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27 cheap islands to visit in September for wallet-smart wanderlust

31/01/2024 5.068

Cheap islands to visit in September are undoubtedly ideal hideaways for sea lovers looking to cut down on travel fees without sacrificing the allure of a dreamy seaside retreat.

Cheap islands to visit in September

As summer ends, September gives travelers a great chance to find the perfect affordable island escape. The cheap islands to visit in September offer a retreat to sandy beaches, clear waters, wallet-friendly experiences, and utmost relaxation. Read on to better prepare for your upcoming budget travel adventure in September.

1. Cheap islands to visit in September in Asia for sun seekers

1.1. Gili Islands, Indonesia

If you are planning your Asia travel journey in September, you should explore the magic of the Gili Islands, which are among the prominent cheap islands to visit in September. The weather this month is dry and perfect for a trip. The clear waters are great for snorkeling and diving, offering awesome visibility. The Gili Islands, just 106 kilometers east of Bali, consist of three cheap Asia travel destinations. While Gili Trawangan is known as the 'party island, perfect for any budget traveler, Gili Meno and Gili Air are great for couples and families seeking a more laid-back atmosphere. 

Cheap islands to visit in September

1.2. Ko Pha Ngan Island, Thailand

Listed as one of the best places to visit in Asia, Ko Pha Ngan Island is an affordable gem in the Gulf of Thailand. With 80% of its land preserved as a nature reserve, lush greenery remains untouched. September, just before the rainy season, offers mild weather and minimal rain. During this time of year, Koh Phangan features stunning public beaches with coral reefs for snorkeling. Rooted in spiritual history, the island embraces a vibrant yoga culture, making it a perfect destination for a memorable and budget-friendly getaway.

1.3. Hon Tre Island, Vietnam

If Vietnam is one of your Southeast Asia travel destinations, you should not miss out on the chance to explore Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang, during your Vietnam travel journey. The weather in Nha Trang in September is ideally sunny for travel, with temperatures ranging from 24.5°C to 30°C. Hon Tre Island is renowned as one of the most prominent islands in Nha Trang. boasts various attractions such as Hon Tre Cultural Park, Con Se Tre Tourist Area, and Dam Bay Eco-tourism Area.

Cheap islands to visit in September

Amidst Hon Tre’s natural charm, Vinpearl Nha Trang stands out with modern, upscale accommodations and pampering services. Vinpearl’s luxurious hotels and resorts, an ideal choice for those seeking a relaxing stay, offer comfortable rooms and villas with expansive views of Nha Trang Bay. Additionally, the island is home to the remarkable VinWonders Nha Trang. This entertainment complex seamlessly blends joy, adventure, and fantasy.

Cheap islands to visit in September

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1.4. Mabul Island, Malaysia

Owning some stunning Asian beaches, Mabul Island is an ideal destination for your holiday in Southeast Asia in September. Mabul Island is a small, oval-shaped gem with abundant attractions. With sandy beaches and a prime spot on the edge of a 2-square-kilometer reef renowned for excellent muck diving, Mabul promises a unique and affordable island experience. The climate in September is quite pleasant, with a high seasonal norm of 31°C. Tourists can enjoy the warmth and beauty of Mabul Island without breaking the bank.

Cheap islands to visit in September

1.5. Komodo Island, Indonesia

Komodo Island is among the most fantastic and affordable Asian destinations that you should spend time exploring during your Southeast Asia travel trip in September. This time of the year is particularly favorable for witnessing mantas and, if you're lucky, even spotting sperm whales. The pleasant weather allows for a unique opportunity to explore Komodo Island and see the legendary dragons.

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2. Top 10 cheap islands to visit in September in Europe 

2.1. Sicily Island, Italy

Sicily in Italy is a must-visit, especially if it is not on your bucket list yet. The clear waters here are perfect for diving, snorkeling, and exploring hidden caves. Moreover, this island is like a history book, filled with archaeological sites, ruins, and traditions that go way back. September is the perfect time to visit Sicily. The weather is just right—not too hot like in August, but still warm enough to enjoy all the natural wonders. Sicily, with its mix of history, adventure, and that special Mediterranean charm, will surely leave you with lasting memories.

Cheap islands to visit in September

2.2. Zakynthos Island, Greece

Zakynthos Island is famous for its turquoise waters and breathtaking beaches. If you prefer cooler temperatures and have a keen interest in cultural attractions, September emerges as the perfect time to visit this captivating island. Embrace the island's cultural richness by attending the grape harvest festival and indulging in wine tasting at the Argyros Estate Winery. During September, hotel prices are reasonable, making it an affordable choice for your getaway.

2.3. Losinj Island, Croatia

Late September is the perfect time to experience the charm of Losinj Island. During this period, you can enjoy the best of the island when the beaches are quiet, guest houses are affordable, and the sun is shining. It is suggested to rent a bicycle to visit the fisherman's port, Luka Rovenska, and savor a plate of prsut. For an adventurous twist, you can take a local bus or bike north to Nerezine, then hike to the top of Televrin mountain for stunning views of the immense blue sea.

Cheap islands to visit in September

2.4. Maltese Islands, Malta

September unfolds as a wonderful time to discover the charms of the Maltese Islands. The weather is usually a pleasant 24°C or higher, making it perfect for all sorts of activities. September in Malta brings forth several festivals, which add to the island's vibrant atmosphere. From the Malta Book Festival to the Malta Doom Metal Festival, there is no shortage of cultural and entertainment events to partake in during this delightful season. These cheap islands to visit in September are where both weather and prices align for an ideal vacation.

