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Hon Chong Promontory - The exotic beauty of rocks in Nha Trang

12/01/2024 20.103

When visiting Hon Chong Promontory, tourists are initially intrigued by the exotic appearance and mysterious layout of rocks or enchanted by the pristine beauty of Hon Chong Beach. However, there is more to Hon Chong that will surely make you gasp. Check out this article to discover all the things you need to know about this mystic land.

Hon Chong Promontory

Granted by Mother Nature a mysterious beauty, Hon Chong Promontory strikes every visitor at first sight. The mountain fringes, crystal clear waters and magnificent clusters of rocks altogether create a heaven-like destination for your thrilling vacation. From Hon Chong, tourists can visit a multitude of famous attractions in Nha Trang or enjoy numerous outdoor activities in the vicinity.

1. Overview of Hon Chong Beach Nha Trang

1.1. Location of Hon Chong Beach 

Located about 4 kilometers northeast from Nha Trang city center, right at the foot of La San Hill, Hon Chong boasts a large area of rocks with a variety of unique shapes lying on the shore. It is surrounded by the mountains and highlighted by the serene beach with an incredible shade of gentle blue.

Hon Chong Promontory

Hon Chong Beach is sheltered from the impact of the wind and typhoons by several multi-sized islands offshore. Hence, it is considered a safe place for tourists to visit.

Hon Chong Promontory comprises two clusters of rocks. One is called Hon Chong (meaning “Husband” in Vietnamese) and the other is Hon Vo (meaning “Wife” in Vietnamese). Hon Chong cluster is the larger one which features an intriguing giant five-fingered hand embedded on a boulder.

Hon Chong Promontory

According to a folktale that has been passed down for generations, when a giant man was fishing there, a giant fish swallowed the bait and pulled him away. The man tried to pull himself back while tightly holding a fishing-rod in one hand by pressing the other hand against a boulder, which left the nowaday easily-seen imprint.

Notably, the layout of rocks at Hon Chong is rather unusual. The stones naturally sit on one another, which creates layers of rocks that can withstand the fierceness of the climate and the sea for years to come. Additionally, at Hon Chong Promontory Nha Trang, you will find two rocks standing upright with another big rock stuck in between that looks like a big stone gate.

Hon Chong Promontory

Situated to the east of the hillfoot is Hon Vo with a smaller  cluster of rocks facing the ocean.

Hon Chong Promontory

1.2. Opening hours in Hon Chong Beach

Hon Chong Beach Nha Trang is open for visitors from 7am to 7pm every day. As a must-visit tourist destination in Nha Trang, it welcomes several tourists daily, and it is usually most crowded between 4-5 pm. Therefore, it is advisable that you plan your itinerary properly to avoid the crowds and be able to explore the entire seduction of Hon Chong Promontory Vietnam.

1.3. Ticket price to Hon Chong Beach Nha Trang

The entrance fee to Hon Chong beach is free but if you want to climb the rock, the ticket price is currently 22,000 VND/adult and 11,000 VND/child. With such a reasonably affordable ticket price, you can contemplate the completely spectacular yet romantic surrounds of Hon Chong Beach Nha Trang that will surely exceed your expectations. From the rock, you will enjoy a picturesque view of neighboring islets and the crescent-shaped Nha Trang Beach.

Hon Chong Promontory

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2. When is the best time to visit Hon Chong Promontory?

Hon Chong Nha Trang is an idyllic spot for those longing for a temporary escape from all the bustle and hustle of daily life. The best time to visit Hon Chong is December and May. In these months, the ideal weather conditions along with the resonance of a pretty stretch of golden sand, exotic rocks, calm waters and densely mountained fringes will make Hon Chong a dream-like destination for every visitor.

Hon Chong Promontory

3. How to get to Hon Chong Beach Nha Trang?

Once moving past Tran Phu and Pham Van Dong road, you will see Hon Chong promontory Vietnam on your right. Tourists can get there by any means of transport such as:

  • By taxi: Just a five-minute drive from Po Nagar Cham Towers.
  • By bus: A two-hour drive from Rach Gia’s central bus station.
  • By motorbike: You can go to Hon Chong Promontory by motorbike but it is not recommended if you go with kids or the elderly as it will take more time and the road is a bit rough.
Hon Chong Promontory

4. Must-try activities in Hon Chong Promontory Nha Trang

Hon Chong Beach Nha Trang features calm tropical waters, large stony outcroppings stretching out into the sea and  swaying rows of palm trees lying all around the beach. This combination truly makes for a fun-filled and exotic vacation experience. At Hon Chong Promontory Vietnam, tourists have the chance to try a myriad of activities. Here are a few unmissables:

4.1. Take fabulous photo shots at nearby tourist attractions

When visiting Hon Chong Nha Trang, you are not only immersed in its natural beauty complimented by unique rock clusters but also captivated by some nearby attractions such as Hon Yen, Cang Cau Da, Hon Tre, Hon Do and Co Tien Mountain. With the unspoiled yet stunning beauty of the rocks, beach, mountain and golden sand, feel free to try any pose to create a perfect Instagram shot or memorable selfie to flaunt with your friends and family back home.

