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Day trips from Hoi An: 11+ attractions you can't miss out on

19/06/2024 5.096

Day trips from Hoi An offer an opportunity to further discover the essence of Central Vietnam. Located downstream the Thu Bon River in Quang Nam Province, this ancient town enchants visitors with its scenic beauty and rich heritage. If you are unsure where to extend your trip in Hoi An, explore the recommended attractions below for an enriching experience.

1. Tra Que Vegetable Village - perfect for day trips from Hoi An

Tra Que Vegetable Village

Ranked at the top of the list of attractions for day trips from Hoi An, Tra Que Vegetable Village is situated in Cam Ha Commune, just 3 kilometers northwest of the ancient town. For nearly 400 years, the locals have cultivated this over-40-hectare area, practicing crop rotation and intercropping with more than 20 types of leafy vegetables and spices. Visiting the village offers an authentic taste of Vietnamese rural life and a variety of engaging activities.

2. My Son Sanctuary - a great choice for Hoi An excursions

My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary is located 45 kilometers away from Hoi An Ancient Town. It is one of Vietnam's most beautiful Cham temple complexes, with 20 towers still standing. Despite the limited number of relics, those that remain are exemplary sculptural works reflecting the Cham people's cultural values. Here, visitors will also have an opportunity to enjoy famous local dishes such as Quang noodles, Cau Mong smoked calf, Phu Chiem noodles, Vietnamese pancakes, etc.

3. Cham Islands day trip from Hoi An

Cham Islands

Cham Islands is a cluster of 8 islands recognized as a world biosphere reserve, boasting a vibrant marine ecosystem. Located 23 kilometers away from Hoi An Ancient Town, the journey to Cham Islands takes around 30 minutes from Hoi An, making it ideal for day trips from Hoi An. Renowned for its pristine landscapes, the islands also offer tourists a chance to explore the local culture, with impressive attractions like the windy strait, the Cham well, Hai Tang Temple, and Tan Hiep Market.

4. Where to unwind all day? - VinWonders Nam Hoi An

VinWonders Nam Hoi An

Located just 15 kilometers away from the ancient town, VinWonders Nam Hoi An is a must-visit destination for day trips from Hoi An. This amusement park seamlessly integrates traditional art with modern entertainment. It celebrates Vietnam’s rich historical legacy, artistic splendor, and cultural heritage while offering a host of thrilling activities. The park is divided into five unique zones: River Safari, Adventure Land, Island of Folk Culture, Water World, and Harbor Corner. Each zone boasts distinct landscapes and a wide range of immersive experiences for visitors of all ages.

To conveniently explore VinWonders Nam Hoi An, visitors can book a stay at Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An. This exceptional accommodation harmoniously blends natural surroundings with luxurious facilities. The resort provides a range of amenities including swimming pools, restaurants, bars, spas, golf courses, and meeting halls, ensuring every guest's satisfaction.

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An

>>> Book tickets of VinWonders Nam Hoi An and rooms in Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An for endless fun!

5. Cam Phu Community Tourism Village

Cam Phu Village, situated 15 kilometers west of Hoi An, is an ideal destination for eco-tourism. The village features many orchards, farmlands, and cultural relics. Historical landmarks such as Cam Lau Village Temple, Thanh Nong Shrine, Bau Lo Ecological Zone, Ben Pham Ferry, and Phu Bong Market offer perfect opportunities for green exploration. Visitors can immerse themselves in the village stories, explore the practice of flower cultivation, observe the locals’ fishing techniques, and enjoy their culinary specialties. 

Cam Phu Community Tourism Village

6. Kim Bong Carpentry Village

Kim Bong Carpentry Village stands as a bastion of traditional craftsmanship, showcasing intricate artistic works and culturally significant products that draw visitors from all around. Located just approximately 7.7 kilometers away from Hoi An, there are many ways to get to the village, including cycling, motorcycling, and taking a boat ride. Visitors can rent bicycles to leisurely explore the village, immerse themselves in the local crafts and temples. 

Kim Bong Carpentry Village

>>> Discover: Hoi An itinerary: How to explore the town in 1 to 5 days

7. Tam Ky City day tours from Hoi An

Tam Ky City is just an hour's drive away from Hoi An. Here, visitors can explore Tam Thanh Mural Village, Ky Anh Tunnel, Quang Nam Museum, Rang Beach, Mother Thu Statue, and Tam Thanh Beach. This serene destination allows you to escape the bustle of city life and revel in the beauty of the seas, lakes, mountains, and rivers while savoring delectable local specialties.

Tam Ky City

8. Da Nang City - one of the best day trips from Hoi An

Da Nang is a promising destination for day trips from Hoi An. Da Nang to Hoi An distance is only around 30 kilometers, with transport services readily available in every form. This city features diverse topography, including mountains, plains, and beaches, offering enchanting landscapes. Some must-see attractions in Da Nang include Linh Ung Pagoda, Son Tra Peninsula, Non Nuoc Beach, Dragon Bridge, and Hai Van Pass. Here, visitors should try specialties such as bun mam, Nam O fish salad, pha lau, pork skewers, etc.

Da Nang

9. Marble Mountains (Da Nang)

Marble Mountains is a popular attraction in Da Nang for day trips from Hoi An, known not only for its stunning landscapes but also as a significant Buddhist worship site. It combines the harmonious beauty of nature with spiritual significance. At Marble Mountains, visitors can explore the breathtaking scenery, immerse themselves in tranquility, and learn about the local culture. These mountains are also home to numerous magnificent caves, tunnels, temples, and pagodas, all waiting to be discovered.

Marble Mountain

10. Son Tra Peninsula (Da Nang)

Located approximately 42 kilometers away from Hoi An, Son Tra Peninsula is an excellent hideaway, particularly for those seeking white-sand beaches, primeval forests, and water activities. It boasts stunning landscapes and one of the most diverse ecosystems in Vietnam. Most visitors are drawn to Son Tra Peninsula for its collection of flora and fauna, especially the unique red-shanked douc langur.

Son Tra Peninsula

11. Hue Imperial City - ideal for day trips to Hue from Hoi An

To truly experience Central Vietnam, going on a day trip from Hoi An to Hue is a must. Hue, the former capital, is a treasure trove of ancient wonders, cultural heritage, and delectable cuisine. After covering a distance of about 120 km, visitors can immerse themselves in Vietnam's illustrious history, feeling as though they've stepped back in time. Notable attractions to explore in this historic city include the complex of Hue Imperial City, royal tombs, and temples.

Hue Imperial City

Embarking on day trips from Hoi An unveils a tapestry of diverse experiences, blending cultural heritage with natural beauty. Whether you seek adventure or relaxation, Hoi An's surrounding treasures await, ready to captivate and inspire every traveler.

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