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Top 10+ iconic Da Nang foods you must try on your first trip

10/01/2024 94.886

Da Nang food mostly has the outstanding features of the Central cuisine of Vietnam. This is the reason why many tourists cannot resist enjoying it during their trips to this coastal city.

Da Nang food

Da Nang food is diverse because there are not only local dishes but also well-known ones from the nearby provinces. Therefore, Da Nang is considered as a representative of the rich culinary heritage of Vietnam’s Central region. To be well-prepared for your upcoming tour to this beautiful city, read this article to find out the best foods to enjoy!

1. A suggestion of 10+ best foods in Da Nang you should try once

Besides paying visit to some renowned destinations, you should not forget to enjoy the tasty Da Nang foods as below:

1.1. Banh Nam, Banh Bot Loc

Banh Nam and Banh Bot Loc are two kinds of rice dumpling cakes which are extremely famous in Da Nang. Their outer layers are made of rice flour to cover the fillings which include shrimp and pork. After being fully shaped, the raw cakes will be placed on banana leaves and put into food steamers to be cooked.

Many people are attached to the glutinous texture of these cakes. When eating them, you will feel like they are melting in your mouth. To heighten the taste and make the cakes more savory, a drop of fish sauce will be a perfect addition. These Da Nang foods are relatively cheap and you can easily find them anywhere in the city. 

Da Nang food

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1.2. Sliced pork rolled with rice paper - A must-try Da Nang food

Sliced pork rolled with rice paper, or banh trang cuon thit heo in Vietnamese, is one of Da Nang best foods that tourists should try. As its name suggests, when you enjoy this dish, you need to soften the rice paper with a little water and wrap it around the pork. To bring an unforgettable taste for foodies, the cook usually chooses tender pork and cuts it into small sliced pieces.

Like many other specialties in Vietnam, this Da Nang food comes with plenty of herbs and vegetables such as lettuces, corianders, basils, sliced cucumbers, sliced green mangos,... In addition, the sweet and sour fish sauce is a must if you want to balance the fat of the pork with the freshness of the greens.

Da Nang food

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​​​​​​​1.3. Nem Tre (Fermented pork roll) - An excellent choice of Da Nang street food

Nem Tre is not only an appetizing dish to enjoy on your Da Nang trip but also a specialty that you should bring home as a gift. It is made from pork rinds, pig’s ears, nape fat, lean pork and beef. These ingredients are mixed with anchovy sauce, Ly Son garlic and galangal. After that, the mixture will be fermented for some days to have the richest flavor.

When eating this Da Nang food, you will feel the chewy taste of the meat and the rind as well as the unique harmonization of all the spices. Normally, Da Nang people will serve this dish with pickled green papaya and carrot, along with other herbs, to bring to tourists an unforgettable flavor that cannot be found anywhere else.

Da Nang food

1.4. Duck porridge

Duck porridge is an extremely nutritious food that you should not miss out on. It is made from already-roasted glutinous rice and green beans which are all stewed for hours. Grilled onion and crushed ginger are also added to make the porridge sweeter and more fragrant.

When any food lover refers to delicious dishes in Da Nang, it is impossible to ignore the rich and unique flavor of duck porridge. The weather in Da Nang is relatively cool and there is nothing better than enjoying a delicious bowl of hot duck porridge and pieces of greasy duck meat with your beloved.

Da Nang food

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1.5. Bun Mam Nem (Vermicelli salad with pork and anchovy sauce)

One of the most amazing Da Nang foods that you should put on your bucket list is Bun Mam Nem. It is a kind of vermicelli salad which is served with pork, anchovy sauce and raw vegetables. Although this dish is somewhat familiar with many gourmets, it is the unique fish sauce made by the locals that makes the taste of this dish exceptional.

Traditionally, the main ingredient of Bun Mam Nem is boiled pork. However, many eateries now replace it with roasted pork to create a modern version with more flavors. Depending on your food choices, you can always find the version of Bun Mam Nem you like on many food streets in Da Nang City.

Da Nang food

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1.6. Banh Mi - The Vietnamese baguette 

Despite not being as famous as Banh Mi in Saigon, the one in Da Nang is not inferior in terms of taste and smell. After roasting Banh Mi over a coal stove to make it crispy, the food sellers will add ingredients according to the demands of the diners. Usually, they are jambon, meat, fried egg, grilled fish cake, homemade pate, cilantro and vegetable pickles.

There are many long-standing food stalls in Da Nang which sell traditional Banh Mi for tourists. Not only known as the best places to eat this Da Nang food, these stalls also provide great backgrounds for you to take a lot of fantastic photos with your family and friends.

