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Starfish Beach Phu Quoc: The perfect destination for your dream-like vacation

08/03/2023 23.965

Starfish Beach is definitely a name worth considering if you are looking for a pristine beach to enjoy your vacation in the pearl island of Phu Quoc. Situated between Hang Cape and Bai Khem Cape, in the south of the pearl island, Starfish Beach is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc, with its creamy white sand and gentle, calm waves.

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc

With the advantages of majestic landscape and developed tourism services, Starfish Beach has become the ideal destination for you and your family to rest, relax, and explore the colorful marine ecosystem of Phu Quoc. Follow this article for a complete guide to Phu Quoc Starfish Beach.

1. Introduction to Starfish Beach Phu Quoc

  • Location: 

Far in the south of the “pearl island” Phu Quoc, around 25 kilometers away from Dong Duong town’s central, Starfish Beach is situated in Bai Sao hamlet, An Thoi town, Phu Quoc city, Kien Giang province. 

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc
  • Origin of the beach name:

This Phu Quoc Beach is named after a fascinating habit of starfish. According to locals, since the earliest days, as soon as the sun sets, a black color gradually coats over the white coastline. Thousands of starfish from the ocean flood to the shore to "enjoy the moonlight" or "bathe in the moonlight". That’s how the beach got its name - “Sao”, which literally means Star. 

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc
  • Highlights: 

Sao Beach is undoubtedly one of the most gracious beaches in Phu Quoc. The untouched beauty of the sea is blessed with crystal clear turquoise sea water. The waves in the distance rhythmically cascading onto the shore are like blue creases on an endless velvet sea. 

It is the only beach in Phu Quoc to have this ivory-colored soft sandbank. The swaying palms lined in rows, dipping their branches in obedience of the sea. Starfish Beach Vietnam is not only famous for its primeval scenery but also the biodiversity with its being home to an abundance of flora and fauna species, especially lively orange color starfish. 

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc
  • Best time to visit Starfish Beach:

Even though Phu Quoc Starfish Beach is suitable for year-round tourism, the best time to visit this place would be during summer, from June to October. Despite the rainy season, the sea remains calm and soothing as the water is clear and quiet. Furthermore, it is said that September and October are the time when starfish are most abundant. This is the ideal destination to capture the pristine beauty of the ocean through your camera lens. 

>>> Rach Vem Floating Village Phu Quoc is also a must-visit destination 

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc

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2. How to get to Starfish Beach?

Route to Starfish Beach Phu Quoc:

From Dong Duong town, get in your vehicle and follow along Tran Hung Dao street. When reaching Highway 46, continue to go south for about 20 minutes. After crossing a bridge, you will be arriving at Bai Sao village. At this point, you are almost there.

Continue straight ahead through the market and turn onto the road with a large “7UP” sign. At the end of the road, there is a junction leading to “Long Beach”, “Lang Toi” and “My Lan'' restaurants, and you can choose whichever route to go to Sao Beach. However, according to the review by tourists, taking the route to Long Beach restaurant would be the most convenient.

The way to Bai Sao Phu Quoc may be rough and bumpy for new drivers, but in return you will get a chance to admire a paradise-like landscape. On the way to Starfish Beach Phu Quoc, if you get lost, you can always ask the friendly locals for directions.

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc

Means of transport:

  • By motorbike: 

If you’re a thrill-seeker, motorbikes are highly recommended as you can actively explore the surroundings on the way. In addition, it is relatively cheap to rent a motorbike which is around 100,000 - 150,000 VND/day.

  • By car: 

Cars, on the other hand, are a more suitable choice for families. It will take an approximately 40-minute drive from the center of Dong Duong town. The common fare for a taxi would be about 360,000 VND/trip.

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3. Best things to do at Starfish Beach Vietnam

3.1. Enjoying outdoor beach activities 

An endless range of options for activities are offered when you visit this paradise island, so there is no way you will ever get bored here.

  • Swimming 

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc, without fail, will make visitors gaze in awe because of its primeval charm. The smooth, creamy white sand beach runs 7 kilometers long, curving in the heart of two majestic mountain ranges by the sea. The slothful ocean rumbles ever so gently in its aquarium-blue satin gown. The waves of the sea softly ripple and sparkle under the old palm trees swaying in the wind, creating a peaceful space in the gentle sunlight.

The water here is rather shallow and calm, so it is quite safe for children and non-swimmers. Immersing yourself in the clear water, lying under the radiant sunlight and savoring refreshing drinks under the lush trees are an exciting experience not to be missed.

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc
  • Snorkeling 

Sao Beach serves as a natural habitat of a wide range of marine creatures. The middle region toward the far end of the seafloor is where the real magic lies. The lucid cyan water allows you to admire the rich and diverse saltwater ecosystem. One can easily find an excellent number of coral reefs of various shapes and sizes alongside the amazing colorful school of fish.

A trip to explore the ocean bed is a must when coming here. The cost for a snorkeling tour at Bai Sao Phu Quoc ranges from 300,000 -  1,500,000 VND.

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc
  • Kayaking:

If you fancy sailing into the sunrise or sunset, do not miss the kayak trip at Bai Sao. The enchanting scene is guaranteed to take your breath away. The kayak rental price is 100,000 VND/hour. In addition, you can also rent a motorboat or windsurf.

