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The 30 best places to visit in Asia in October for travel enthusiasts

30/01/2024 8.938

The best places to visit in Asia in October encompass a diverse array of Asian destinations, offering a perfect blend of cultural richness and scenic beauty. From the enchanting temples of Luang Prabang to the vibrant foliage of Seoul, October unveils the unique charm of these remarkable destinations.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

For an unforgettable Asia travel experience in Autumn, explore the best places to visit in Asia in October. If you are wondering "Where to go in Asia in October to immerse in cultural allure or the vibrant landscapes?", this article recommends 30 cities in October offering the perfect weather to discover the cultural tapestry and natural wonders that await you!

1. Indonesia – one of the best places to visit in Asia in October for beach getaways

Indonesia stands out as one of the cheapest countries to travel in Asia, as well as being among the most popular choices in Southeast Asia for October.

1.1. Bali

Bali, a captivating blend of culture, nature, adventure, art, architecture, religion, and festivals, is a top October destination worldwide. With an average temperature of 27°C, minimal rainfall, and ideal conditions for exploring tranquil temples and beautiful beaches, Bali offers unforgettable experiences such as hiking in Mount Batur, wildlife safaris at Bali Safari and Marine Park, surfing in Uluwatu, exploring Bingin Beach, and admiring the breathtaking rice terraces of Jatiluwih and Tegallalang.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

1.2. Java

The vibrant capital of Indonesia, Java, is renowned for offering an excellent opportunity to appreciate its natural beauty, with temperatures ranging from a cool 24°C to a pleasant 33°C. Visitors can marvel at various volcanoes and experience modern city life. Key attractions not to be missed during an October trip to Indonesia include the Borobudur Temple, Jakarta, Mount Bromo, Sempu Island, and Badung.

1.3. Jogja

One of the best places to visit in Asia in October is Yogyakarta, often referred to as the cultural capital of Indonesia. Yogyakarta boasts the famous Buddhist temple of Borobudur and the beautiful Hindu temples of Prambanan, providing stunning sunset views. The Sono-Budoyo Museum, showcasing Indonesian art and design, and the expansive Kraton Royal Palace, known for its impressive size and enduring artistry, are also noteworthy.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

2. Vietnam – where to go in Asia in October to explore scenic nature

What are the best countries to visit in Asia in October? One standing-out name is Vietnam. Vietnam weather in October is mild and suitable for Vietnam travel adventures, offering a diverse range of experiences, from beautiful natural landscapes to historical sites and unique cuisine.

2.1. Hanoi

Hanoi weather in October, with cool breezes and sunny days, is perfect for exploring the capital city's landmarks, enjoying local cuisine, and experiencing its rich history and culture. Activities in Hanoi include walking around the Old Quarter for the city's rich history and culture, visiting the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, exploring Ta Hien Street for vibrant nightlife, and discovering Dong Xuan Market for souvenirs and local delicacies.

2.2. Sapa

Sapa weather in October features pleasant temperatures, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities like trekking and visiting ethnic villages. Top activities in Sapa in October include admiring ripened rice fields in villages such as Muong Hoa Valley and Cat Cat Village; witnessing the vibrant sunset from the summit of Fansipan Mountain - the "Roof of Indochina; immersing yourself in the enchanting beauty of buckwheat flowers; and engaging in a fair market to explore local culture and crafts.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

2.3. Nha Trang

While Nha Trang weather in October experiences some rainfall, it offers a relaxed and reasonably priced vacation, making it one of the best places to visit in Asia in October. Recommended activities in Nha Trang include exploring tourist attractions like Po Nagar Cham Towers - an ancient testament to Cham civilization, the National Oceanographic Museum, Long Son Pagoda, Dam Market, VinWonders Nha Trang, and Hon Mun Island. Additionally, visitors can experience unique mud baths and indulge in local dishes like seafood, banh xeo, and bun ca.

