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Dalat, Vietnam 2024: The BEST travel guide for first-time backpackers

04/01/2024 26.407

Dalat, Vietnam is a tranquil mountain town known for its mild weather, breathtaking scenery, and charming atmosphere. This place offers a wealth of experiences for travelers seeking a peaceful retreat.

Da Lat Vietnam

Nestled in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, Dalat, Vietnam is a picturesque town that captivates visitors with its temperate climate, colorful flower gardens, and stunning natural landscapes. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or an adventurous escape for your Vietnam travel, Dalat offers a unique blend of experiences that will leave you longing to return.

1. Where is Dalat, Vietnam? When is the best time to visit this place?

1.1. Dalat, Vietnam location

Dalat is a mountainous city located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, situated approximately 1,500 meters above sea level and surrounded by the Langbiang mountain range. The city is characterized by its moderate climate, with temperatures in Dalat, Vietnam ranging from 10°C to 25°C, and its abundance of pine forests, waterfalls, and lakes.

The topography of Dalat, Vietnam is defined by rolling hills and valleys, with many areas of the city offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The city is also known for its fertile soil and is a major agricultural hub in Vietnam, producing a wide range of crops such as coffee, vegetables, and flowers. 

Due to its elevation and cooler temperatures, Dalat is often referred to as the "City of Eternal Spring" and has become a popular destination for domestic and international tourists looking to escape the heat and explore the natural beauty of the central highlands.

Da Lat Vietnam

1.2. Weather in Dalat, Vietnam

Dalat's weather is mild year-round due to its high altitude, making it a popular destination for tourists seeking cooler temperatures. 

The average temperature is around 15-24°C, and it can get colder at night, especially during the winter months from November to February. The rainy season in Dalat is from May to October, with the heaviest rainfall in August and September. 

The best time to visit Dalat, Vietnam is from December to March, when the weather is dry and sunny, making it ideal for outdoor activities and exploring the city's attractions.

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2. How to get to Dalat, Vietnam and go around the city?

2.1. How to travel to Dalat, Vietnam?

Despite its relatively remote location, Dalat, Vietnam is easily accessible by several means of transportation. Whether you prefer to fly, take a bus, or ride a motorbike, you will find one that suits your needs and budget.

  • By air: Lien Khuong Airport near Dalat, Vietnam serves both domestic and international flights. From the airport, you can take a taxi or a shuttle bus to the city center, which is about 30 kilometers away.
  • By bus: Dalat Lam Dong Vietnam is well connected to other cities in Vietnam by bus. There are regular buses from Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Nha Trang, and other major cities. The bus journey may take several hours, depending on the distance and the route. 
  • By motorbike: If you are an adventure seeker, you can rent a motorbike in Ho Chi Minh City or Nha Trang and ride all the way to Dalat. The journey may take several hours, but it is a great way to experience the beauty of Vietnam's countryside.
  • By car: You can also hire a private car with a driver from Ho Chi Minh City or Nha Trang to take you to Dalat. It is more expensive than the other modes of transportation, but visiting Dalat, Vietnam by car offers greater comfort and flexibility.
Da Lat Vietnam

2.2. How to move around in Dalat?

Getting around in Dalat, Vietnam is fairly easy and convenient. Visitors can choose from a range of options, such as renting a motorbike, hiring a taxi, taking a bus, or booking a private tour. Walking is also a good way to explore the city center, especially around Xuan Huong Lake and Dalat Market. However, it is important to note that traffic can be busy and chaotic, so caution is advised when crossing roads or driving.

3. What to see in Dalat, Vietnam? – Top 10 outstanding tourist attractions

3.1. Xuan Huong Lake

  • Address: Yersin Street, Ward 1

Nestled in the heart of Dalat, Vietnam, Xuan Huong Lake is a serene oasis that provides respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. The lake is named after the famous Vietnamese poet and novelist Xuan Huong and is surrounded by verdant pine forests and gardens. 

Visitors can relax on one of the many benches lining the lake, enjoy a cup of coffee at a nearby cafe, or take a scenic boat ride across the tranquil waters. With its peaceful atmosphere and breathtaking views, Xuan Huong Lake is an ideal spot for nature lovers and romantics alike.

