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Da Nang Cathedral: Attracting countless tourists with an eye-catching color

05/01/2024 33.277

Da Nang Cathedral, or Pink Church, impresses tourists deeply with its adorably pink color and remarkable architecture. It is an especially appealing place to visit in Da Nang.

Da Nang Cathedral

Da Nang Cathedral is the only church in this city that was built during the French colonial period. Also called the Pink Church, this place allures tourists with its impressive pink color and Gothic architecture. It is undoubtedly a remarkable attraction to visit when tourists travel to Da Nang.

1. About Da Nang Cathedral (Da Nang Pink Church)

Da Nang Cathedral, or Pink Church Da Nang, is a famous tourist attraction in this Central Vietnam city. It is the only church constructed when Vietnam was still under the control of French colonialists. The cathedral is also one of the few examples of French architecture still remaining in Da Nang.

There are many names for Da Nang Cathedral, including Tourane Church (used during the French colonial period) and Sacred Heart Church of Jesus. To the locals, Da Nang Cathedral is better known as “Rooster Church”. The name refers to the massive bell tower, which has a weathercock in the shape of a rooster on top. Many people assume the rooster is a symbol of France. In fact, it is a symbol associated with St. Peter's parable in the Gospel about repentance and awakening.

Da Nang Cathedral

1.1. Location

  • Address: No. 154, Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau District

Since Da Nang Cathedral has a prime location right at the bustling city center, this place is easily accessible. 

How to get to Da Nang Pink Church? You can easily walk to Tran Phu Street, where the cathedral is situated, either from Dragon Bridge or Han River Bridge. 

From Han River Bridge, turn left onto Yen Bai Street and go straight for a kilometer. From Dragon Bridge, turn right onto Bach Dang Street and go for 700 meters before turning right onto Pham Phu Thu Street. Turn left onto Tran Phu Street and go for 75 meters more to reach the church.

Da Nang Cathedral

The route to the church is straight-forward, so visitors can choose to travel by any means of transportation. The bus is the most cost-saving option, but it will take a long time. You can choose to book a Grab ride to get there instead.

In case you love to explore the streets, rent a motorbike. Using a motorbike allows you to plan your schedule to explore the city easier, also.

1.2. History of Da Nang Cathedral

The church was constructed in February 1923, and the facade was finished later in September 1923. On March 10, 1924, the church was inaugurated and put into service.

According to records, Da Nang Cathedral was built according to the general layout of Priest Vallet. However, many construction firms did not finish the job. Eventually, three Vo brothers from the Kim Bong Village agreed to take on the construction of the church in 1922. They hired numerous laborers and artisans from their village to work non-stop. That was why the architecture of Da Nang Cathedral, despite bearing a bold Western style, also has some Vietnamese features.

Da Nang Cathedral

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2. The outstanding architectural features of Da Nang Cathedral

Da Nang Cathedral has a typical Gothic architectural style. The cathedral is around 70 meters tall. As commonly seen in Western cathedrals, many events in the Bible are depicted inside Pink Church through pictures, drawings, and statues. There are numerous stained glass windows depicting different saints. 

Behind the church is a Marian cave resembling the French Lourdes cave, which further adds to the sacred beauty and peace of this place. There is an alloy figure of a gray rooster on the top of the church, used to determine wind directions.

Da Nang Cathedral

A medal by the Vatican Holy See has been awarded to Da Nang Church for its impressive architecture.

3. Da Nang Cathedral mass times and some notes for visiting

Nowadays, Da Nang Cathedral is the worshiping place of more than 7,000 Catholic believers in this city. Services take place on a daily basis, mainly in Vietnamese. There are sermons in English on Sundays at 9:00 AM. Due to limited seating, come early if you plan to attend the mass at this church. You can enter Pink Church without paying any fee.

Da Nang Cathedral

When visiting a sacred place like Da Nang Cathedral, it is essential for travelers to follow the regulations here. Below are some things to note when you visit Da Nang Cathedral:

  • Dress appropriately. Avoid revealing clothes. Wear sneakers or sandals, not slip-ons. 
  • Keep quiet if you come during mass times. 
  • Do not take photos or film during the mass, as it will ruin the sacred atmosphere of the service.
  • No tickets are needed. Beware of potential scammers selling fake tickets near the church’s gates. 

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4. TOP 3 experiences to get on your visit to Da Nang Cathedral

Pink Church in Vietnam Da Nang is a favorite check-in place of tourists when they come to this beautiful city. Below are three must-try experiences at this attraction:

4.1. Take stunning photos in front of Da Nang Cathedral

Da Nang Cathedral

It would be a big waste if you forgot to take some selfies at this Danang tourist attraction. The pink and splendid architecture of the church will be a great background for your photos. 

At any corner outside the cathedral, tourists can easily find cool backgrounds to pose freely. Taking photos here is usually voted as one of the top things to do in Da Nang. 

4.2. Explore more about Catholicism and its values

Da Nang Cathedral nowadays is the worshiping place of more than 7,000 Catholic practitioners in this city. It is a great place to learn more about Catholicism. If you are Christian but of another branch, this place is where you can see the difference between you and Catholic followers.

4.3. Join some religious events held at the cathedral

It will be an interesting experience to join the mass and other religious events at Da Nang Cathedral. Especially, the church is one of the most vibrant tourist attractions in Da Nang on Christmas and holidays. At these times, it is beautifully decorated and there are art performances and events to join, also.

Da Nang Cathedral

Da Nang is one of the top destinations to visit in Vietnam. It welcomes millions of visitors each year who come to see the irresistible beauty of nature and culture here. Thus, accommodation services in Da Nang are very diverse to meet the needs of every visitor, ranging from budget hostels, mid-end hotels to high-end resorts. 

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Da Nang is an outstanding name in the highest tier of accommodation in this city. Nestled along the breathtaking Non Nuoc Beach, its state-of-the-art buildings blend well with the exquisite natural settings here, making it a wonderful place to spend your vacation at. The services this resort provides are top-notch, also.

Da Nang Cathedral

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Not only having breathtakingly white sandy beaches, Da Nang is also a promising destination for cultural tours. Da Nang Cathedral, with its awe-inspiring architecture and long-lasting history, is undoubtedly a must-see when you visit this Central Vietnam city.

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