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc

3.2. Taking fabulous photo shots at Sao Beach Phu Quoc

With the epic landscape, Sao Beach Vietnam is every photographer's dream. Graceful in its blue robe, the sea will greet you with the harmonious ebbing tide. The sand has a unique sugar-white hue and will make you feel floury underfoot. It will seem like you are lost in a water wonderland. Remember to check-in Starfish Beach Phu Quoc! Trust me, you would not be able to stop hitting the shutter. 

>>> Admiring the unspoiled charm of Long Beach Phu Quoc

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc

3.3. Watching the breathtaking sunrise and sunset

The sunset at Starfish Beach Phu Quoc is an unforgettable picturesque sight. As the sun descends into the white clouds and illuminates the sky in a dazzling orange glow, the fluffy, white sand slowly turns marigold orange in color. Taking a leisurely walk on the beach to watch the waves carelessly dribbling onto the sand will become a memorable experience for travelers coming to Bai Sao.

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc

3.4. Visiting Rach Vem Fishing Village

Rach Vem fishing village Phu Quoc is located to the north of the island, about 20 kilometers from Duong Dong town. Relatively smaller than Starfish Beach, Rach Vem’s coast only runs 4 kilometers in length and 800 meters in width.

Stopping at a raft house of Rach Vem Fishing Village, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the sweet, salty air, and enjoy the untouched scenery of Phu Quoc. The raft houses in Rach Vem stand about 200 - 400 meters away from the shore. Similar to stilt houses, the raft houses here are built with stakes embedded deep into the sand making a solid foundation, while the surroundings are fenced with bamboo trees and planks.

Sitting on the raft houses, visitors can eat fresh seafood prepared on the spot while ẹnoying the view of the vast ocean. Besides that, you can also try asking the locals for a chance to see fish rafts, drop nets, and catch squid and other marine animals offshore.

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc

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4. What to eat at Starfish Beach?

  • Salad from herring: 

Herring salad is a harmonious combination of fresh raw fish meat and salad made of grated coconut, onion, minced garlic... All of which will  make a dish that is both nutritious and flavourful. 

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc
  • Grilled Saurels: 

Grilled saurel is a well-known delicacy in Phu Quoc. Saurel can be prepared into numerous mouth-watering dishes, but the most delicious must be grilled mackerel. Each juicy chunk of meat is rolled with fresh vegetables, rice paper and dipped in lemon pepper salt.

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc
  • Grilled Sea Urchin: 

Sea urchin grilled with scallion oil on a charcoal stove is another dish on your must-eat list. Diners will bite into the sweetness and creaminess of sea urchin meat which perfectly blends with the savory aroma of peanuts and green onions.

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc

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5. Where to stay near Sao Beach Phu Quoc?

In order to have the most exhilarating experience, it is highly recommended that you choose Phu Quoc United Center for a journey of a lifetime. It is a complex of top-tier recreation and entertainment amenities. You can try the fascinating games at VinWonders Phu Quoc, visit the wild animals in their natural habitat at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, and conquer the city that never sleeps at Grand World Phu Quoc.

>>> Book tickets combo VinWonders + Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc 

Starfish Beach Phu Quoc

Vinpearl Phu Quoc will present to you an unforgettable wonderful trip with a system of hotels of different segments fully meeting your every need. Each hotel has its own interesting story and outstanding advantages.

  • 5-star high-quality rooms, professional meeting area.
  • Restaurants offering world-wide culinary delights from European cuisine to Phu Quoc specialty.
  • Essential high-class facilities such as golf course, spa, swimming pool, private beach, tennis court, children's play area, etc...

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Starfish Beach Phu Quoc

Also, enjoy a 5-star luxury vacation at Vinpearl with our special promotions.

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Applicable time: 

  • Purchase period: From 27/02/2023 to 13/04/2023 
  • Booking period: Before 15/04/2023 and at least 14 days before stay date 
  • Stay period: From 29/04/2023 to 03/05/2023 

Offer includes: 

  • Vietnam Airlines round-trip tickets (including 12kg hand luggage, 01 piece of 23kg and 01 piece of 10kg of checked baggage/ 01 pax)  
  • Priority benefits at airport
  • 02-night stay for 01 guest (applicable for 02 adults/room)  
  • Breakfast buffet for each night of stay
  • Free airport transfer in Nam Hoi An and Phu Quoc (except for VinHolidays Fiesta Phu Quoc) 
  • Enjoy exclusive benefits for guests booking on website or app MyVinpearl: 

+ Up to 20% discount on F&B (alcoholic drinks are not included) 

+ Up to 30% discount on spa services 

+ Accumulate all transaction value: Reach 50,000,000 VND to get 1 complimentary night at Vinpearl; reach 100,000,000 VND to get 2 complimentary nights at Vinpearl 

  • Free installment fee with 0% interest rate (not applicable in conjunction with other promotions of Vinpearl)

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phu quoc combo


Starfish Beach Phu Quoc well-deserves its title as one of the most pristine and enchanting beaches in the world rated by traveling magazine Condé Nast Traveler. It is definitely a fairytale island that converges all the poetic, wild, and peaceful charm with fine sandbanks and exciting activities waiting for you. Wait no more, grab your bag and head to Phu Quoc right when you have the chance!

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