Grand World Night Market is the ideal destination to discover the local flavors of Phu Quoc. With 134 stalls selling 3 main groups of goods: local cuisines, souvenirs, necessities and fashion items, it provides a wide range of this pearl island’s signature specialties such as seafood takeaways, exquisite handmade gifts inlaid with snail shells, pearls, and local products ranging from downy myrtle wine, sweet pepper and special salt to premium fish sauce.

The seafood at Grand World Phu Quoc Night Market is always fresh because it is sourced on a daily basis, with offerings of sea urchins, Bien Mai clams, squids, Ham Ninh sentinel crabs and natural fish. This destination also delights with art performances, including the impressive Bikini Show and Caravan Festival.

Location & contact details

16:00 - 02:00 (AM)
Khu phố Indochine, Grand World, Bãi Dài, Gành Dầu, Phú Quốc

Over 18 years old