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No need to travel all the way to Italy when “Little Venice” is right at Grand World Phu Quoc

07/01/2024 18.206

Venice Phu Quoc will be re-enacted in the sleepless resort, entertainment and shopping city of Phu Quoc United Center. No need to take a trip to Italy, couples can still travel along the romantic and passionate canal.

Venice Phu Quoc makes the dream of setting foot in the love city Venice- Italy come true and enable you to enjoy the poetic and romantic feeling on a dreamy canal.

Venice Phu Quoc – a colorful place of love

At Phu Quoc United Center, there is no need to worry about hours of tiring flight, couples can still fully experience all levels of love at "Little Venice" in the heart of Phu Quoc Grand World.



Grand World Phu Quoc is a world-class resort, entertainment and shopping complex with a unique concept, bringing visitors a memorable experience with thousands of facilities for the first time available in Vietnam. Outstanding among them is the love paradise "Little Venice" of Italy. It recreates the canal winding through three semicircular arched bridges, bearing European architecture. The romantic scene here will make visitors feel like really traveling in the West.

Coming to Phu Quoc United Center, couples will enjoy the uplifting romantic feeling when sitting on the traditional Gondola boat, cruising on the clear blue water, blending with the melodious sound of Italian love songs. The image of boats carrying couples floating on calm water, weaving through ancient works, will leave an unforgettable impression on visitors.

Here, visitors have countless options for the journey to discover Phu Quoc United Center. If you want to capture beautiful photos, do not forget to visit a series of attractive check-in locations such as the magnificent Castle Gate, Garden of love filled with flowers, the Teddy Bear Museum...



Visitors can also cruise along the "Venice" to the floating food-courts on both sides of the central lake, enjoy the fascinating flavors of local cuisine before experiencing Mediterranean culture at the bars, overnight pubs along the Mallorca Shop area; then together choose unique items at Duong Dong night market around Indochine Shop and walk down the magical lantern street in Shanghai Shop area.

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“Nobody sleeps at Grand World Phu Quoc”

Sparkly lights and joyful music are things that never go out at Grand World - the first night-time economic model in Vietnam. Besides Venice Phu Quoc, get ready to dip in the music festivals at the marine square, where the world's top artists and DJs gather. Throughout day and night, during the four seasons of the year, visitors can immerse in the vibrant space of the lantern, beer festival, Carnival, costume festival... where the resonance remaining and emotions uplifting.



Most impressively, the show "The Quintessence of Vietnam," directed by Director Viet Tu, is a valuable highlight in the value chain of Phu Quoc United Center, especially for the followers of cultural tourism. With the majestic mixture of the large-scale stage, impressive scenarios, gorgeous choreography, the show will deliver exciting experiences and memorable moments during their vacations in Phu Quoc.

The show "The Quintessence of Vietnam" is expected to impress the audience with  Vietnamese cultural elements cleverly combined in each performance.

At Phu Quoc United Center, the Grand World is also adjacent to the first Corona Casino for Vietnamese citizen, VinWonders entertainment paradise, 18-hole golf course, Vietnam's largest semi-wild zoo, Vinpearl Safari, promises to make the trip become the most memorable in a lifetime.

For the convenience of relaxation and enjoying the ideal holiday at Phu Quoc United Center, visitors can choose to stay right at the Vinpearl resorts. In particular, Vinbus - the exclusive service of Grand World, will connect visitors hourly, for free, to other attractions and entertainment venues on the island, making traveling and exploring Venice Phu Quoc extremely fast and convenient.

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