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Flowers of Vietnam: Explore the blooming seasons through 12 months

20/01/2024 27.762

Vietnam is an ideal land for flowers. The flowers of Vietnam in every season possess different charms, making this country a top place to visit for those fond of nature.

Flowers of Vietnam

Naturally blessed with pleasant tropical weather and fertile land, Vietnam provides the ideal habitat for plants and flowers. The flowers of Vietnam are beautiful all year round, from spring to winter, bringing along exquisite scenery to this land. If you are immensely fond of flowers, take a quick look at the typical flower of each month in Vietnam to better prepare for your Vietnam travel journey.

1. Flowers of Vietnam in January: Peach blossom and yellow apricot

In January, Vietnam is filled with the joyful vibe of the Lunar New Year (Tet Holiday). The air of spring makes this period the perfect time for spring flowers to bloom. Regarding Vietnam Tet flower, peach blossom and yellow apricot are the two symbolic flowers of Vietnam during this holiday.

1.1. Peach blossom in North Vietnam

In northern cities, January marks the end of winter. When the weather gets warmer, peach blossoms start to bloom. When spring comes to town, new and splendid pink flowers and green leaves cover the trees. When the flower gardens and streets in the northern region are dotted with the pink color of peach blossoms, you will realize that spring has come. 

If you are taking a trip to the North during this period, head to the flower gardens to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of peach blossoms and other Vietnam Tet flowers. Moreover, you can visit a Vietnam flower market to buy yourself a nice branch of peach blossom. It is a local custom to have this flower in the house during Tet, since peach blossom in Vietnamese culture is believed to bring along happiness, peace, and good health to the family. 

Flowers of Vietnam

1.2. Apricot flower in Southern Vietnam

If peach blossom is the symbol of Tet in the North, yellow apricot is a must-have flower during the Lunar New Year in the South. Apricot flowers are said to symbolize luck, love, health, and wealth. Similar to peach blossoms, the southern people often pick the leaves of apricot trees around 2 weeks before Tet, so that the flowers could fully bloom during the first days of the year. 

Apricot flowers have a bright yellow color and a lovely mild scent. While other flowers are preferred to be fully bloomed before Tet, apricot is expected by the southern people to flourish on the first days of the holiday. A beautiful apricot tree must have both bloomed flowers and flower buds.

You can pay a visit to a Vietnam flower market in Ho Chi Minh City or a flower garden in the Mekong Delta to watch the splendid beauty of apricot flowers.

2. February: Plum blossom

The iconic flowers of Vietnam in February are plum blossoms (hoa mận). The northwestern mountainous provinces and cities, namely Moc Chau and Sapa, are the best places for tourists to see the pristine beauty of this flower. During this time of the year, plum blossoms dye the whole region white. 

Plum blossoms tend to bloom during the last days of February, when it is no longer too cold in Northern Vietnam. If the weather is fine, the flower will bloom continuously for 7-10 days. Hillside villages are covered with a flawless white hue at this time. 

Flowers of Vietnam

This month is the perfect time for travelers who want to explore the untouched beauty of the mountainous areas in Northern Vietnam. You can pay a visit to a less-known ethnic village to watch the beautiful white plum blossoms while breathing in the fresh and chilly air. If you are a photography enthusiast, don’t forget to bring a good camera to capture the jaw-dropping scenery here.

3. March: Mountain ebony and red silk-cotton flowers

Regarding flowers of Vietnam in March, mountain ebony flower (hoa ban) and red silk-cotton flower (hoa gạo) are two popular flowers in Vietnam that flower lovers should not miss out on. 

3.1. Mountain ebony flower

Mountain ebony flower is another symbol of the northwestern region of Vietnam. It is also commonly seen in Hanoi. You can easily catch sight of this flower when you wander around Ba Dinh Square in Hanoi or visit the tourist attractions in the northern mountainous region in March. 

Flowers of Vietnam

Blossoming between February and March, the white, red, and violet of “hoa ban” can lighten up the surroundings, capturing the hearts of any passer-bys. If you visit Bac Son Street near Ba Dinh Square during the blooming season, you can see large flocks of local youngsters and tourists standing nearby mountain ebony trees to take photos. 

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3.2. Red silk cotton flower

Another enchanting flower that blooms in March is “hoa gạo” - red silk-cotton flower. It is considered the typical flower of Hanoi’s suburban districts. When March comes, the leaves fall down, leaving the tree only with red silk-cotton flowers in full bloom. 

Red silk-cotton flowers can be seen at many famous Hanoi attractions, such as Hoan Kiem Lake, the National Museum of History, Thay Pagoda, and especially Huong Pagoda in My Duc District. It will be a great experience to sit on a boat and contemplate the perfect blend of the flowers’ red and the mountains’ green while heading to one of the most famous spiritual destinations in Vietnam. 

Flowers of Vietnam

4. April: Pinkster flower and white lily

April marks the very first days of summer in Vietnam. Pinkster flowers and lilies are the two typical flowers of Vietnam in April. 

4.1. Lily

In contrast to the vibrant red of red silk-cotton flowers, April brings the seductive pure color of white lilies. Shaped like the trumpet of a saxophone, lilies hold an elegant beauty that you can’t help yourself from falling in love with. 

Tourists can easily catch sight of street vendors carrying bunches of white lilies along the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam. White petals gently bunched together neatly on the back of a bike is a remarkable image that only Hanoi has. Like other flowers of Vietnam, the simple and pure white of this flower has won the hearts of both locals and tourists. 

Flowers of Vietnam

4.2. Pinkster flower 

If you travel to Sapa or Y Ty in April, you will stand in awe when seeing the gorgeous beauty of the pinkster flower forests. Pinkster flower is a symbol of love and fidelity, also considered the queen flower of the northwestern mountainous region.

