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Diving in Hoi An: Make your first try come with a fantastic surprise

05/01/2024 7.959

Diving in Hoi An, Vietnam, is an excellent choice for foreign visitors to blow off some steam in the holiday season. Cham Islands are a highly recommended place for divers who seek the answer to the question “Where to dive in Hoi An?”

Diving in Hoi An

Home to numerous coral reefs and diverse sea fauna, Cham Islands is an ideal place for diving in Hoi An, which offers tourists the opportunity to immerse themselves in not only its cultural uniqueness but also its diversity of marine life. Under the crystal clear water, you can observe the many colorful schools of fish and corals of Hoi An’s beaches.

1. The recommended time to go diving in Hoi An

Diving in Hoi An

As Cham Islands is gifted with various landscapes - from gorgeous sand beaches to wooded hills, you can have a taste of different breath-taking sceneries after a long dive underwater.

Well known for its rich ocean wildlife and eye-catching coral reefs, scuba diving in Hoi An also surprises tourists with its ideal water conditions. Between March and October is the optimal time to go diving. This is when the water body has a temperature of around 27 degree Celsius and offers good visibility, while the currents are calm enough. In contrast, seasonal storms occur frequently in Hoi An during the other months, causing diving centers to pause their services for the purpose of ensuring safety. 

Even more noteworthy, Hoi An has developed an underwater cleaning program to preserve its environment and ocean biodiversity. Thus, it is another good reason to tick off that box in your bucket list - showing support for the region’s mindful action. 

2. Where to dive in Hoi An Vietnam for a perfect experience?

*These places belong to Cham Islands

Diving in Hoi An

Only a 40-minute boat ride away from Hoi An ancient town, the magnificent Cham Islands awaits you with a one-of-a-kind diving experience. 

Whether you are a newbie or expert, everyone can enjoy diving in Hoi An. This is because various diving centers are located throughout the city, all with fully qualified staff to guide you through every step along your journey under the sea. Standing out is Hoi An Diving Center (also known as Blue Coral Diving Center), which offers tourists many unique diving opportunities as the one and only five stars PADI IDC center here. Another excellent choice would be Cham Islands Diving Center. 

While this island cluster consists of 8 islets - all with distinctive characteristics, below are the most popular sites among both foreign and domestic visitors.

2.1. Hon Lao Island

Hon Lao island is a perfect option for divers of intermediate or higher levels. Here, one can dive up to 45 meters underwater to have a close view of the vibrant seahorses, triggerfish, or plenty of nudibranchs lying on the seabed. This island is even more remarkable among tourists for its sublime rock formations and primitive caverns.  

2.2. Hon Kho Island

Diving in Hoi An

Hon Kho island is the most suitable place for those interested in the seabed’s natural structure at a more shallow depth (only up to 25 meters underwater). It is also gifted with diverse marine wildlife, including lionfish, barracuda, and schooling fishes. This makes the island a great traveling destination, offering enjoyable and relaxing diving experiences even for beginners. 

2.3. Hon Tai Island

This is a top choice for people who find themselves fascinated with the ocean’s biodiversity. You can expect to see radiant and lively clownfish, spiny puffer fish, eel, and large groupers swimming over extensive spans of soft corals while diving 20 meters below the water surface. 

Diving in Hoi An

2.4. Hon Dai Island

Diving in Hoi An

While the south of Hon Dai Island is more beginner-friendly with a diving depth ranging from 4 to 18 meters, the island’s northern area offers a much more exciting experience with a diving depth of up to 60 meters for expert divers. There is even a water current running through this diving area if the above considerable depth does not seem challenging enough for you. Some local marine species here are clownfish, lionfish, and sea slugs.

2.5. Hon Mo Island

Located near Hoi An ancient town, Hon Mo Island is suitable for every visitor with its diverse range of underwater activities such as swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and sea walking. Coming to this island, tourists often find themselves enchanted by the array of colors of different seabed species. Hence, a waterproofed camera is essential to capture your favorite moments under the water!

3. How much does diving in Hoi An, Vietnam cost?

As mentioned, Hoi An offers you a variety of diving activities. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and sea walking are all in great demand among international travelers coming to Cham Islands. 

Regarding diving, you may find reliable services at qualified sites such as the Blue Coral Diving Hoi An or Cham Islands Diving centers. They both offer two diving tanks at a price ranging from 1,800,000 to 2,000,000 VND (depending on your expertise), and you can easily make a booking through their websites. Here is some additional information you might need to note down (regarding both centers):

  • Business hours: 9 am - 9:30 pm every day
  • Transport: Pick-up at Hotel at 8 am and drop-off at 5 pm

In addition, snorkeling in Hoi An is another activity to consider if you are feeling reluctant to try out scuba diving. Exploring your new record for holding your breath while discovering the coral reefs below the water surface is definitely a fun challenge! Moreover, the price for snorkeling is much lower than diving in Cham Islands - only about 1,200,000 VND for two snorkeling spots and lunch. This activity is also available at the Blue Coral Diving Hoi An and Cham Islands Diving centers.

4. Valuable tips for your first time diving in Hoi An

Diving in Hoi An
  • Choose a reputable diving center with a team of professional divers
  • Use suitable diving equipment that fits your body
  • Check the vents, propellers, diving goggles, masks, etc. as well as familiarize yourself with the equipment before going into the sea
  • Make sure you have good health and not suffer from nose disorders, ear infections or cardiovascular diseases
  • Do not stay hungry or eat too much before diving
  • Follow the instructions of the accompanying coach, do not leave the group, do not swim too deep or too fast
  • Promptly signal the coach when encountering any unusual situation

Here is recommendation for accommodation when you first arrive at Hoi An: Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An. This resort seamlessly blends contemporary architecture with the breathtaking beauty of nature. The resort building, resembling gigantic sails, fronts the pristine 1.3km-long Binh Minh Beach. It features an infinity pool shaped like a seashell, opulent villas, and various other amenities. As a bonus, swing by VinWonders Nam Hoi An for an exquisite cultural experience in this modern entertainment complex. 

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Diving in Hoi An

Overall, diving in Hoi An is a must-try once you arrive in Vietnam! Hopefully, the information provided above will be helpful for the preparation for your future journey. 

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