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A glance at Vietnam weather in November in the three main regions

08/01/2024 5.643

Vietnam weather in November showcases a delightful blend of favorable conditions, making it an appealing time to explore this captivating Southeast Asian country. November offers an ideal time for discovering Vietnam's vibrant cities, breathtaking landscapes, and rich cultural heritage.

Vietnam weather in November

Are you planning your Vietnam trip in November? With mild temperatures and less rainfall, Vietnam weather in November offers an inviting setting for travelers to delve into the country's diverse attractions, from bustling cities to serene coastal areas and lush countryside.

1. Vietnam weather in November at a glance

What is the weather like in Vietnam in November? Vietnam weather in November varies in different regions of the country due to its diverse topography.

1.1. Weather in Northern Vietnam

In November, Northern Vietnam experiences a transitional period between the hot summer and the cold winter, offering some of the most comfortable weather conditions of the year. With average temperatures around 24 degrees Celsius, infrequent light rains, and clear skies, it is an ideal time for outdoor activities, particularly in mountainous areas like Sapa and Ha Giang.

Vietnam weather in November

1.2. Weather in Central Vietnam

In Central Vietnam, November brings a slight increase in average temperatures to around 25 degrees Celsius. This month also coincides with the peak of the rainy and stormy season. The region experiences a high possibility of torrential rains, which can lead to flooding in lowland areas and landslides in mountainous areas. It is advised to check Vietnam weather in November at least a week in advance before visiting this region.

However, there is a silver lining. Although November is one of the rainiest months in Central Vietnam in general, areas like Da Lat and the Central Highlands experience clear skies and less rain. The temperatures vary across the region, with Hai Van Pass averaging between 23 and 25 degrees Celsius, while coastal cities like Nha Trang receive significant rainfall.

Vietnam weather in November

1.3. Weather in Southern Vietnam

With clear skies, reduced rainfall, and lower humidity, November offers some of the best weather conditions in the South. 

Visitors can enjoy mild temperatures ranging from 24 to 31 degrees Celsius. It is the dry season in places in this region, offering little rain and delightful balmy weather, making it perfect for outdoor trips.

November is an ideal time for beach vacations in Southern Vietnam. For beach lovers, the stunning stretches of Mui Ne, Phu Quoc, Ho Tram, and Long Hai present top choices, with plenty of sunshine to soak up.

Vietnam weather in November

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2. The 9 best places to visit in Vietnam in November

2.1. Sapa, Lao Cai

Sapa's allure spans all four seasons, captivating visitors with its majestic, poetic, and romantic beauty. A November trip to Sapa offers a chance to breathe in the refreshing air of the Northwestern region, explore ancient French villas, witness the grandeur of the 200-meter-high Silver Waterfall, and gain insights into the life of the H'Mong people in Cat Cat Village. Also, in November, Sapa showcases stunning golden terraced fields, especially when admired from above.

Vietnam weather in November

2.2. Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc

Traveling to Tam Dao in November brings a truly enchanting experience. This already beautiful destination becomes even more magical and awe-inspiring during this time. Tam Dao offers a cool and misty atmosphere in November, with fog gracefully blanketing the mountains and hills. Don’t forget to check out some renowned tourist attractions here, such as Tam Dao Stone Church, Tam Dao National Park, and the vibrant night market.

2.3. Where to enjoy Northern Vietnam weather in November? Ha Giang

Exploring Ha Giang during this season will unveil the mesmerizing sight of buckwheat flower fields adorning the mountainsides. November marks the blooming season of these iconic flowers in Ha Giang. Moreover, the weather during this period is highly favorable for various activities. With minimal rainfall, the absence of flash floods or landslides, and clear skies, you can readily embark on a thrilling motorbike trip across Ha Giang.

Vietnam weather in November

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2.4. Da Lat, Lam Dong

November is an ideal time for a visit to Da Lat. During this period, this highland city envelops itself in a chilly winter ambiance, offering numerous picturesque vistas. Exploring Da Lat in November allows visitors to experience the characteristic cold weather synonymous with this “City of Flowers”. The misty early mornings and the ethereal sight of white wisps floating through the air during nightfall add an extra layer of enchantment to the Da Lat experience.

2.5. Ba Vi, Hanoi

Ba Vi is an unmissable place for your Hanoi travel. November brings forth the captivating bloom of wild sunflowers on the hills and slopes of Ba Vi National Park. The flower season lasts for about a month, with the peak of magnificence lasting two weeks when the flowers are in full bloom.

Moreover, historic remnants such as French Ruins, Uncle Ho Temple, Bao Thien Tower, and Tan Vien Temple add to the allure of the surroundings, offering a blend of natural and cultural exploration for all who venture to Ba Vi in November.

Vietnam weather in November

2.6. Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh

Situated northeast of Quang Ninh Province, Binh Lieu offers mild weather throughout the year. In November, the hillsides along the road to the iconic landmarks in Binh Lieu come alive with the blooming reeds. Here, you can visit the landmarks along the national border, navigate the winding roads amidst the reed-covered hills, and witness the stunning displays of clouds at dawn or dusk.

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2.7. Ho Chi Minh City

Exploring Ho Chi Minh City in November presents an ideal opportunity to discover renowned attractions, indulge in culinary delights, and immerse oneself in the vibrant atmosphere of this city. Ho Chi Minh City weather in November is suitable for wandering around, with decreased rainfall and pleasant temperature.

During a November visit to Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can venture to captivating attractions such as Ben Thanh Market, War Remnants Museum, and Independence Palace. As night falls, one can admire Anh Sao Bridge, take a leisurely stroll along Nguyen Hue Walking Street, and explore the bustling ambiance of Bui Vien Street.

Vietnam weather in November

2.8. Ho Tram, Vung Tau - A perfect place to enjoy South Vietnam weather in November

Located in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, Ho Tram is a charming coastal area renowned for its unspoiled beachfront and minimal urbanization. Embraced by both locals and tourists from Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Tram stands as a beloved seaside getaway. With November marking the dry season, it presents an opportune time to explore Ho Tram, offering ideal conditions for leisurely walks, refreshing swims, and sun-kissed relaxation on its pristine shores.

2.9. Phu Quoc, Kien Giang

In November, Phu Quoc Island unveils its most exquisite charm with the rainy season behind and the heat of summer subsiding. The weather becomes dry, warm, and sunny, creating a delightful and comfortable ambiance

Coming to Phu Quoc, there are many renowned attractions awaiting exploration, including VinWonders Phu Quoc, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, Ho Quoc Pagoda, Dinh Cau Temple, and Ham Ninh Fishing Village.

Vietnam weather in November

Visiting Vietnam in November, you can consider staying at Vinpearl, a renowned brand for luxurious accommodations in the country. Vinpearl’s properties are well-known for their exceptional service, exquisite design, and prime locations in some of the country's most captivating destinations.

Whether you seek a beachside retreat, a nature-inspired getaway, or an urban oasis, Vinpearl offers a diverse portfolio of hotels and resorts to suit every traveler's desires. Immerse yourself in opulence, savor gourmet cuisine, unwind at rejuvenating spas, and revel in exclusive amenities that will elevate your stay to unparalleled heights. 

Vietnam weather in November

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Vietnam weather in November presents an enticing blend of favorable conditions and regional variations. Travelers can take advantage of the comfortable temperatures, reduced rainfall, and clear skies to explore all the enchanting cities, breathtaking landscapes, and stunning beaches that November in Vietnam has to offer.

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