2.4. Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc weather in October, with an average temperature of around 27°C and minimal rainfall, makes it an attractive destination for beach lovers. Unmissable places to visit in Phu Quoc include Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc - a captivating wildlife sanctuary; VinWonders Phu Quoc, an entertainment complex with exhilarating activities and games; May Rut Island, which has pristine beaches perfect for swimming and beach activities; Ham Ninh Fishing Village, where you can witness the rustic local life; and Starfish Beach, known for its abundant population of starfish.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

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Best places to visit in Asia in October


Best places to visit in Asia in October

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3. Thailand – a country in Asia to visit in October for fantastic outdoor adventures

Where to go in Asia in October? Consider Thailand, one of the best Asian destinations offering budget-friendly options for fantastic outdoor adventures.

3.1. Pattaya

The small yet picturesque fishing village of Pattaya is one of the famous beach destinations in Thailand and is considered one of the best places to visit in Asia in October, with an average temperature of 28°C. Shopping and nightlife are two popular activities driving tourism in Pattaya. Major attractions include Jomtien Beach, Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Sriracha Tiger Zoo, Sanctuary of Truth, and the Floating Market.

3.2. Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai serves as the main base for trekking in Thailand and is among the best Asian places to visit in October, with a relatively cool average temperature ranging from 22°C to 31°C, better air quality, and a less hectic atmosphere. Explore numerous temples and markets in the Old Town; discover coffee shops, street art, and bustling bazaars in Nimmanhaemin or near the Ping River; visit the famous Doi Suthep temple; and explore the trails of the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

3.3. Koh Lanta

Visiting Koh Lanta, Thailand, in October is sure to be a rewarding experience. The ideal weather is perfect for exploring wonderful beaches such as the peaceful Long Beach, which offers a long sandy beach with relaxed beach bars and restaurants. Alternatively, you can discover the National Park with a dedicated trek in the jungle or visit the Emerald Cave for snorkeling and exploring an uninhabited island. If you would like to stroll through a charming little town, head to the Old Town.

4. Cambodia – an indispensable place for temple exploration in Asia in October

Among countries in Asia, Cambodia is one of the best places to travel in Asia in October that you should not overlook.

4.1. Kampot

The city of Kampot is also an interesting tourist destination in Cambodia in October, with a pleasant temperature of around 27°C. The area attracts tourists with its salt fields and pepper plantations, featuring buildings known for their colonial architecture that offer a glimpse into Kampot's history. When visiting Kampot in October, don't miss must-try experiences such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

4.2. Phnom Penh

The capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, is a bustling city renowned for its historical significance, rich culture, and various points of interest that are worth a visit. In October, the temperature ranges from 25°C to 31°C, making it ideal to explore famous sites such as the Royal Palace, Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Wat Phnom, and the National Museum, providing insights into the history and culture of the country.

4.3. Siem Reap

When mentioning Cambodia, it is impossible not to mention Siem Reap - one of the best places to travel in Asia in October. Widely known for the awe-inspiring and historic Angkor Temple Complex, Siem Reap goes beyond temple-hopping, offering a town bustling with art, a vibrant nightlife and bar scene, and a thriving culinary trade scene that's definitely worth trying.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

5. Myanmar – among the best places to visit in Asia in October for cheap trips

If you are pondering the best cities to visit in Asia in October, consider some suggestions in the country of Myanmar below!

5.1. Bagan

Bagan, home to many of the oldest ruins dating back to the eleventh century, is one of the most serene Asian destinations to visit in October. With a relatively cool average temperature of around 30°C, it is perfect for exploring locations like Popa Mountain National Park, Shwezigon Pagoda, Sulamani Temple, Shwesandaw Pagoda, and Ananda Temple. Moreover, make sure to treat your eyes to the breathtaking sights of temples and pagodas in the radiant sunset, which provide relaxation to the core.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

5.2. Mandalay

Mandalay is among the best places to visit in Asia in October, with a comfortable temperature ranging from 24°C to 32°C. When in Mandalay in October, don't miss out on interesting religious festivals such as Thadingyut (Festival of Lights), Myanmar's second most popular national festival celebrating the end of the Buddhist Lent with lights, music, and dance. Other notable events include the big temple festival at Kyauktawgyi Paya and the "Dancing Elephant" festival, which features pairs of dancers in gigantic elephant costumes.

