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Hon Tam Resort Nha Trang: A high-end retreat for complete relaxation

27/10/2023 6.387

Hon Tam is an idyllic island where guests can unwind in Mother Nature’s embrace. Here, Hon Tam Resort Nha Trang offers the best hospitality.

Hon Tam Resort

Hon Tam Resort is one of the best accommodations in Nha Trang. Here, guests can choose from a range of rooms in luxurious bungalows and villas. There are also two fine dining restaurants and a spa center for a pampering Vietnam travel experience. If you are in Nha Trang, definitely consider going to Hon Tam Island and staying at this resort.

1. Introduction to Hon Tam Resort Nha Trang

Hon Tam Resort Nha Trang is an exquisite getaway situated on the picturesque Hon Tam Island, about 7 kilometers southeast of Nha Trang City. To reach Hon Tam Resort, you will need to get to Hon Tam Pier and catch a canoe ride. The daily departure time slots are 8 AM, 10 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM from Monday to Thursday and 8 AM, 9 AM, 10 AM, 11 AM, 12 PM, 1 PM, 2 PM from Friday to Sunday. But a convenient means of transportation is not the only great thing about Hon Tam Resort Nha Trang. This property offers a lot more, and we will touch on all of them below.

Hon Tam Resort

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2. Hon Tam Resort reviews: 5+ outstanding things to know

2.1. High-quality room system

Nestled amidst the serene beauty of nature, Hon Tam Island Resort offers a tranquil escape for travelers seeking diverse experiences. The resort's rooms are designed with utmost flexibility, ensuring they cater to a wide range of preferences. Whether you are a family looking for a memorable vacation, a couple desiring a romantic honeymoon retreat, a solo traveler craving adventure, or a professional needing a comfortable space for business engagements, Hon Tam Resort provides.

Each room here is meticulously curated, featuring modern amenities that seamlessly harmonizes with the surrounding natural landscape. Guests can indulge in the breathtaking views of the expansive sea bay where the lush greenery meets the horizon and enjoy the cool invigorating sea breezes that add to the overall sense of tranquility. There are 15 villas and over 55 bungalows in total:

Accommodation type


Deluxe Double room with garden view & king bed


Deluxe Quadruple room with garden view & double beds


Couple bungalow


Forestal Deluxe room


Tropical bungalow with garden view & double beds

56m2 (garden: 74m2)

Tropical bungalow with garden view & king bed

56m2 (garden: 74m2)

Tropical bungalow with sea view & double beds

56m2 (garden: 74m2)

Tropical bungalow with sea view & king bed

56m2 (garden: 74m2)

Premier Family bungalow with garden view

65m2 (garden: 203m2)

Premier Family bungalow with sea view

65m2 (garden: 203m2)

Executive Suite room



Hon Tam Resort

2.2. Classy internal services and amenities

Hon Tam Resort provides a wide range of amenities, such as airport shuttle, complimentary canoe transfers to the island, beverages, a swimming pool, a fitness center, around-the-clock room service, customizable breakfast options, newspapers, and Internet access. These abundant in-house conveniences guarantee that guests can enjoy a leisurely vacation with a comprehensive experience.

One of the most notable amenities is Hon Tam Resort Nha Trang’s spa, an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation. It offers a wide range of luxurious treatments to melt away your stress and leave you feeling pampered. From traditional Vietnamese massages to exotic body scrubs and facials, the skilled therapists here ensure that every treatment is tailored to your individual needs. The calm ambiance, soothing music, and exquisite aroma create the perfect environment for indulging in some much-needed care. After a treatment, you can also take a dip in a jacuzzi or unwind in the steam room.

Hon Tam Resort

2.3. Excellent mud baths

Indulging in a mud bath in Vietnam has become synonymous with Nha Trang’s tourism, celebrated as a precious natural gift known for its skin-enhancing and health benefits. At Hon Tam Island Mud Bath in Hon Tam Resort, you can partake in this unique therapeutic experience.

Covering a vast expanse of 16,000 square meters, Hon Tam Island Mud Bath draws inspiration from the picturesque pattern of terraced fields interwoven with tranquil reservoirs and lush surroundings. This design creates a truly exceptional environment, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate in a Nha Trang mud bath.

Hon Tam Resort

>>> Book Hon Tam mud bathing services for a refreshing and rejuvenating retreat! 

2.4. Exceptional fine dining experiences

Guests can dine at two Nha Trang restaurants within Hon Tam Resort. Both offer a superb selection of Asian-European delights.

  • The Sea Breeze Restaurant: This is a beachfront restaurant with a seaside bar club. It accommodates up to 200 diners and opens from 6:30 AM to 10 PM. 
  • The Rustic Restaurant: This is a slightly smaller restaurant, accommodating around 80 diners. It is located indoors and operates between 7 AM and 10 PM.

At either restaurant, guests can expect to savor some of the best foods in Nha Trang. From mouth-watering seafood delicacies to perfectly grilled meats and fragrant stir-fried noodles, every dish showcases a perfect balance of tastes and textures.

Hon Tam Resort

2.5. Other highlights of Hon Tam Resort

  • Sparkling Waves: This is an extensive water recreation area ideal for family trips and team building events. Visitors to Sparkling Waves can partake in a wide range of thrilling activities such as fishing, kayaking, flyboarding, etc.
  • Wedding service: The dedicated and expert team at Hon Tam Resort will support you in every aspect of your wedding, from decor choices to menu selections. They will plan and ensure that everything is flawlessly prepared for your big day.
  • Conferences service: Hon Tam Resort offers comprehensive packages for organizing corporate events and meetings, ensuring an excellent business travel experience for guests.

3. How to book rooms at Hon Tam Resort Nha Trang?

To secure your accommodation at Hon Tam Resort, take the time to dive into the details of the above-mentioned options, taking into consideration their specifications and amenities. Doing so will help you choose the rooms that align with your budget and preferences. Complete your reservation through the official website of Hon Tam Resort. This not only guarantees a secure payment process but also shields you from potential scams while gaining from enticing deals and special offers.

Hon Tam Resort

>>> Book rooms in Hon Tam Resort for your island retreat! 

4. The best tips for your stay at Hon Tam Resort Nha Trang

For an unforgettable vacation at Hon Tam Resort:

  • Plan your trip between April and September. This is when the island is at its best, with various beach activities and exciting summer events.
  • Reserve your room 1 to 3 months ahead to secure the best options and capitalize on promotions and discounts. 
  • Reach out to the resort to inquire about the services and amenities. Clarify any doubts and make sure you are aware of all the delightful experiences awaiting you.
  • Enrich your journey by combining the stay at Hon Tam Resort with visits to VinWonders Nha Trang and other Nha Trang beaches, where you can immerse yourself in many entertaining activities and elevate your overall experience. 
Hon Tam Resort

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With tranquil beaches, exquisite accommodations, and a range of services and amenities catering to every traveler, Hon Tam Resort Nha Trang is the epitome of an idyllic seaside escape. The mineral mud baths, breathtaking vistas, and a commitment to environmental harmony make it a destination that nourishes both body and soul. Don't miss out on the opportunity to create memories that linger long after the waves have washed ashore at Hon Tam Resort!

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