Da Lat Vietnam

3.2. Lam Vien Square

  • Address: Tran Quoc Toan Street, Ward 10

Lam Vien Square is a bustling public space located in the center of Dalat, Vietnam. This spacious square is a hub of Dalat activities, hosting a variety of events and festivals throughout the year. Visitors can enjoy street performances, live music, and colorful light shows, or simply relax on one of the many benches and people-watch. 

With its vibrant atmosphere and stunning architecture, Lam Vien Square is one of the best places to visit in Dalat, Vietnam for anyone looking to experience the energy and culture of this city.

3.3. Dalat Cathedral

  • Address: No. 15, Tran Phu Street

Dalat Cathedral is a stunning example of French colonial architecture located in the heart of Dalat, Vietnam. This iconic landmark features a striking pink facade and soaring spires that dominate the city skyline. Inside, visitors can admire the intricate details of the cathedral's interior, including the intricately carved pulpit, stained-glass windows, and ornate altars. 

The cathedral is an active place of worship, and visitors are welcome to attend a mass or simply take a moment to reflect in this peaceful and sacred space. With its stunning architecture and serene atmosphere, Dalat Cathedral is a must-see on the Dalat, Vietnam map for anyone interested in exploring the history and culture of this charming city.

Da Lat Vietnam

3.4. Domaine de Marie Church

  • Address: No. 1, Ngo Quyen Street

Domaine de Marie Church is a charming Catholic church located in Dalat, Vietnam. The Domaine de Marie Church is also home to a convent and a small museum, which showcase the life and work of the church's founder, a French nun named Marie-Amélie.

Built in 1940, the church is known for its distinctive pink brick exterior and Gothic architecture. The church's tranquil setting amidst pine forests and gardens makes it a popular destination for visitors seeking a peaceful retreat. During Dalat, Vietnam travel to this spot, visitors can explore the church's interiors, which include intricate stained-glass windows and stunning murals, or simply admire the stunning architecture from the outside. 

3.5. Bao Dai Palaces

  • Address: 
    • Bao Dai Palace I: Tran Quang Dieu Street
    • Bao Dai Palace II: No. 12, Tran Hung Dao Street
    • Bao Dai Palace III: No. 1, Trieu Viet Vuong Street

Bao Dai Palaces are a series of stately homes located in Dalat, Vietnam, once belonging to the last Emperor of Vietnam, Bao Dai. The palaces feature a unique blend of French colonial and Vietnamese architectural styles and are surrounded by manicured gardens and lush forests. 

Visitors can explore the ornate interiors of the palaces, which include lavish furnishings, priceless artwork, and royal artifacts, or stroll through the stunning gardens that surround the property. The Bao Dai Palaces are a fascinating glimpse into Vietnam's rich history and provide visitors with an opportunity to experience the opulence and grandeur of a bygone era.

Da Lat Vietnam

3.6. Dalat Night Market

  • Address: Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street

Visiting Dalat Night Market is one of the top things to do in Dalat, Vietnam. It opens from around 6 p.m. until midnight. The market offers a wide range of local products such as clothing, accessories, handicrafts, and souvenirs. Visitors can also find a variety of food stalls serving Vietnamese street foods and Dalat specialties. The vibrant atmosphere of the night market, along with the delicious food and unique shopping experience, make it one of the best places to enjoy Dalat, Vietnam nightlife.

3.7. Dalat Railway Station

  • Address: No. 1, Quang Trung Street
Da Lat Vietnam

The Dalat Railway Station is an iconic landmark that serves as a testament to the city's colonial history. Constructed in the 1930s, the station showcases a unique fusion of French and Art Deco architecture, attracting enthusiasts of both history and design. It is the point of departure for a picturesque journey to Trai Mat, a small village located nearby. 

The station boasts elaborate interiors, featuring vintage decor, intricate mosaics, and exquisite stained-glass windows, which are sure to fascinate visitors. The Dalat Railway Station is a highly recommended destination for anyone who wishes to explore the charming city's rich heritage, breathtaking architecture, and beautiful surroundings.

3.8. Valley of Love

  • Address: No. 5-7, Mai Anh Dao Street
Da Lat Vietnam

The Valley of Love is surrounded by beautiful hills and features a tranquil lake, lush gardens, and picturesque walking trails that offer stunning views of the surroundings. 

Visitors can indulge in a variety of activities such as boating, horseback riding, or simply relaxing in the many shaded areas of the park. With its serene ambiance, breathtaking scenery, and an array of activities, the Valley of Love is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Dalat city in Vietnam.