5.3. Yangon 

October is a good time to visit Yangon when the weather is usually very warm, with temperatures ranging from 24 to 30°C. Some top events and activities to explore in Yangon include taking a hot air balloon ride over Bagan, attending the Thadingyut Festival, watching a traditional puppet show, exploring the Shwedagon Pagoda at night, trying local cuisine at a street food market, visiting Kandawgyi Lake, the National Museum of Myanmar, and the Bogyoke Aung San Market.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

6. Taiwan – an ideal option for sightseeing tours in Asia in October

Among Asian destinations, Taiwan is one of the best places to visit in Asia in October for a sightseeing tour, with numerous national parks, nature reserves, and art centers.

6.1. Taipei

The capital city of Taiwan, Taipei, offers many interesting attractions for travelers in October, with beautiful and cool weather. Some top things to do in Taipei include visiting Taipei 101 - formerly the tallest building in the world, exploring the National Palace Museum, hiking around Elephant Mountain, visiting various temples, trying bubble tea, soaking in hot springs, and enjoying the famous night markets.

6.2. Tainan

October is a great month to visit Tainan as temperatures cool down and the typhoon season has passed. Tainan, with more than 1600 temples and several historical sites built by the Dutch, is a terrific city full of history and culture to explore. Start by visiting Anping Old Fort, dating back nearly 400 years, and then explore the bustling Old Street, offering local specialty snacks. Don't miss the historic Anping Treehouse and Chihkan Tower, and marvel at the ornate designs of the Mazu Temple.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

6.3. Taichung

Taichung is an arts and cultural hub, making it a must-see for anyone visiting Taiwan in October. The weather in October in Taichung is cool and suitable for exploration. Spots to add to your Taichung itinerary include the Liuchuan Riverside Walk, the Taichung Cultural Heritage Park, Rainbow Village, and the Natural Way Six Arts Cultural Center. For street art enthusiasts, Painted Animation Lane and the Qianyue Building are also recommended.

7. Malaysia – an Asian country to experience the shoulder season in October

Malaysia, a culturally diverse country that blends Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian cultures, offers some of the best places to visit in Southeast Asia in October that no one can afford to miss for the best Asia tours.

7.1. Penang

Where should I travel in October? Penang is considered one of the best places to visit in Asia in October, despite some brief rain. This time of year is the low season, leading to more bargains and fewer tourists. There is much to do in Penang, such as visiting Penang Hill, exploring the Kek Lok Si temple - the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia, strolling around UNESCO-listed George Town, checking out Fort Cornwallis and Kapitan Keling Mosque, heading to Penang National Park to explore nature, and visiting hawker centers to enjoy culinary delights.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

7.2. Tioman Island

October is a great time to spend on Tioman Island, with an average temperature of 29°C and sunny days, allowing you to enjoy the cool ocean and mangrove forests. Tioman Island is perfect for swimming and snorkeling as it is calm and safe, with various coral reefs to explore. The bay also features amazing local cafes along the coast where you can enjoy delicious local food. The island boasts an intact primary rainforest, offering hiking opportunities, natural waterfalls, and wildlife spotting.

7.3. Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is among the best cities to visit in Asia as the rainy season begins, marking the low season for tourism. This allows you to enjoy a less-crowded trip at reasonable prices. Highlights include visiting the Petronas Towers, exploring the Perdana Botanical Gardens, discovering street art in Bukit Bintang, shopping at Central Market for handicrafts, visiting Chinatown and Little India in Brickfields, and taking a day trip to Batu Caves to see several Hindu shrines in the cave.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

8. Japan – where to admire the beautiful autumn foliage in Asia in October

Japan is another country that tops the list of the best places to visit in Asia in October with its gorgeous landscape, delicious food, and courteous people.

8.1. Takayama

Takayama is a picturesque town in the Japanese Alps worth visiting in October during its famous autumn festival, which offers a spectacular opportunity to see old traditions mixed with modern festival culture. During the festival, hundreds of years-old festival floats are pulled through the streets, and mechanical wooden doll performances take place. Food stalls offering the famous festival food are set up along the river road for you to explore local delicacies.

