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Being the first island city in Vietnam, Phu Quoc welcomes a "storm" of investment in 2021

06/05/2021 6.901

Phu Quoc Island City - the first island city in Vietnam. This is the "crown" that Phu Quoc really deserves for its outstanding growth in recent years.

​With the opening of Phu Quoc United Center, the island is expected to be a booming tourist paradise this summer.

"A new crown" for tourism in Phu Quoc island city to thrive. 

Over the years, Phu Quoc ‘Pearl island’ has been one of the top tourist destinations in Vietnam and Asia, being blessed with a beautiful beach in the world's Top 10. Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, as of the end of November 2020, the island city hosted 3.5 million tourists, while other famous tourist cities such as Da Nang received less than 2 million.


Grand World in Phu Quoc island city is nearing completion.

Becoming the first island city in Vietnam, Phu Quoc will greatly benefit from investment policies on infrastructure such as environment, electricity and water. The transportation system will be expanded, increasing flexible connections between tourist destinations. The establishment of urban governing model will contribute to enhancing the efficiency of urban management, creating momentum for socio-economic development, attracting more investment and unlocking the tourism potential of Phu Quoc.


This is the "sufficient" condition to unleash the potential of the island city of Phu Quoc.  Like "a flying tiger " (Vietnamese idiom), Phu Quoc will become not only a tourist center as planned by the Government, but also a promising marine economic center and a destination of the region and the world.

"A pure gold mine" for real estate, tourism and retail investors.

Developing into a city also enabled Phu Quoc to expand many mechanisms. Mr. Do Thanh Binh, the Provincial Party Secretary of Kien Giang shared: “Kien Giang and relevant ministries will speed up shaping preferential policies, mechanisms and creating an open and favourable investment environment".


Currently, 47 projects in Phu Quoc have been in operation. Many of them meet international service standards of reputable investors. Particularly, in the north of the island, the super complex Phu Quoc United Center, dubbed "Leading in Asia", has come into operation.

Phu Quoc United Center attracts thousands of visitors everyday thanks to its “Fantastic Four”: semi-wild Vinpearl Safari, Asia's largest theme park VinWonders Phu Quoc, the first Corona Casino for Vietnamese citizens and forthcoming Grand World which is well planned and built according to the model of night streets such as Asiatique (Bangkok), Clark Quay (Singapore, etc, with unique architectural highlights and daily exciting shows. 

Attracting the most attention of investors is the shophouses - the only shophouse model is professionally managed and rent out by the investors. Other commercial shops at Grand World are methodically and diversely arranged. Entertainment activities and food shops take up almost 60% of the space, the rest are fashion, services, accessories ..., ensuring to meet all visitors’ needs.


In addition, many big investors are bringing new models such as Duong Dong night market, bustling K-Street- Korean cultural street with 138 Phu Quoc specialty stalls, 2,000 square meter seafood market and the Secret Light of Charm show that gives you experience of sound and light on the background of crystal art, etc.

Grand World shops have gradually been filled with bustling pubs and bars like Yolo Bar, 20th Street Pub, Prague Pub; or cuisine from Kangnam BBQ, Goong Steak & Pizza, Burger Bar, K-food ...

These world-famous brands are expected to be the "magnets" attracting customers in the island city of Phu Quoc, creating a major entertainment center of the first island city in Vietnam.


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