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Searching for the 9 best coffee in the world

06/05/2021 5.108

Coffee is a famous drink of many countries. Each country has its own version of coffee with unique flavors. Are you curious about where the 9 best coffee in the world come from?

1. Mazagran coffee, Portugal

Portugal's Mazagran lemonade coffee, a strange combination for many people     

Hinh anh ca phe ngon nhat the gioi

The ingredients of this coffee include lemon, ice, cold coffee, and sugar. If you want to make Mazagran, first mix an amount of sugar to your taste and a small shot of coffee in a cup, then add a small cup of lemon juice and shake well. In the end, just adding ice and a few slices of lemon on top, you have completed this unusual coffee.

2. Eiskaffee Coffee, Germany

To make the world's best coffee, you need to prepare ice cream, whipping cream, cold coffee, and chocolate.

Hinh anh ca phe ngon nhat the gioi

The way to prepare this coffee is quite interesting. First put in 2 teaspoons of ice cream and quickly pour 1 small cup of coffee on top, then whipping cream and finally sprinkle a little chocolate powder. This unique coffee dish tastes sweet, fatty and creamy, which is typical of ice-cream and whipping cream. 

3. Iced coffee with condensed milk (ICCM), Vietnam

It is very simple to make this famous Vietnamese coffee. You just need to prepare coffee, a few teaspoons of condensed milk and a little ice to make a delicious cup of coffee. We usually use very strong coffee filtered through “phin” to make it, which tastes very rich. The mixed bitter – sweet taste of ICCM is addictive.

Hinh anh ca phe ngon nhat the gioi

This popular drink is extremely suitable for the hot and humid climate of Vietnam. Many foreign visitors are very excited to enjoy it on the sidewalk of Saigon, of course, you can also order this coffee anywhere else.

4. Espresso, Italy

First found in the boot-shaped country around 1930, today's Espresso has become very popular around the world and also one of the best coffees in the world! If you want to enjoy an authentic Italian espresso, find a bar in Rome, where locals drink coffee and talk about football.

Hinh anh ca phe ngon nhat the gioi

Wandering around the famous tourist attractions of Italy with a cup of espresso, what can be better?!

5. Egg Coffee, Austria

"In the cafes in Vienna, time and space are consumed, only coffee is found on the bill". That's what UNESCO said when adding Vienna coffee culture to the list of intangible cultural heritage. There are quite a few cafes here dating back more than 300 years.

Hinh anh ca phe ngon nhat the gioi

This egg coffee is made by stirring a glass of egg yolk and honey (and sometimes cognac) while the coffee is slowly added to cook the eggs. It is not always available on the menu, but it is really popular in Vietnam. The Viet version tastes more "Vietnamese".

6. Fika coffee, Sweden

Swedes like coffee and drink coffee more than any people in other countries of the world. They drink coffee during their "fika" - traditional breaks, from black coffee, white coffee, filter coffee or espresso. They, together with their beloved people, often enjoy coffee with cakes or many other delicacies.  

Hinh anh ca phe ngon nhat the gioi

7. Cortado, Argentina

Argentina has an immensely proud coffee culture. Cortado coffee is served in a small glass with a shot of Espresso and a bit of foam on top. Perhaps, the reason why this coffee is so popular is its purity, without being mixed with too much sugar, milk or any other flavours. 

Hinh anh ca phe ngon nhat the gioi

8. Nous-nous coffee, Morocco

"Nous-nous" means "half-half" in Arabic. The name was given to this world best coffee as it contains half Espresso and half hot milk. Both coffee and hot milk are processed with a manual coffee machine, then the drink will be served in Moroccan-style glass mugs.

Hinh anh ca phe ngon nhat the gioi

9. Kissaten coffee, Japan

"Kissaten" is a classic Japanese coffee and tea restaurant - a business model that is disappearing in Japan because of the popularity of modern coffee shops, serving coffee in white porcelain cups. The coffee at Kissaten is usually filtered and served with a porcelain cup of milk. This is a nostalgic experience that visitors should not miss when traveling to Japan!

Hinh anh ca phe ngon nhat the gioi

Enjoying coffee is gradually becoming a cultural feature of many countries around the world, including Vietnam. If you have opportunities to visit the mentioned-above countries, don’t forget to taste these 9 best coffee in the world!

Source: Vietnam Travel/Lu hanh Viet Nam


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