Da Nang food

1.7. Grilled fish cake noodles

Grilled fish cake noodles is also a must-try Da Nang food that attracts a large number of tourists during their food tours in Da Nang. It is no exaggeration to say that this dish is one of the signature dishes of Da Nang cuisine. Specifically, the fish cake is made from many kinds of fresh fish like mackerel, lizardfish or barracuda. Meanwhile, the broth is cooked with various kinds of vegetables so it is super healthy.

Thanks to these ingredients, this Da Nang local food can easily awaken your taste buds. Before eating, you should not forget to pick your favorite raw vegetables and squeeze a slice of lemon into your bowl to make this dish highly-seasoned.

Da Nang food

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1.8. Quang noodles   

Quang noodles are always listed among the top yummy Da Nang foods that tourists should not miss out on. A full bowl of this food includes noodles, shrimp, pork, grilled rice paper, roasted peanuts,... It is soused in a broth made from bones which is very sweet and fragrant. The chewy, crispy noodles with golden color from turmeric are always the highlight of this dish. 

This dish is tastiest when it is served with basil, coriander and sliced banana flower. These herbs will add freshness to your bowl and make it unforgettable. Furthermore, a little chili sauce will give you a kick to the boldness of flavor. In Da Nang, you can enjoy Quang noodles without any hassle while walking along the streets.

Da Nang food

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1.9. Banh Dap

Banh Dap is actually a steamed rice pancake with an extra layer of grilled rice paper outside. Due to this crispy outer layer, you need to break the cake into pieces when you eat it. That is the reason why it is named “Banh Dap” because “break” means “dap” in Vietnamese. Inside this Da Nang food, you can see minced green onion, fried shallot and dried shrimp which are spread over the cake.

Although Banh Dap is a rustic food, it leaves a distinctive taste for those who have enjoyed it, even on their first time. The feature of this dish is the fish sauce. To harmonize the flavors, the cook will put minced pineapples, fried onions, a little cooking oil and sugar in the sauce. If you like spiciness, you can add a little chili sauce to suit your taste.

Da Nang food

1.10. Cao Lau

Cao Lau is a specialty that any tourist must try once when arriving in Da Nang City. This dish is famous for its complexity in processing, yet, that is the reason why it is loved by many people and appears in most Da Nang food markets.

At first glance, Cao Lau looks like Quang noodles. However, the noodles in Cao Lau are Japanese udon noodles which are bigger than normal noodles. This dish also has shrimp, pork and raw vegetables. However, there is very little broth which gives Cao Lau a distinct flavor.

Da Nang food

1.11. Banh Xeo (Pancake)

Banh Xeo is a popular dish in the South and Central of Vietnam, especially Da Nang. Its appearance will immediately impress you for the first look while its flavor will knock you out for the first try. Therefore, don’t forget to enjoy some plates of Banh Xeo with your friends in your upcoming trip to Da Nang.

A super-thin and crispy layer of Banh Xeo is made from rice flour, turmeric and coconut milk. Shrimp, beansprouts, pork, mushrooms and sliced onions are stuffing ingredients which make this Da Nang food perfect. Especially, you cannot stop the craving if it is served right after leaving the pan - when it is the most crispy.

Da Nang food

1.12. Avocado ice cream

Avocado ice cream is one of the favorite dishes in Da Nang, especially on hot days, thanks to its sweet, fatty but cool taste. Unlike the ice cream in Da Lat, this Da Nang food is a combination of many ingredients. Usually, a thick scoop of avocado is layered with coconut ice-cream, and then sprinkled with toasted coconut or jackfruit flakes. After being put in the mouth, the cream will melt immediately but still retain the sweetness.

Da Nang food

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1.13. Durian sweet gruel - An exemplary dessert of Da Nang cuisine

If you want to find a dessert to complete your food tour in Da Nang, durian sweet gruel is a great choice. It has an eye-catching color which is created by many ingredients like durian, jelly, jackfruit, coconut milk,... Among them, durian is the prominent one that brings the sweetness and fragrance to the gruel.

Da Nang food

To elevate your experience, you can combine Da Nang and the neighboring Hoi An into a single tour. The historical charm of the ancient town is definitely not to be missed during your visit to Central Vietnam. In Hoi An, you can also unwind in luxury at Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An to immerse yourself in the blend of heritage and comfort. 

Also, to add a touch of excitement in Hoi An, don't miss out on VinWonders Nam Hoi An for a dose of thrilling entertainment. The journey from Da Nang to Hoi An will guarantee an extraordinary vacation with lasting memories.

Da Nang food


Da Nang food

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Da Nang is really a paradise for food lovers. The list of Da Nang foods seems to be endless because the cuisine here is extremely diverse. Hopefully, this article will give you useful information about what to eat in Danang and where to enjoy them. 

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