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Doc Let Beach - A hidden paradise beach in Nha Trang

22/01/2024 18.309

Doc Let beach is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam thanks to its secluded serenity, lush greenery and pristine seawater. This article will give you all the information you need to know before traveling to Doc Let.

Doc Let beach

Doc Let beach (pronounced as ‘‘yop lek’’) has a long stretch of silky white sand with shallow waters suitable for timid swimmers or families with children. It is also surrounded by plenty of casuarina trees with their green leaves slowly dancing in gentle winds like a quiet eden that will definitely please nature-lovers.

1. Some highlights of Doc Let beach Vietnam 

The name ‘’Doc Let’’ originates from the fact that in order to get to the beach, you have to walk on giant high sand dunes which make you feel like you're sinking in every step you take. Local people name the beach Doc Let because they feel like they have to crawl along the endless stretches of coastal white sand. 

Featuring an unspoiled beauty with silky white sand and crystal clear water, the beach ensures you a quality time with your loved ones or even solitude in a tranquil atmosphere. Doc Let beach is a hidden-gem beach in Nha Trang because it remains untapped by tourists and Vietnamese people.  

The beach is located in Ninh Hoa town, Khanh Hoa province, around 49 kilometers away from Nha Trang city to the North. Its shoreline stretches for 6 kilometers in length. The beach waves are usually gentle and relaxing while the water slowly rises to your calves. 

Doc Let beach

2. How can you get to Doc Let beach Nha Trang ?

If you are in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you can easily get to Nha Trang city by train or airplane. Once arriving at Cam Ranh airport - Nha Trang, there are multiple means of transportation you can use to get to Doc Let beach: 

  • By bike: Depart from Tran Phu Street toward Thap Ba Ponagar => Ride along Pham Van Dong Street => Turn left to Thap Ba Street => Turn right to Lac Thien Street => Turn left to Ton Duc Thang Street => Turn right to 2/4 Street and continue to ride for about 5.3 kilometers until you reach National Highway 1A => Ride along National Highway 1A until you get to Ninh Hoa town, Banh It Pass, where there is a sign board to Hyundai Vinashin ShipBuilding factory => Doc Let Beach is to the North of the ship building factory. 
  • Bus: Catch a bus at Nha Trang Bus station, which heads to Binh Tay, Ninh Hoa town or Doc Let Tourist Area. Get off the bus at Provincial Highway 10 and walk 1,5 kilometers to Doc Let or simply grab a bike. 
Doc Let beach

3. What can you do at Doc Let beach? 

You may wonder what kind of activities that you can do at Doc Let so that you can plan and enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

3.1. Kayak, boat or waverunner rent 

It is pretty interesting to rent a boat from the local fishermen and explore the beach yourself. A lot of young people enjoy this activity at Doc Let beach as it is quite cheap to rent a boat. However, to ensure your safety, you should ask the locals to guide you and wear proper life jackets. 

Doc Let beach

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3.2. Parachuting

Parachuting is a great way to enjoy the bird view of the beach, which is very suitable for thrill seekers who are looking for more than sunbathing and romantic walks at Doc Let Beach.  

Doc Let beach

3.3. Beach camping

Doc Let beach allows tourists to camp on the beach, so you can enjoy a lovely night with your friends and loved ones on the beach at night. It is suitable for people who travel in groups or with family to strengthen the bonds. 

Doc Let beach

3.4. Visiting Ninh Thuy fishing village 

Ninh Thuy fishing village is quite close to Doc Let beach, and it is also a famous tourist attraction in Nha Trang province. The locals here are open and friendly. You can buy fresh seafood from the fishermen or join them in their daily routine to know what it feels like to live a simple and peaceful life in a coastal village. 

Doc Let beach

3.5. Visiting Hon Khoi Salt Fields

Doc Let Beach Hon Khoi Peninsula is the largest salt area (about 400 hectares) in the central region of Vietnam that appears many times in international newspapers. This place can produce 740,000,000 tons of salt per year. It is most beautiful at dawn and sunset when the whole field becomes a giant mirror reflecting glorious sky colors and people who are working on the fields.  

Doc Let beach

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3.6. Visiting Hon Heo peninsula 

If Doc Let beach is beautiful for its pristine shoreline and gorgeous view, Hon Heo island is famous not only for the beach but also its mountains. Hon Heo peninsula is only a few kilometers away from Doc Let, so it is worth including Hon Heo peninsula into your trip. 

Doc Let beach

4. Local cuisine you cannot miss when traveling to Doc Let

  • Fish vermicelli soup

Similar to other Asian countries, Vietnam has a diversity of soup food culture. Fish vermicelli soup is a mouthwatering local food in the central region of Vietnam, served originally on boats. The fragrant and clear broth with deep fried fresh fish filets will fulfill your stomach and your soul. 

Doc Let beach
  • Jellyfish vermicelli soup 

The sensation of crunchiness and the flavor of hot soup make such a perfect combination in jellyfish vermicelli soup. This dish is most famous at Doc Let beach due to its geographical condition, which has a suitable kind of jellyfish for this dish. 

Doc Let beach
  • Thick noodle soup 

This dish is another variant of fish vermicelli soup, but the noodles are thicker and more chewy. Both thick noodle soup with fish and fish vermicelli soup are delicious, beautiful and suitable for a brunch or snack in the afternoon. 

Doc Let beach
  • Dien Khanh steamed rice pancake

Dien Khanh steamed rice pancake is so different from other steamed rice pancakes in Vietnam. It is served with chives oil, fried shallot, salted shredded pork, mung bean paste and light sweet fish sauce. There are various toppings such as grilled meat, eggs, beef or pork bologna.

Doc Let beach

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5. Doc Let Beach resort & spa

Because the facilities and services are not abundant there, when it comes to Doc Let Nha Trang, it is difficult to find high-standard ones. A good trip can never be complete without high-standard hotels, therefore, it is recommended to book your accommodations at Vinpearl Nha Trang for a modern and luxury vibe. 

Doc Let beach

Vinpearl Nha Trang is a paradise resort for both entertainment and relaxation that includes 3 resorts on Hon Tre island, 1 hotel in Nha Trang city. 

Your experience will not be only limited to access to high-end pools, gyms, massage therapy at Akoya Spa, Kid’s Club at Vinpearl Nha Trang, they also offer a diversity of entertainment activities such as:

>>> Book room at Vinpearl Nha Trang here!

6. Tips for Doc Let beach traveling

  • The sunlight in central Vietnam is quite harsh, so don’t forget to bring sunscreen with you. 
  • Some of the souvenirs you can consider buying are mango soft cake, dried fishcake, arenga pinnata seeds or so on. 
  • The best time to visit Doc Let is from May to September, but you can still absolutely travel outside of such period. 
Doc Let beach

The natural scenery, untapped beauty, local lifestyle and cuisine make Doc Let beach a great travel destination. Wishing you have a joyful and memorable journey!

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