8.2. Kyoto

In October, the weather in Kyoto is exquisite, with an average temperature of 18°C, providing a chance to admire cherry trees in full bloom. The entire city comes to life, and there is a massive surge in the number of visitors from all over the world who come to Kyoto specifically to see these blossoms. Kyoto, one of the best Asian places to visit, is magical, with many famous attractions such as Nijo Castle, Shimogamo Shrine, Eikando Zenrin-Ji, Fushimi Inari-Taisha, and more.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

8.3. Fukuoka

The weather in October in Fukuoka is particularly nice, allowing you to take advantage of everything Fukuoka has to offer. Fukuoka is known throughout Japan for its delicious food, and a great way to experience local cuisine is by eating at yatai - outdoor food stalls that provide a fun and festive atmosphere. Other must-do outdoor activities include visiting the ruins of Fukuoka Castle and Ohori Park. You can also catch Nakasu Matsuri, a colorful street festival featuring amateur wrestling and women carrying floats through the streets.

9. Laos – a suggested country to visit in Asia in October for historical sites

If you want to experience a Southeast Asia travel adventure in October with many exciting elements, don't overlook Laos - one of the best places to travel in Asia in October.

9.1. Luang Prabang

Compared to other parts of Laos, Luang Prabang receives less rain, allowing for enjoyable sightseeing around the city. This makes it one of the best places to visit in Asia in October. Tourists have the opportunity to explore monasteries, monuments, traditional costumes, collections of old French houses, and beautiful scenery. Moreover, there are many attractions outside the town, such as Kuang Si, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Laos, and Pak Ou Caves, which house more than 6,000 ancient Buddha statues.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

9.2. Vang Vieng

Housing some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries dating back to the 16th century, Vang Vieng is undoubtedly one of the most popular Asian destinations. In October, the average temperature here is 27°C, suitable for exploring the thrilling Tham Poukham and Tham Chang caves, unique limestone formations, and the famous Blue Lagoon. Some experiences in Vang Vieng include sightseeing around the spectacular Nam Song River, tubing, hot air ballooning, caving, water activities, enjoying dancing at the Sakura Bar, and more.

9.3. Vientiane

You can visit Vientiane, the bustling capital city of Laos, at any time of the year. It showcases a fusion between a laid-back lifestyle and a vibrant wealth of luxurious hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs. The city is adorned with solemn wats such as Wat Ho Phra Keo, Wat Si Muang, and Wat Mai, along with French colonial boulevards and exciting local markets. When in Vientiane, don't miss That Luang Stupa, the symbol of Laos, and Buddha Park, an extraordinary sculpture park with more than 200 Hindu and Buddhist statues.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

10. South Korea – one of the best places to visit in Asia in October for cultural events

For lovers of cultural events, you cannot overlook South Korea, which has some of the best places to travel in Asia in October.

10.1. Seoul

October is the best time to visit Seoul when this modern city is at its most colorful, with yellow and red autumn leaves and cool weather. Wear a traditional Hanbok costume and visit royal sites such as the splendid Gyeongbokgung Palace. These cooler conditions are also ideal for tours of Seoul's many areas, such as Namdaemun Market, the largest market in South Korea, Insadong and Myeongdong, ideal for shoppers and food lovers, and Hongdae and Gangnam with numerous bars and restaurants. You can also enjoy hikes through lush and fragrant forests such as Mount Inwagasan or Namsan.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

10.2. Andong

Andong, not commonly found on many travelers' bucket lists, is well worth a visit, especially in October, when the city hosts the annual Mask Dance festival. During this time, the quiet town of Andong comes alive with tons of activities, performances, and festivities, especially at the Mask Dance Park. Additionally, you can explore the traditional folk village of Hahoe, hike up Buyongdae Cliff for a great view, visit the Andong Soju Museum, check out the Confucian Culture Museum, or walk across the Wolyeonggyo Bridge, the longest wooden bridge in Korea.

Best places to visit in Asia in October

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Embrace the enchanting tapestry of culture and nature by discovering the best places to visit in Asia in October. Whether you are a culture lover or a nature enthusiast, the more than 30 Asian destinations in this article offer an unrivaled October travel experience. Immerse yourself in the rich history, vibrant traditions, and breathtaking landscapes of the best places to travel in Asia, creating lasting memories in this captivating corner of the world.

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