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Besides Perfume River tour, Hue's imperial, Hoi An, and Da Nang, VinWonders Nam Hoi An entertainment complex should be included in your plan, a diversity of intersection Harbor converges the cultural values of Vietnam and offers customers dynamic regional spirits such as making paper, drawing traditional fabrics, the Fairy Harbor reality show, and the Vietnamese nation through unique cultural heritages, etc. Enjoy an adventurous experience of Century Drop, Swing Tree, water park. And wrap a day to explore the first River Safari in Vietnam with varieties of wild, precious, rare species that come from all over the world.

Perfume River


Perfume River

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Perfume River enhances the historic poetic beauty and natural bestowal by its pure water and fascinating landscape. Perfume River is not only the representative of Hue's Imperial Capital but also visitors' monuments for every expedition. Do not forget to experience this legendary stream and fully grasp its beauty on your own.

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