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07/05/2021 5.382

The famous Pho Thin Lo Duc introduces its all-new variation at Vinpearl with 5-continental flavors such as Wagyu beef, lobster, and steamed little chicken with chili... yet still bearing its signature flavor.

“King” of Pho in Hanoi

Pho Thin Lo Duc has been a familiar dish with Hanoi people for decades. According to artisan Nguyen Trong Thin, a standard bowl of pho must converge all the colors, flavors, tastes, and delicacy of the old Hanoi’s cuisine: rich broth, fried beef with fresh spring onions to adorn the bowl and a hint of spicy, strong flavor of a few slices of ginger, chili.

Majoring in fine arts, but with a passion for cooking, especially pho, Mr. Nguyen Trong Thin, born in 1952 in Lo Duc Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, travelled across the S-shaped land to find famous pho restaurants. He contemplated the choice of ingredients, cooking methods which he called “energy therapy” while enjoying Pho to make the widely famous “Pho Thin Lo Duc”

hinh anh pho thin lo duc bien tau tai vinpearl so 1

The ingenious and creative combination of Mr. Nguyen Trong Thin - the “pho artisan" and Vinpearl’s head chefs has raised the reputation of "pho – the national dish" in domestic and foreign tourists’ minds.

The quintessence of Pho Thin inspires Vinpearl cuisine

The partnership between the owner of Pho Thin and Vinpearl through a special franchise deal, contributes to preserving, developing and promoting the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine at Vinpearl. When transferring the special recipe, artisan Trong Thin visited every Vinpearl hotel and resort to directly motivate and instruct the chefs.

At Vinpearl, the head chefs must comply with strict requirements and procedures such as getting up early to select fresh ingredients by themselves, and spending hours in the kitchen to cook the delicious authentic broth for diners ...

hinh anh pho thin lo duc bien tau tai vinpearl so 2

While broth is considered the "soul" of a pho pot, in order to make a delicious bowl of pho, it is necessary to have a delicate selection of the ingredients. At Vinpearl, pho noodles are purchased from reputable and prestigious establishments in the region and being reordered every day at the resorts.

hinh anh pho thin lo duc bien tau tai vinpearl so 3


With all the meticulous preparation in the making of pho, the national dish was served at Vinpearl for the first time as a special highlight named "Pho Thin Vinpearl". From Lo Duc Street, Pho Thin is now present in the Vinpearl hotel and resort system stretching across the country, bringing a strong and attractive flavor to diners.

Refresh Pho Thin Lo Duc with the twist from 5 continents at Vinpearl

Pho Thin Lo Duc has always been famous for fried beef noodle. Now Vinpearl's head chefs continue to skillfully transform the dish with a new taste and offer various choices for Vietnamese and international diners.
Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81 is famous for its "skyscraper Pho" with expensive imported ingredients, and Australian beef simmering for about 2 days to create a completely delicious broth. Wagyu beef originated from Japan, Australian beef flank is stir-fried just enough to keep the taste and combined with ginger, garlic, scallion of Pho Thin by our head chefs.

hinh anh pho thin lo duc bien tau tai vinpearl so 4

Enjoying "skyscraper pho" at Oriental Pearl restaurant on the 66th floor of Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81 Hotel - the tallest hotel in Southeast Asia will bring an unforgettable experience to every customer.

hinh anh pho thin lo duc bien tau tai vinpearl so 6

At each Vinpearl resort, Pho Thin Lo Duc will be differentiated and inspired by local cuisine. If you go to the resorts and Vinpearl hotels by the sea, you will enjoy fresh seafood pho, Vinpearl Hotel Tay Ninh will offer the butter-flavored beef noodle soup or the bamboo chicken noodle soup with rare chili, or chewy fried chicken noodle at Vinpearl Hotel Can Tho…

Especially at Vinpearl Phu Quoc, diners will enjoy the unique lobster noodle served at the beach restaurant. The light sweet broth with local ingredients blended with fresh lobster meat, will surely satisfy both taste and sight.

hinh anh pho thin lo duc bien tau tai vinpearl so 5

Retaining the "essence" of the famous Pho Thin Lo Duc , Vinpearl always strives to elevate this national dish in luxurious spaces with a variety of local tastes. The presence of Vinpearl pho counters across the country has contributed to spreading and preserving the culinary quintessence of Vietnam with its irresistible delicious taste.


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