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Check-in Rach Vem - Phu Quoc in the starfish season

07/05/2021 10.812

Starfishes lying under smooth sand strip and turquoise blue water will fascinate anyone who visits Rach Vem – Phu Quoc.

Rach Vem Phu Quoc fishing village is located more than 20 km from Duong Dong town to the north of the island. This place is well-known as a pristine painting of floating wooden bridges, raft houses, and as the "kingdom" of thousands of red starfish. When the season comes, red starfish come together to Rach Vem, hidden under the crystal clear water.
Besides famous Phu Quoc beaches such as Sao Beach, Long Beach, Thom Island... you can go to Rach Vem Phu Quoc in the starfish season to immerse yourself in the rustic and serene living area since the beach has only been recently discovered.

Hinh anh ngam rach vem phu quoc mua sao bien

The perfect time to see starfish in Rach Vem - Phu Quoc

The dry season from November to April is an ideal time to explore Rach Vem. At this time, the weather is excellent, with calm waves and lots of sunshine, totally perfect to enjoy the most beautiful sea scenery, and also the season when the starfish together head to Rach Vem Phu Quoc.
The rainy season from May to October, with strong waves, cloudy water, is not suitable to check in Rach Vem. If you travel this season, you cannot see the starfish, not to mention it will be challenging to visit the fishing village. If you still choose to go on this occasion, remember to check the weather forecast to prepare for your trip.

Hinh anh ngam rach vem phu quoc mua sao bien

Travel to the fishing village of Rach Vem, Phu Quoc

Transportation to Rach Vem?

You can travel by motorbike or car to Rach Vem - Phu Quoc during the starfish season. At some rest stops, motorbike rental is available at prices from 150,000 to 200,000 VND/day. In case you travel with a group or family, you can spend about 700,000 VND/day renting a car.

Road to Rach Vem, Phu Quoc

To the fishing village of Rach Vem, there are 3 main roads:
- From the center of Duong Dong: This is the most popular route, running straight towards DT973. Many tourists love this road thanks to its location near the airport, with many resorts, restaurants, eateries ...
- From Vinpearl Phu Quoc: Head back to Duong Dong town, turn left at the intersection near Cua Can bridge.
- From Thanh Thoi ferry: This road is for those who come to Phu Quoc island by ferry from Ha Tien. After that, turn right to Duong Dong, Thom beach and then Suoi Cai junction.
All these routes lead to Suoi Cai - Ganh Dau junction. From here, visitors turn left and go ahead 30 km more to Rach Vem Phu Quoc's fishing village. Please note the road to the fishing village is slightly challenging.

Hinh anh ngam rach vem phu quoc mua sao bien

Where to stay when traveling to Rach Vem?

There are many hotels and resorts in Cua Can and Ganh Dau, which are about 8 to 10 km from Rach Vem Phu Quoc fishing village.

Vinpearl Discovery Greenhill Phu Quoc

- Address: Bai Dai, Ganh Dau
- Room price: From 4,900,000 VND/night
- Highlights: Vinpearl Discovery Greenhill Phu Quoc owns villas with spectacular view, covering the whole of Phu Quoc. Nestled along the mountainside, the 5 * luxury resorts offer an enjoyable resort experience in the midst of poetic mountains and seas.

VinOasis Phu Quoc

- Address: Bai Dai, Ganh Dau
- Room price: From 1,300,000 VND / night
- Highlights: As a resort, dining, shopping, events and high-tech entertainment complex, VinOasis Phu Quoc has a mini water park on site, very suitable for families with small children.

Things to do at Rach Vem - Phu Quoc? 

Check-in the "kingdom of starfish"

Hinh anh ngam rach vem phu quoc mua sao bien

This is an interesting activity that cannot be missed when traveling to Rach Vem - Phu Quoc in the starfish season. In dry season, the sea in the fishing village is not too deep so you can see the bottom. You can take pictures with starfish freely, but refrain from taking them on hot sand as starfish are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature.

Sea bathing, exploring Rach Vem’s floating houses

Rach Vem - Phu Quoc is still pristine but relatively safe for visitors because the water level is not too deep. Therefore, enjoy swimming here and exploring the raft houses along the beach. Tourists who come here are very thrilled with the “Love” raft house, basking in the sun, enjoying the fresh nature of a sunny and windy sea village.

Enjoy seafood

Seafood in Rach Vem is caught by fishermen during the day and cooked on the spot, but the price is still quite affordable. You can refer to a few eateries here, such as Son Hai, “Con Sao” Restaurant, “Love” raft house ...

Other activities:

Besides the unique activities above, catching Phu Quoc sunrise and sunset, or dropping fish net, night squid fishing with the Rach Vem villagers are also remarkable experiences. Searching for more fascinating activities and Phu Quoc discovery experience  will make your trip perfect. Especially, if you have set foot on the Pearl island, do not miss the chance to have fun at Phu Quoc United Center - the first sleepless resort- entertainment super complex in Vietnam.

Hinh anh ngam rach vem phu quoc mua sao bien

Rach Vem – Phu Quoc Visitors’ Reviews:

Nguyen M: "Rach Vem has a clear blue sea with few raft houses, which makes this place airier and fresher than Ham Ninh. There are few challenging miles on the road here, so a 7-seater taxi ride is recommended".
Claire: "The food here is fresh and cheaper than in Ham Ninh. Herring salad and fried rice are must-try".
 Phuong: "This place is still wild and rustic. You can snaps some photos on the wooden bridges that lead straight to the sea, but with a fee. Food in the hut is very cheap and fresh.”
Paul Bull: "The road is quite dusty and rough."
Unique and exciting entertainment experiences at Rach Vem - Phu Quoc with the "starfish kingdom" filled with golden sunshine, wild natural beauty, combined with diverse exploration activities, have helped Phu Quoc fishing village become the ideal destination, attracting tourists every summer.

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