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MICE in travel: Features, benefits, types and extra things to know

23/01/2024 19.080

MICE in travel is a distinct and emerging form of travel that blends leisure with business, events, conferences, and award ceremonies. With its ability to create substantial revenue and make a powerful impact, MICE tourism offers a unique and dynamic experience for travelers.

MICE in travel

Merging leisure travel with networking, market research, and business development is what MICE in travel is all about. This emerging trend is gaining popularity, as it provides many practical benefits while saving time and money. If you are eager to learn how MICE has developed in Vietnam travel and what Vietnam can offer, read on!

1. What is MICE in travel? What are its prominent features?

Have you ever wondered what does MICE stand for in tourism? MICE in travel refers to Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and Event - a term used to describe tourism that combines travel with conferences, meetings, awards, exhibitions, and other related events.

MICE in travel

Some MICE tourism examples include: 

  • A company organizes a sales conference at a beach resort to combine business with leisure activities, such as team building exercises.
  • A technology trade show that brings together industry experts to showcase the latest innovations and provide networking opportunities with potential partners.

MICE tourism is defined by a number of key features, with four major components that form the backbone of the industry: 

  • Timing: MICE events are scheduled to meet the specific demands and strategies of each organizing group, and can be held at any time throughout the year.
  • Venues: To promote cohesion among participants, MICE tourism typically takes place at upscale hotels, resorts, or large conference centers.
  • Participants: Most MICE participants are influential figures within their industry or field, and are often high-income earners with significant spending power.
  • Tour services: Typical offerings include outdoor travel experiences, conference and seminar organization, resort accommodations, entertainment activities, networking opportunities, and partner search services.
MICE in travel

2. The benefits of MICE in travel compared to other types of travel

MICE in tourism industry offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Participants have a chance to travel, relax, and engage in the activities they enjoy.
  • Balancing work and leisure in a harmonious way can enhance work productivity.
  • Fostering unity between employees and the company is a key.
  • The event creates a platform for businesses, investors, customers, and partners to meet and seek opportunities for collaboration.
  • The event has a positive impact on multiple economic sectors, contributing to the promotion of tourism for the destination.
MICE in travel

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3. What are the most popular types of MICE tourism nowadays?

MICE in tourism yields positive results due to its ability to attract a significant number of visitors, including both domestic and international clients, who have high spending power and a preference for luxury services and accommodations over an extended period. There are currently four popular types of MICE tourism, which are:

3.1. Meetings 

This tourism activity comes in two forms: conference and seminar, providing guests with information and products that match their interests and needs. There are two kinds of Meeting tours:

  • Association Meeting: Facilitating meetings and discussions between people who share similar needs and interests. The attendance generally ranges from 50 to 200 people.
  • Corporate Meeting: Designed for the company’s internal affairs, usually on a smaller scale. It can be an Internal Meeting, such as a workshop for exchanging information within the company, or an External Meeting, like a seminar for discussing business cooperation and investment between two or more companies.
MICE in travel

3.2. Incentives 

Incentive tour is a type of tourism aimed at recognizing the contributions of individuals or groups of staff. This form of MICE tourism blends travel with leisure activities and team-building exercises, fostering strong bonds between the employees and the company while further cultivating the corporate culture.

During incentive tours, company employees engage in various team-building activities, such as camping, along with ample leisure time to unwind and enjoy themselves.

MICE in travel

3.3. Conferences

As the name suggests, this is a fusion of tourism and conference organization, creating a platform for experts to exchange information. Typically, such conferences are conducted on a large scale, accommodating from 300 to 1,500 attendees.

Conference tours are typically categorized into two types. Host conferences are organized by a single party, while other parties send representatives to attend. Annual conferences are organized by different parties on a rotating basis.

MICE in travel

3.4. Exhibitions

Exhibition tours aim to promote a specific field, often featuring a variety of festivities, competitions, and product and service introductions. The scale of these events is not typically constrained to a specific figure.

Exhibition tours typically have two main types: commercial exhibitions that primarily cater to businesses, and product exhibitions that aim to introduce and showcase products to customers.

MICE in travel

4. Vietnam's MICE tourism at a glance

MICE tourism is a rapidly growing sector in Vietnam travel, with significant potential for development. The country's stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and historical significance make it an ideal destination for MICE, particularly in key cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Nha Trang, Da Nang, and Phu Quoc. The flourishing hospitality industry, transportation services, and other infrastructure sectors further support the growth of MICE in travel and tourism.

MICE in travel

In particular, Vinpearl is the preferred choice of venue for many organizations to arrange MICE tours. Vinpearl's hotels and resorts located in Ha Long, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An and Phu Quoc provide top-notch and expert MICE services to both local and international visitors. What sets Vinpearl apart are its unique features:

  • Luxurious and internationally standardized rooms, exclusive Suites for company leaders, and sea-view rooms.
  • A diverse menu for all meals during your stay at no extra cost.
  • The flexibility and convenience of various meeting rooms that can cater to any group size, along with many attractive incentives, such as a tea break for 100,000 VND/pax, free half-day use of meeting rooms, and 8 hours of rehearsal for only 6,000,000 VND, etc.
  • Opportunities to enjoy many team-building activities, including one hour of free karaoke, bowling, mud-bathing at Hon Tam, and a marathon race around Hon Tre island.
  • A value-for-money experience with attractive prices, starting from only 1,850,000 VND/pax/night.
MICE in travel

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MICE in travel has become an essential aspect of the global tourism industry. Its unique features and benefits cater to the specific needs of business travelers and corporations, providing a perfect blend of work and leisure. Whether it is conferences, exhibitions, or team-building activities, MICE in travel industry is a growing trend that promises significant returns on investment for both the businesses and destinations.

>>> Book MICE services of Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long, Vinpearl Nha Trang, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Da Nang, Vinpearl Hoi An and Vinpearl Phu Quoc to elevate your business events to a new level of luxury and professionalism!

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