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Catching the sunset in 10 enchanting places of Phu Quoc

06/05/2021 22.009

The ethereal sunset view of Phu Quoc will create amazing selfies for travel-lovers!

You will regret if missing out Phu Quoc sunset views, as the sunset in Phu Quoc is such a distinctive scene that ecstasies tourists’ hearts.

1. Vinpearl Phu Quoc Resort & Golf – one of the locations for Phu Quoc stunning sunset

What can be as wonderful as watching the most beautiful sunset in Vietnam from Vinpearl Phu Quoc Resort & Golf, being immersed in the murmur of the ocean, and enjoying a romantic dinner under the sparkling candlelight on the beach? If you admire Ong Cao Thang and Dong Nhi’s romantic wedding in Phu Quoc sunset here, why don’t you come and experience the feeling once?

Hinh anh dia diem ngam hoang hon Phu Quoc dep

Vinpearl Phu Quoc Resort & Golf is located in the Bai Dai area, a 5-star standard resort that attracts tourists with its enchanted neoclassical European architecture. The broad flat beach will be an impressive background for your cool photos of Phu Quoc sunset or your outdoor BBQ parties with friends.

Enjoying the music and sunset at Phu Quoc Sunset Show

Hinh anh dia diem ngam hoang hon Phu Quoc dep

Not only having 5-star resorts, Phu Quoc - the most beautiful sunset viewing destination in Vietnam - is also leveled up with Vinpearl's music event “Sunset Show” on the beach, where you can immerse in a romantic atmosphere under the majestic 5 colored sunset, hear the whispers of the sea breeze, and enjoy love melodies next to your beloved ones. 

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phú Quốc adress: Bai Dai, Ganh Dau Commune, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province

2. OCSEN Beach Bar & Club

It is one of the young’s favourite places to watch the sunset in Phu Quoc. The place is favoured by photo-lovers, using orange pillows on the sandy beach as the main décor concept. However, the venue is not very spacious so if you like a full view of Phu Quoc sunset, come early for the best seat!

Hinh anh dia diem ngam hoang hon Phu Quoc dep

Address: 118 Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong To, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang Province

3.  Chuon Chuon Bistro & Sky Bar

If you want to watch the sunset from above, this is a not-to-be-missed location for Phu Quoc. The bar is located on the top of a hill in Duong Dong town, from which visitors can feast their eyes on the blue sea and the full sunset in a different way.

Hinh anh dia diem ngam hoang hon Phu Quoc dep

The bar has a luxurious design, majorly covered in white and surrounded with green trees. Taking a sip of wine, getting lost in a melody and wrapping yourself in the glorious sunset, you will fall in love with the place!

Address: Sao Mai Hill, 69 Tran Hung Dao, Zone 1, Duong Dong Town

4. Sunset Sanato Beach Club

Located in the West of Phu Quoc, Sunset Sanato Beach Club is an ideal place to watch the sunsets in a special way, impressing with its unique architectural features - artistic elephant statues placed along the beach and the charming heaven gate.

Hinh anh dia diem ngam hoang hon Phu Quoc dep

Address: Bac Bai Truong, Group 3, Duong Bao Hamlet, Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang Province

5. Admiring Phu Quoc sunset from Aroi Coffee & Dessert

Highly recommended for those who enjoy peaceful sunset watching time. There are quiet corners for you to chill with a drink and watch the sunset falling. Especially, the café is beautifully set up for your photos and social media check-in!

Hinh anh dia diem ngam hoang hon Phu Quoc dep

Adress: 24 Tran Hung Dao Street, Zone 1, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang Province

6. Rock Sunset Island Bar

If you are looking for an extraordinary place to watch the sunset in Phu Quoc, don’t miss out on this place. The bar is designed with a modern and luxurious style and a special corner made from glass and set up on a stone reef where you can sit and appreciate the beauty of the sunset!

Hinh anh dia diem ngam hoang hon Phu Quoc dep

Address: Hon Mong Tay, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang.

7. Shri Beach Club

Located on a 300 - meter beach along Tran Hung Dao street, the club is a luxurious and refreshing place for entertainment, check-in and Phu Quoc sunset watching

Hinh anh dia diem ngam hoang hon Phu Quoc dep

Address: Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang.

8. Dinh Cậu

This is not only a famous spiritual tourist attraction in Phu Quoc, but also known as a place to watch romantic sunset. Dinh Cau is placed on a high rise rocky cliff soaking all the brightest sunset rays!

Hinh anh dia diem ngam hoang hon Phu Quoc dep

From Dinh Cau, visitors can overlook the sea or the faraway boats, enjoying the sunset which colors the ocean 

Address: Quarter 2, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang.

9. Mong Tay Island

This famous island not only attracts tourists by its pristine beauty but also is known as a beautiful place to watch the sunset in Phu Quoc.
Mong Tay Island has not been exploited much by humans, so it remains untamed and quiet, which is very suitable for tourists who like to enjoy the sunset peacefully, away from the noise and bustle. 

Address: Duong Hoa commune, Kien Luong district, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang

10. Rach Vem Fishing Village

Phu Quoc sunset becomes simple and peaceful when viewed from this small fishing village. Just come here, choose a perfect spot to watch the sunset and the boats sailing back, that's enough for you to love this life more!

Hinh anh dia diem ngam hoang hon Phu Quoc dep

Address: Rach Vem, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang

When is the best time for Phu Quoc sunset?

According to the experience of local people, from 17:00 to 18:00 is the best time to see the most stunning sunset in Phu Quoc. At this time, the scenery is splendid, being covered in pink, purple, and blue. 

These places with picturesque Phu Quoc sunset leave visitors with unforgettable memories. If you plan to travel to Phu Quoc, do not miss the top 10 places to watch the sunset!
This Tet Holiday, enjoy a fantastic sunset and a 5-star vacation with your family at Vinpearl Phu Quoc's hotel and beach villas chain with discounts up to 40%. Book a room here.


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