Hon Chong Promontory

4.2. Enjoy outdoor activities at Hon Chong Beach

Indulging yourself in crystal clear waters while soaking in the heaven-like beauty of Hon Chong is ideal for those up for some swimming. The gentle waves at low tide together with the turquoise cool water will carry away all of the dust and nuisance that disturb your relaxation. Besides, sitting on the rock fishing, strolling along the coast, climbing the rocks or watching breathtaking sunrise and sunset are other fantastic activities you should try once in your journey at Hon Chong Beach.

Hon Chong Promontory

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4.3. Visit Hoi Quan Hon Chong Nha Trang

On the way leading to Hon Chong, you will come across a unique Hue-nha-ruong-styled architecture which is called Hoi Quan Vinh Nha Trang. It houses many relics and photos of Hon Chong and other attractions in Nha Trang.

Hon Chong Promontory

Strikingly, Hoi Quan Hon Chong Nha Trang has a space for demonstration of Vietnamese traditional musical instruments like dan tranh, dan nhi, dan da,…that attracts many visitors. The beautiful timbre coming from these instruments seems to alleviate all the tension and tiredness of the audience and for a moment, reminds them of the long-established cultural value of generations of Vietnamese people.

4.4. Visit the fishing village and experience the life of the local fishermen 

Every morning the locals will gather at the beach to welcome the fishing boats back to the shore. The waters glistening in the sun and several boats from afar approaching in the appraisals of the locals create a vivid scene of the typical life of the local fishermen. Tourists can accompany the indigenous people to try this invaluable experience.

Hon Chong Promontory

A variety of fresh seafood such as crabs, fish, shrimps,… is loaded on the boats. You can try removing these sea creatures from the fishing net with the locals by hand. If you are a fan of seafood, you can buy fresh and cheap seafood right after it is unloaded from the boats. At low tide, tourists can also follow the fishermen to collect seaweed or catch snails along the coast at Hon Chong Nha Trang.

4.5. Visit the coffee shops at Hon Chong Nha Trang

If you feel fed up with the busy lifestyle of the crowded city, you can retreat to the tranquil coffee shops near Hon Chong Promontory Nha Trang for a change of environment. Sipping a cup of your favorite coffee while contemplating a beautiful view of the sea and listening to the symphony of lapping waves truly creates a relaxing atmosphere ideal for reading books or gossiping with friends.

Hon Chong Promontory

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5. Where to stay when traveling to Hon Chong Promontory?

Nha Trang is reputed as the paradise for holidaymakers. Breathtaking tourist destinations, world-class accommodations and luxury services: Nha Trang has them all. Therefore, if you are looking for a place to stay when traveling to Hon Chong, there are a vast selection of hotels, resorts and homestays for you to choose from.

Here are some of the best Nha Trang hotels and resorts for your vacation:

Hon Chong Promontory
  • In the center of Nha Trang City: Situated 6 kilometers away from Hon Chong, Vinpearl Beachfront Nha Trang takes pride in delivering unforgettable experiences to their customers. In addition to modernly designed rooms with a panoramic view of the city, Vinpearl Beachfront Nha Trang also offers visitors an all-in-one service including premium restaurants, bars and other entertainment facilities which is sure to fit every need. Thanks to their prime location, from Vinpearl Beachfront Nha Trang, tourists can easily get access to every popular tourist attraction and entertainment hub to enjoy the vibrance of life in Nha Trang.

>>> Book rooms at Vinpearl Beachfront Nha Trang with the BEST price

Hon Chong Promontory

>>> Book tickets to VinWonders Nha Trang for your fun-filled vacation HERE

Hon Chong Promontory

>>> If you are looking for exceptional experiences when traveling to Hon Chong, entrust Vinpearl Nha Trang with your dream-like accommodations

Meticulously crafted by Mother Nature, Hon Chong Promontory possesses an untamed yet romantic beauty that can hardly be found anywhere else. With all the interesting information about Hon Chong Nha Trang herein, we hope you will have a good preparation for your upcoming vacation.

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