3.9. Lang Biang Mountain

  • Address: Lac Duong Town, Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province
Da Lat Vietnam

Lang Biang is a towering mountain that rises more than 2,000 meters above sea level. The peak provides an awe-inspiring vista of the surrounding countryside, attracting both nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. A variety of activities can be enjoyed, including trekking, camping, and paragliding. 

The journey to the top is a delightful experience with picturesque scenery, quaint villages, and diverse flora and fauna. The mountain summit presents a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and its surroundings, making it one of the top sights for Dalat, Vietnam tourism.

3.10. Truc Lam Zen Monastery

  • Address: Truc Lam Yen Tu Street
Da Lat Vietnam

Truc Lam Zen Monastery is a beautiful Buddhist temple located amidst a serene pine forest. The temple showcases exquisite architecture, scenic views, and a serene ambiance that provides an ideal setting for meditation and rejuvenation. 

Visitors can explore the various halls and pagodas, appreciate the intricate artwork and sculptures, and walk through the beautiful surrounding gardens. Truc Lam Zen Monastery is the perfect destination for anyone seeking spirituality, inner peace, and a deeper understanding of Buddhism.

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4. What to eat on your food tour in Dalat, Vietnam?

Dalat is known for its rich culinary culture. Whether you are a foodie looking to explore new flavors or simply seeking a taste of authentic local cuisine, do not miss out on the following Dalat, Vietnam foods: 

  • Banh trang nuong: a crispy and savory grilled rice paper dish that is typically loaded with minced pork, quail eggs, and green onions.
  • Sua dau nanh: a refreshing and healthy soy milk drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold. It is made by blending soaked soybeans with water, sugar, and sometimes pandan leaves for flavor.
Da Lat Vietnam
  • Lau ga la e: A hotpot dish made with fresh chicken, an assortment of vegetables, and the flavorful “lá é” leaves (Gastrodia Tuber), which are known for their medicinal properties. The soup is light and aromatic and can be served with rice noodles or steamed rice.
  • Banh can: A savory Vietnamese pancake made of rice flour, tapioca flour, and coconut milk, filled with minced pork, shrimp, and spring onions. It is cooked in small clay pots over a charcoal stove and served with a sweet and sour fish sauce.
  • Nem nuong: A grilled pork sausage served with fresh herbs, lettuce, and rice paper. The sausage is made from minced pork, garlic, sugar, and fish sauce and is grilled over hot charcoal. 
Da Lat Vietnam
  • Banh mi xiu mai: A Vietnamese sandwich filled with meatballs, a tomato-based sauce, and pickled vegetables. Despite appearing less in the Dalat, Vietnam travel guide than other delicacies, its unique combination of flavors and textures makes it a must-try dish in Dalat.
  • Kem bo: A popular dessert in Dalat, Vietnam that features creamy, rich, and refreshing coconut ice cream served with various toppings such as peanuts and sticky rice.

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5. Things to notice when traveling to Dalat, Vietnam

  • What to wear in Dalat, Vietnam? 

It is advisable to wear warm clothes and scarves during the evening and bring a foldable hat and umbrella to deal with unpredictable weather changes. Wearing soft shoes is recommended for comfortable travel on mountainous terrain.

Da Lat Vietnam
  • Where to stay in Dalat, Vietnam?

The city has various accommodation options, from budget-friendly hotels in Dalat, Vietnam to luxury resorts. Visitors can choose to stay in the city center or in the surrounding countryside, with many options offering scenic views and easy access to popular attractions.

  • Driving in Dalat

Though the traffic in the city is clear with no traffic lights, the roads to Dalat, Vietnam attractions can be difficult, so it is best to drive carefully.

  • Shopping in Dalat, Vietnam

To prevent overpaying, always check prices before buying or eating at markets and tourist areas. 

Apart from Dalat, Vietnam, this country is also home to many unmissable attractions, including Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Ha Long. Each with its own unique charm can easily captivate travelers’ hearts from the very first look.

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Da Lat Vietnam

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Dalat, Vietnam is a charming destination that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and outdoor activities. From exploring stunning natural settings to enjoying delicious local cuisine, there is no shortage of things to do and see in this beautiful mountain town. A visit to Dalat is truly a memorable experience that should not be missed.

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