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Almaz 2023's Exquisite Mooncake
Almaz 2023's Exquisite Mooncake

Joyful Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration with Almaz 2023's Exquisite Mooncake Collection - Longevity and Prosperity Gathering


This year's family reunion under the moon, Almaz Hanoi proudly presents the luxurious and sophisticated Mooncake Collection 2023 with a special treat - an instant 15% discount for each order placed before August 15th!

The warm moments with family and loved ones will be even more complete and memorable this Mid-Autumn Festival with the mooncake collection from the prestigious international culinary and conference center, Almaz. With the mission of bringing joy and happiness to every family, the "Longevity and Prosperity Gathering" mooncakes promise to be a premium and meaningful gift.

Almaz 2023's Exquisite Mooncake


Following the success of the 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival, Almaz Hanoi proudly introduces two unique and delicate Trung Tru Mooncake Collections for 2023, carrying profound messages. The "Lion Dance Blessings" collection sends wishes of "luck, fulfillment, and adhesive glue," while the "Mighty Dragon Prosperity" collection conveys meaningful wishes of "prosperity and lasting fortune." Each cake is made with love and respect, promising to bring the most meaningful wishes to the recipients and marking a fulfilling Mid-Autumn Festival.

Almaz 2023's Exquisite Mooncake


Moreover, to cater to every preference and customer choice, Almaz Hanoi offers a diverse selection with 5 delicate mooncake box designs and 8 premium fillings. Indulge in the unique runny egg yolk filling - Tunglok Heen's signature dish, or savor the distinctive flavors from the premium bird's nest filling - an unforgettable experience. The sophistication in each box design, crafted by the culinary artisans of Almaz Hanoi, delivers luxurious and unforgettable experiences for customers.

Enjoy 8 premium culinary fillings:

  • Roast Chicken Medley Filling
  • Special Medley Filling
  • Pineapple Macca and Salted Egg Filling
  • Coconut Milk and Jackfruit with Salted Egg Filling
  • Rum Chocolate and Raisin with Salted Egg Filling
  • Red Bean and Melon Seed with Salted Egg Filling
  • Tunglok Heen Smooth Lotus Seed Filling (+ Bird's Nest)
  • Tunglok Heen Oolong Tea Filling (+ Bird's Nest)
Almaz 2023's Exquisite Mooncake


Almaz Premium Mid-Autumn Mooncake Price List

(*Prices exclude VAT)

Cat Vuong/Khai Phuc Box (4 cakes) 698.000 VND+
Manh Long/Song Lan Box (6 cakes) 888.000 VND+
Luxury Lacquer Box (6 cakes) with optional premium tea/wine 2.500.000 VND+
Choose from 4 or 6-cake boxes from the collection with Tung Lok Heen fillings, and enjoy the Chinese culinary flavors from the world's exclusive franchise of the renowned Tunglok Heen Singapore brand:
Tung Lok Heen 4-cake Box 799.000 VND+ 
Tung Lok Heen 6-cake Box 999.000 VND+
Tung Lok Heen 4-cake Box with Bird's Nest 1.200.000 VND+
Tung Lok Heen 6-cake Box with Bird's Nest 1.699.000 VND+


Almaz 2023's Exquisite Mooncake


Exclusive Almaz Privileges & Delivery Policy:

  • 15% off for all orders placed and paid before August 15th
  • Up to 20% discount for corporate customers and bulk orders
  • 5% discount for Vinhomes residents and Pearl Club cardholders
  • Free delivery for orders within 5km, placed 24 hours in advance, and based on quantity (subject to conditions)

(*Offers cannot be combined)

Contact for consultation and orders: 024 3657 3888 - 094 9898 222

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Let Almaz Hanoi join you in spreading joy and happiness during the Mid-Autumn Festival 2023. Contact us quickly to explore the premium Mooncake Collection and share precious moments with your family and loved ones.

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