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Bach Long Bridge: Explore a record-breaking structure in Moc Chau

06/01/2024 9.166

Bach Long Bridge, the highlight of Son La Province, is on the bucket list of many travelers due to its charm. Thus, you should not miss out on the opportunity to see this iconic attraction during your trip to this region.

Bach Long Bridge

During your Vietnam travel journey, visiting Bach Long Bridge in Moc Chau should hold a prominent place on your bucket list. Nestled amidst captivating landscapes, this architectural gem beckons travelers from around the globe with its breathtaking beauty and thrilling experience.

1. Bach Long Bridge Vietnam location and opening hours

Bach Long Bridge is a magnificent glass-bottomed bridge situated in Muong Sang Commune, Moc Chau District, Son La Province. It is part of Moc Chau Island tourism complex, which encompasses various resorts and entertainment facilities. This captivating bridge has swiftly emerged as a prominent tourist attraction in Moc Chau, capturing the interest and fascination of both domestic and international visitors.

To ensure a pleasant experience for all, the bridge operates under specific opening hours based on the days of the week:

  • On Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays: Bach Long Bridge extends its operating hours to accommodate a larger influx of tourists. During these days, visitors can access the bridge from 6:30 am until 7.00 pm. 
  • From Sundays to Thursdays: The opening hours of Bach Long Bridge are slightly adjusted to align with the quieter periods of the week. During these days, visitors can access the bridge from 6:30 am until 6:00 pm. 
Bach Long Bridge

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2. What makes Bach Long Bridge the longest glass bridge in the world?

Bach Long Bridge is situated at an impressive height of 150 meters (492 feet) above the forest below, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. With its elevated position, visitors can enjoy sweeping vistas of the lush greenery and natural beauty that encompasses the bridge.

The size of Bach Long Bridge is equally impressive. It spans a length of 632 meters (2,073 feet) and has a width of 2.4 meters. This generous width provides ample space for visitors to traverse the bridge comfortably, ensuring a pleasant and safe walking experience.

The construction of Bach Long Bridge exemplifies a commitment to safety and quality. The bridge's tempered glass, imported from France, adds to its durability and transparency. The bridge can withstand the weight of up to 450 people simultaneously, providing reassurance to visitors about its structural integrity.

Bach Long Bridge

3. The latest ticket fees of Bach Long Glass Bridge in Vietnam

Types of visitors Weekdays Weekends & Holidays
Adults above 1.4 meters in height 550,000 VND 650,000 VND
Children from 1 to 1.4 meters in height 350,000 VND 350,000 VND
Children below 1 meter in height Free Free

4. Tourist attractions near Bach Long Moc Chau Glass Bridge

4.1. Dai Yem Waterfall

Located amidst the picturesque landscapes of Son La, Dai Yem Waterfall is a hidden gem that beckons nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Its name, which translates to "The Veil", perfectly captures the ethereal charm that envelops this enchanting waterfall. 

As you approach Dai Yem Waterfall, you will be greeted by a mesmerizing curtain of water gracefully descending from the towering cliffs above. The waterfall cascades down a series of rocky steps, creating a captivating spectacle of glistening water and misty spray that dances in the sunlight. 

Dai Yem Waterfall is a testament to the incredible beauty that Vietnam waterfalls have to offer.

Bach Long Bridge

4.2. Moc Chau Island tourism complex

Moc Chau Island is a sprawling resort and entertainment complex nestled in the heart of Moc Chau. This vast tourist area offers a myriad of attractions and amenities, promising visitors an unforgettable experience in a stunning natural setting. 

As you enter Moc Chau Island tourism complex, you will immediately be captivated by the awe-inspiring beauty of the mountains. The surrounding landscape boasts breathtaking vistas of rolling hills, lush greenery, and serene valleys, creating a picturesque backdrop that sets the stage for a truly immersive experience.

Bach Long Bridge

5. Tips for your adventure to Bach Long Bridge in Vietnam

If you are embarking on an adventure to Bach Long Bridge in Vietnam, here are some helpful tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience:

  • Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear suitable for walking. Keep in mind that the weather in Moc Chau can vary, so dress in layers and bring a light jacket or raincoat if needed.
  • While the bridge is designed to be safe, it is essential to pay attention to your steps, especially if you have a fear of heights. The small white strips on each side of the bridge can provide additional support as you navigate the transparent walkway.
  • Follow any guidelines or instructions provided by the staff at the bridge. This includes adhering to capacity limits and maintaining a safe distance from others.
  • Help preserve the beauty of Bach Long Bridge and its surroundings by being responsible and environmentally conscious. Dispose of trash properly and respect the environment during your visit.
  • After crossing the bridge, take the time to explore the surrounding area. Discover the nearby attractions, engage with the local culture, and savor the flavors of Son La Province.
Bach Long Bridge

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Bach Long Bridge


Bach Long Bridge

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Bach Long Bridge stands as a testament to the remarkable beauty and engineering found in Vietnam. Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Moc Chau, this glass bridge captivates visitors with its awe-inspiring views and exhilarating experiences. Hopefully, this article will help you better prepare for your visit to this famous bridge in Vietnam.

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