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What to buy in Da Nang: 7 highly recommended things for your shopping

02/01/2024 115.522

What to buy in Da Nang receives much concern from tourists who are planning to travel to the city. Therefore, it is worth reading the article below to find out what and where to purchase in Da Nang.

What to buy in Da Nang

Da Nang is a popular tourist destination in Vietnam. After each trip, visitors are usually concerned about what to buy in Da Nang for their friends or relatives. The information below will provide you with regional specialties and meaningful souvenirs as well as where to buy them. 

1. What to buy in Da Nang? – Fresh seafood

Fresh seafood is an indispensable option when trying Da Nang cuisine. You can buy many kinds of fresh seafood in Da Nang, such as fish, shrimp, squid, and crab. They can be quickly cooked in various ways, including grill, steam, etc. 

To purchase high-quality seafood in Da Nang, visitors should visit Da Nang markets. Customers can find fresh seafood that has just been caught from the sea, with varying prices for every budget. In case you travel by plane, remember to ask retailers to carefully package it. 

What to buy in Da Nang

2. Dried seafood – A great choice for your shopping in Da Nang Vietnam

If you are not sure about what to buy in Da Nang, make sure to buy dried seafood. Here are suggestions for some popular kinds of dried seafood you should purchase: 

  • Half-dried squid: After being caught and cleaned, fresh squids will be dried under the sun to preserve their freshness and softness. The price ranges from about VND 450,000 - 700,000 VND/ kilogram.
  • Half-dried mackerel: Half-dried mackerel has a sweet taste and unique flavor. It can be cooked with ketchup or rimmed with ginger fish sauce to remove the fishy odor, but maintain its flavor. The price is roughly 300,000 VND/ kilogram.
  • Dried stingray: Dried stingray is a delicious and affordable specialty. The fresh stingrays are caught and cleaned, then marinated with spices before being dried. The price is about 320,000 VND/ kilogram.

Among many locations offering dried seafood in Da Nang, Con Market is the most famous name. This place provides all kinds of goods, but the most prominent area is still where dried seafood is sold. You can find any type of specialty and even directly enjoy those dishes here.

What to buy in Da Nang

3. Beef-bologna – One of the best things to buy in Da Nang

Vietnamese Beef bologna, also known as Vietnamese cha bo, is a distinctive Vietnamese food. It is a type of sausage made from fresh beef, chopped and marinated with various spices, such as fish sauce, sugar, pepper, and spring onions, then wrapped in banana leaves. Its mildly spicy taste and the aroma of the leaves make it an impressive gift for friends and family. Vietnamese cha bo is easily found in Da Nang markets, supermarkets, and convenience stores. The best price for quality cha bo ranges from 280,000 - 350,000 VND/ kilogram.  

What to buy in Da Nang

4. Pineapple ginseng tea

Vietnam is known for its diverse and unique tea culture. While the North is well-known for Thai Nguyen tea, the Central area is famous for aromatic pineapple ginseng tea. It is made from many different herbs that have multiple health benefits, especially improving sleep quality. It has a uniquely delicious taste due to its mild sweetness, so many tourists consider it a good choice to buy. The price varies depending on the quality of the tea leaves, ranging from 75,000 - 200,000 VND/ 500 grams. 

What to buy in Da Nang

5. Sesame cake – A famous food in Da Nang

Sesame Cake is a highly recommended product to buy when you come to Da Nang. Handmade sesame cakes are produced from simple ingredients, such as sesame, rice, sugar, and ginger. 

Of all the many locations selling sesame cake, Da Nang night markets are among the most popular locations. Visitors are offered many shopping opportunities thanks to the huge selection of goods. To find the best sesame cake, you should choose products from the "Ba Lieu" brand. The price is incredibly affordable, only 40,000 VND for 250 grams.

What to buy in Da Nang

6. Peanut candy – A renowned specialty of Da Nang

Another worth-purchasing product in Da Nang is peanut candy. It is made from many ingredients, including malt, peanuts, sugar, and sesame. What makes the candy stand out is the rich, nutty taste of peanuts, the chewiness of malt, and the slight aroma of sesame. The price of peanut candy ranges from 15,000 - 65,000 VND, with different sizes that cater to all preferences.

What to buy in Da Nang

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7. Many types of souvenirs

  • Non la (conical hat): The Vietnamese conical hat represents the elegance of Vietnamese women, and is an essential part of Vietnamese people’s daily lives. Some tourists choose a conical hat as an accessory to have beautiful pictures. Conical hats can be found everywhere in the city, with prices from 15,000 - 20,000 VND/ hat.
  • Marble products: In Da Nang, marble products are widely available and of excellent quality. The products are diverse, ranging from statues and jewelry to stone tables, chairs, and feng shui mascots. They all have different prices, depending on their sizes, colors, and materials. 
What to buy in Da Nang
  • Handcrafted product: Da Nang is home to many skillful artisans. They produce numerous handicrafts in various shapes, sizes, and materials. The most popular items are handmade ceramic cups, glasses, and plates decorated with iconic Da Nang landmarks or symbols like bridges, museums, etc. The price of handcrafted products may vary, so you should ask sellers for details. 
  • Ao Dai: Ao Dai, a traditional costume representing the beauty of Vietnamese women, is usually worn on special occasions. Therefore, Ao Dai becomes a very meaningful present. The price of Ao Dai is also different, depending on the fabrics, patterns, and sewing techniques. 

Among many addresses selling the above products in Da Nang, Bac My An Market is a recommended location. This market is considered a shopping paradise, offering various items at a surprisingly reasonable price. 

What to buy in Da Nang

This article is a detailed guide for you to know more about what to buy in Da Nang and where to get them. Remember to include suggested names and locations in your note. You will surely be more confident to explore the whole beautiful city without worrying about shopping for meaningful presents.

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Da Nang weather in January


Da Nang weather in January

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