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Rise of the Ocean Princess: A unique stunt show of Vietnam

16/04/2024 5.860

Rise of the Ocean Princess is a captivating stunt show in Vietnam, featuring intense action sequences and breathtaking water performances. It delivers an unparalleled live entertainment experience for visitors to Nha Trang.

Rise of the Ocean Princess

Rise of the Ocean Princess is held at Vinpearl Harbour in Nha Trang, where thrilling action unfolds against breathtaking ocean vistas. As the first stunt show in Vietnam, this spectacular performance breathes life into adrenaline-pumping scenes with modern effects, ensuring an unforgettable entertainment experience for audiences of all ages.

1. Rise of the Ocean Princess - The first stunt show in Vietnam

Rise of the Ocean Princess is a stunt show in Vietnam that offers a thrilling live-action spectacle. It features intense scenes such as racing, pursuits, acrobatics, and combat. With an impressive total investment of up to 7 million USD, the show promises an experience comparable to renowned stunt shows worldwide such as Waterworld at Universal Studios worldwide, Bourne at Universal Studios Orlando, and Ocean Resistance at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in China. Particularly unique is the fact that the stage of this show is the sea itself, which distinguishes it as the world's first "stunt show on the sea."

2. Venue and schedule of Rise of the Ocean Princess

This show takes place daily at the Stunt Show Square in the Monaco section of Vinpearl Harbour. The show is set to debut soon. To stay updated on the latest announcements regarding the showtimes of this one-of-a-kind performance, you should follow VinWonders' fanpage or website.

3. Fun facts about Rise of the Ocean Princess

In addition to its substantial investment, this stunt show promises to captivate visitors with its engaging storyline, modern effects, captivating music, and spectacular cast.

3.1. The stunt show showcases 2 beloved princesses in the Tata World

This show features exclusive characters created within VinWonders' universe. It stars two beloved princesses from Tata World: the Ocean Princess, representing the power of the sea - protector of fishermen, and the Dark Princess, embodying the power or darkness - hostility incarnate. Other characters include a fisherman's daughter - the main character rescued and bestowed with a magical pearl by the Ocean Princess, the Fire Corps - minions of the Dark Princess, and the Water Corps - the Ocean Princess's elite force.

3.2. The stunt show is produced by an acclaimed company

To ensure international-standard quality, this stunt show is directed by Renaissance Entertainment, a leading production company that has a part in many major stunt shows at Universal, Disney, and Chimelong, with numerous international awards in the entertainment industry. Renowned directors such as Mr. Jon Binkowski, Mrs. Lisa Enos Smith, and other experts promise to bring unique elements to this performance.

3.3. Rise of the Ocean Princess brings state-of-the-art technology

The show promises countless surprises with various state-of-the-art effects. Technology consultancy is provided by Techinifex - a world-leading company in manufacturing performance systems for major theme parks worldwide, alongside TechFulcrum - a company specialized in show technology and special effects. Some highlights of this stunt show include a giant pearl rising from the seabed, flyboard performances with fire, and more.

Rise of the Ocean Princess

3.4. Rise of the Ocean Princess features top-notch live-action sequences

As a live performance on the sea, this stunt show requires performers to be trained by experienced stunt trainers to ensure high-quality action sequences. Moreover, the action direction for the show is provided by H2O Events - a professional entertainment company specializing in choreographing water action sequences for many major stunt shows worldwide. This ensures the safety of the performers and delivers the most impressive performances for the audiences.

3.5. The stunt show's music is made by Two Steps From Hell

Combined with thrilling action and modern effects, what truly enhances the emotional impact of Rise of the Ocean Princess is its music. The music producer for the show is Two Steps from Hell - founded by Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix. They are producers who have won numerous Golden Trailer Awards for their music in famous Hollywood films like Disney's WALL-E and Paramount's Star Trek. They promise to deliver high-impact musical effects, which will contribute to the success of the stunt show.

>>> More on: Tata Show: Explore the first BLOCKBUSTER multimedia show in Vietnam

4. Key moments of this stunt show in Nha Trang

Throughout the stunt show, there are several key moments:

  • The giant pearl lies 14 meters deep underwater with a modern mechanical structure. It is capable of rising from the seabed.
  • The combined performance of flyboard performers with fire effects
  • Mobile fireworks launched from high-speed boats on the sea.
  • The "Fly-By-Waterjet" performance featuring performers with fireworks shooting from their bodies like butterflies.
  • The kite-flying performance with LED lights and fireworks.

5. Directions to the venue of Rise of the Ocean Princess

To watch this stunt show, visitors need to travel to Vinpearl Harbour via the following options:

  • Free shuttle bus from the airport - Hon Tre Island: Visitors arriving in Nha Trang by plane can utilize the free shuttle bus service from the airport to the port leading to Hon Tre Island. Alternatively, they can travel from downtown Nha Trang to the port by taxi or motorbike.
  • Sea-crossing cable car: Visitors can experience the sea-crossing Vinpearl cable car, which offers panoramic views of Nha Trang Bay. As of now, the cable car operates from 8:30 AM to 11:00 PM daily. The ticket price is 200,000 VND for a round trip.
Rise of the Ocean Princess

>>> Book cable car tickets to Vinpearl Harbour Nha Trang to have wonderful moments!

As the curtains close on the mesmerizing Rise of the Ocean Princess, the memories of its exhilarating performances will linger. This groundbreaking stunt show, set against the enchanting backdrop of Vinpearl Harbour Nha Trang, will leave audiences of all ages in awe.

To conveniently explore Vinpearl Harbour, visitors can stay at the resorts of Vinpearl Nha Trang on Hon Tre Island. Offering stunning vistas of the sea, Vinpearl Nha Trang ensures an unparalleled hospitality experience with premium amenities such as bars, restaurants, spas, outdoor swimming pools, and shopping centers. 

Additionally, for more fun, you can explore VinWonders Nha Trang, a renowned amusement park boasting exciting rides, cultural performances, water activities, and opportunities for natural exploration.

Rise of the Ocean Princess

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