When you are on a cable car to reach Fansipan, you will have a chance to catch the bird’s eye view of the primeval forest which is dotted with the vibrant red of pinkster flowers. There are about 30 species of pinkster flowers here, bringing along a jaw-dropping landscape during April.

Flowers of Vietnam

Aside from red pinkster, there are also flowers of other colors such as light pink, white, and yellow.

5. May: Flamboyant flower and giant crape myrtle flower

Flamboyant flowers and giant crape myrtle flowers are two symbols of summer in Vietnam. These flowers of Vietnam have exceptional beauty and allure. 

5.1. Flamboyant flower

Flamboyant flower (hoa phượng) is the iconic flower of Hai Phong and Hue. Under the sun of May, the vibrant red color of this flower covers the streets of the cities with flamboyance. It is also regarded as the flower of schools, as it blooms when the school year in Vietnam ends. The image of beautiful Vietnamese schoolgirls in their “ao dai” paddling their bikes under the red flamboyant flowers has been so iconic that it appears frequently in newspapers and magazines. 

Flowers of Vietnam

5.2. Giant crape myrtle flower

Giant crape myrtle (hoa bằng lăng) is another typical flower that blooms in May in Vietnam. The striking purplish hue of this flower offers a poetic beauty to the place it blooms at. Giant crape myrtle flowers can be seen almost everywhere in Vietnam, and Hanoi is where it is most popular.

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6. June: Golden wonder tree flower

The summer in Vietnam becomes even more brilliant with the yellow hue of golden wonder tree flowers (hoa điệp vàng). This flower is very popular in June in Ho Chi Minh City. Together with flamboyant flowers and giant crape myrtle flowers, this is one of the flowers of Vietnam that symbolize schooltime. Golden wonder tree flower only blooms once a year, when it switches from the dry to the rainy season.

Flowers of Vietnam

7. July: Lotus - Vietnam’s national flower

What is the national flower of Vietnam? Lotus. 

July is the time for lotus flower Vietnam to bloom. Rising above the muddy pond, lotus symbolizes beauty, purity, commitment, grace, and fertility. The flower was voted to be the official national flower of Vietnam. 

Early in the morning, when the sun has not risen yet, Vietnamese people would sit in their boats, cut some lotus flowers to sell for early customers. Lotus appears in many significant cultural events thanks to its elegant beauty, soft fragrance, and incomparable value. Hanoi, Dong Thap, and Hue are the three best places to watch the exquisite beauty of lotus flowers of Vietnam in the blooming season.

Flowers of Vietnam

8. August: Sunflower in Vietnam

As the pink color of lotus fades, August brings along the bright yellow of sunflowers. This is one of the flowers of Vietnam that can be found almost everywhere in this S-shaped country. If you are hunting for sunflowers, head to the endless fields in Nghe An, Da Lat, or Bac Ninh. Always facing the sun, sunflowers represent dignity and the intense vitality of people.

Enormous flower fields in Nghe An and Da Lat are the favorite destination of both Vietnamese youngsters and foreign travelers. Coming here, you will be left in awe by the endless yellow fields of thousands of sunflowers. It is the ideal place for photo enthusiasts. Many Vietnamese couples also choose the sunflower fields as the background for their wedding photos.

Flowers of Vietnam

9. September: Blackboard tree flower

The list of flowers of Vietnam will never be complete without mentioning blackboard tree flower (hoa sữa) - the symbol of Hanoi's autumn.

When the autumn wind comes and brings the cold of winter to town, blackboard tree flowers start to bloom. This flower looks simple and modest, yet its beauty is incomparable. Notably, the flower also has an enchanting scent which blends perfectly with the cold wind of autumn in Hanoi, altogether creating a romantic scenery for tourists to immerse themselves in.

Flowers of Vietnam

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10. October: Buckwheat flower

Buckwheat flower (hoa tam giac mach) is the floral symbol of the mountainous areas in Northern Vietnam, especially Ha Giang Province. It has become a notable attraction of this province, together with rocky plateaus, winding roads, and terraced fields.

Buckwheat flower in Vietnam bursts into full bloom between October and November, adding more colors to the picturesque scenery of the northern mountains. The color of this flower gradually switches from white to pink and then reddish when it is mature.

There is a buckwheat flower festival that occurs in Ha Giang every October. It is a great time to visit this place to immerse yourself in the wilderness of nature here.

Flowers of Vietnam

11. November: Daisy

Daisy is a typical flower that appears in Hanoi and other northern areas in November, when the corners of the streets start to be filled with white little daisy petals. 

Daisy is the symbol of innocence and purity. If you have a trip to Hanoi during this season, pay a visit to the flower gardens in Nhat Tan to witness the beauty of this flower. 

Flowers of Vietnam

12. December: Rapeseed flower

The last to be mentioned in the list of flowers of Vietnam is rapeseed flower (hoa cải vàng), the symbol of December. To the west of Hanoi lies tens of hectares of rapeseed fields, where you can take quintessential photos of this flower. These fields used to be for agricultural purposes, but now have become crowded with tourists thanks to the irresistible beauty of rapeseed flowers, especially during the blooming season.

Flowers of Vietnam

To discover the beauty of the flowers of Vietnam with convenience, it is essential to book places to stay in advance so that you will have a smooth trip. It is recommended that you stay at Vinpearl, a reliable accommodation system with a number of luxury hotels and resorts in many famous destinations in Vietnam. 


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It is fair to say that Vietnam has a rich floral diversity. The flowers of Vietnam in each season hold different beauty, which will easily capture travelers’ hearts at first sight. Hopefully, this article will help you learn more about the iconic flowers of Vietnam. Don’t forget to visit this country to grasp their beauty with your own eyes!

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