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Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs: Experience a full-on getaway in Hue

11/01/2024 8.764

As a famous relaxing getaway, Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs is a unique destination that offers many remarkable outdoor activities. This article will give you plenty of ideas about what to do on your trip here.

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs is a cluster of natural hot mineral springs located in Hue, Vietnam. With temperatures reaching up to around 70 degrees Celsius, the spring water is known for its curative and muscle relief benefits, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

1. Where is Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs? How to get there?

  • Address: Phong Son Commune, Phong Dien District, Thua Thien Hue Province
  • Phone: 0234 355 3225
  • Opening hours: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM every day

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs resort is the perfect place for tourists who want to sightsee and relax at the same time. It is 30 kilometers away from Hue’s city center and 140 kilometers away from Da Nang.

If you depart from Da Nang, simply take National Road 1A north to Hue. In Hue, continue on the National Road for 20 kilometers until you reach An Lo Bridge. Make a left turn and follow the road straight ahead to your final destination.

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs

2. Things to do on your trip to Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs Hue

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs offers an array of experiences for your exciting holiday:

2.1. Relax your body in the hot mineral springs

At this hot spring Hue, visitors can enjoy the healing power of its hot baths filled with natural mineral water. The springs come with temperatures ranging from 37 degrees Celsius, which is perfect for relieving sore muscles after a day of hiking or trekking through Hue’s beautiful attractions.

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs

2.2. Smooth your skin with a mud bath

Another fun experience at Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs is the mud bath. The mud has healing properties, as it is enriched with a variety of minerals and beneficial substances. The mud baths here will not only make you feel relaxed but also detoxify your body and smooth your skin.

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs

2.3. Join incredible adventure games

  • Zipline: Hanging 45 meters up in the air on Ma Yen Mountain, visitors can experience the thrill of "flying" with this game. The zipline is a great way to have fun and contemplate the beautiful view from the sky.
  • Highwire: Another adrenaline-pumping game with 3 cables of 6 meters high and 587 meters long, on which visitors will tackle 32 different types of obstacles made from wooden panels.
Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs

2.4. Visit traditional craft villages

At Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs, visitors can explore the Alba Craft Village and try their hand at pottery making and paper mask painting. Plus, visitors can take home a souvenir of their own creation! The resort also offers exciting sports activities to try, as well as an on-site restaurant that serves delicious dishes sourced from organic farms.

2.5. Take stunning photos at the suspension bridge

At Alba Thanh Tan Hot Spring, there is a perfect spot for visitors to take photos, which is the suspension bridge that leads to Alba Farm. You can feel the breeze, take in the mountain view, and listen to the sound of the gentle stream as you walk along this bridge.

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs

3. How much do services in Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs cost?

The cost of services at Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs varies depending on the type of service as follows:

  • Hotel room rate: 1,195,000 - 1,945,000 VND per night

Note: These prices are for reference only. Please note that actual prices may change, so it is best that you contact the hot springs beforehand.

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs

4. Tips for your visit to Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs Hue

Before coming to Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs, note the following tips to make your visit more convenient:

  • Bring your own towel and bathing supplies, including shampoo and body wash, for convenience
  • Follow the regulations and respect other visitors' privacy
  • Avoid making loud noise or disruption
  • Bring sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses, as this area is quite sunny
  • Take no more than three baths per day, with 20 – 30 minutes per bath at most to avoid potential discomfort or dehydration
  • Refrain from taking hot baths if you have heart diseases, high blood pressure, or diabetes, if you are pregnant, or if you recently had surgery
  • Have fun but stay safe, ask the staff for help if needed

When planning a trip to Hue, visitors should consider including Hoi An and Da Nang into their itinerary for the ultimate experience, as these destinations are near each other. While you are in either of these cities, it is recommended that you choose Vinpearl resorts to have an enjoyable stay, get a gorgeous view of the sea, and pamper yourself with delicious food from various cuisines around the world.

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An welcomes you to its idealistic beach-view rooms. Whether you are going to organize a team building event, hold a wedding, or just have a family vacation, it will be an ideal destination. Not to mention the unique culinary dishes that will delight every taste bud here.

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Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs


Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs

There is no lack of prominent attractions for you to explore near Hue, Hoi An, and Da Nang. Among them, VinWonders Nam Hoi An is a must-see entertainment haven for your Vietnam trip. This top-rated amusement park will offer all sorts of amazing experiences for you to enjoy, such as playing thrilling games, watching the Fairy Harbor reality show, observing wild animals in the River Safari, and much, much more.

Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs

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Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs will promisingly be the perfect getaway from everyday life. Coming here, you have the chance to relax, refresh, and have many incredible experiences. So, why wait? Plan for your trip today and soak yourself in this majestic paradise!

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