2.5. Armona Island, Portugal

If you are looking for a perfect spot to chill out, Armona Island is one of the best places to travel. This little island has a laid-back vibe you will not find anywhere else in the Algarve. There are no cars, just a few motorized vehicles, and the main sounds are the gentle hum of ferries and boats. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can check out boat trips and activities in nearby Olhão and Faro. These trips might take you to Ria Formosa for wildlife spotting, snorkeling, or even kayaking.

Cheap islands to visit in September

2.6. Formentera Island, Spain

Formentera, the smallest of the Balearic Islands, may be tiny, but it has loads of charm and a laid-back vibe that is really grown on it. With sweeping white-sand beaches, rolling dunes, and Mediterranean pine trees, the island sets the stage for a charming collection of boutique beach bars, restaurants, and hotels. September is the time to see Formentera at its best. The days are hot and sunny, rain is almost a no-show, and the sea is just perfect. 

2.7. Krk Island, Croatia 

September is just the right time to check out Krk Island, as it is still summer, sunny, and not too hot. The sea is warm for a good swim, and you can enjoy activities that might be a bit much in the summer heat. If you love cycling, September kicks off the perfect time for it. Krk has well-kept cycling tracks (62 kilometers in total) along the coast and on the mainland. You get to enjoy the lovely views and discover cool sights. For nature lovers, there are over 300 kilometers of hiking trails on Krk. You can take easy paths along the coast, passing through towns, villages, and hidden coves.

Cheap islands to visit in September

2.8. Sardinia Island, Italy  

Sardinia Island in September takes on a serene vibe, offering warm seas and temperatures perfect for both beach days and outdoor activities. Sardinia's beaches are some of the best in Europe, but there is plenty of excitement below the surface too. If you would rather stay on top of the water, the north of the island is perfect for windsurfing. For a real taste of Sardinia, you should explore on foot or by bike. There are loads of great hiking and biking routes along the beautiful coastline.

2.9. Porquerolles Island, France

Porquerolles Island, right off the coast of Hyères on the French Riviera, is a real hidden gem. It is famous for pristine beaches, charming vineyards, and an old village straight out of the 18th century. The best way to uncover the beauty of Porquerolles is by boat. You can either hire a vessel for the day with SamBoat or embark on a multi-day sailing adventure with Dream Yacht Charter.

Cheap islands to visit in September

2.10. Vaxholm Island, Sweden

Vaxholm Island, known as the Capital of the Archipelagos, is a popular island in Sweden. September is a great time to visit on a budget. The weather is cool, with a gentle breeze and temperatures between 10 and 16°C. While you are there, you should check out the traditional fishing cottages in the north harbor and explore the island's fishing history at the museum. For a unique experience, it is recommended to try a kayak tour around Vaxholm. September gives you a chance to paddle peacefully, enjoy nature, and have a Swedish fika in the wild.

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3. The 7 cheapest Caribbean islands to visit in September

3.1. Aruba Island

Aruba, a desert-like heaven just off South America's coast, is calling your name for a perfect September escape. Unlike other islands, Aruba does not worry about stormy weather; it is all about the year-round sunshine. Here, the landscape is different, with aloe vera thriving in the dry terrain. Tourists should check out the Aruba Aloe Museum and Factory to discover the secrets of this miraculous plant.

Cheap islands to visit in September

3.2. Tortola Island

Tortola Island is a sunny paradise all year, and September cranks up the heat. Coming here, travelers can chill out at Cane Garden Bay, a gorgeous beach surrounded by greenery. Besides, you can take a dip, grab a rum punch, and indulge in the good vibes. Being one of the best tropical destinations, the island allows tourists to wander around, climb over rocks, and enjoy the natural grottoes and shallow waters. It is a blast, and don't forget your waterproof camera for some awesome pics.

3.3. Cozumel Island

September heats up in Cozumel, making it the perfect time to chill in the inviting Caribbean waters. Tourists can hop on a jeep tour to discover the quiet side of the island, where Punta Sur National Park boasts long beaches along a narrow strip with a lagoon. Or, you can have a relaxed day at Playa Mia Grand Beach and Park, one of Cozumel's best spots. Here, you can enjoy kayaking, water slides, a lagoon pool, and a bar with flowing cocktails.

Cheap islands to visit in September

3.4. Bonaire Island

Regarded as the best tropical destination in September, Bonaire offers year-round warmth with a cool breeze. Beyond the clear sea and fantastic snorkeling, you can spice things up with land sailing, one of the coolest things to do on this island. Bonaire also boasts impressive wildlife. Tourists should not miss out on the chance to take a safari to Lac Bay Park, which is home to one of the best-preserved mangrove forests in the Caribbean.

3.5. Grand Cayman Island

Grand Cayman, up in the northern Caribbean, is a top pick for a September visit, with fewer storms compared to other spots. You might get some clouds and a quick evening shower, but it is a nice break from the late summer heat. It is suggested to hop on a boat to Stingray City, where you can stand in shallow waters while friendly stingrays glide around you. There is not a care in the world about humans. Other well-known tourist attractions you should spend time exploring are Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park and the Cayman Turtle Centre.

3.6. Curaçao Island

Curaçao, surrounded by white-sand beaches, is a small piece of the Netherlands in the Caribbean. Its capital, Willemstad, has one of the world's most beautiful waterfronts. The colorful houses here were built by wealthy traders, and the town is a mix of Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch styles. Willemstad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and exploring it is a joy. 

Curaçao is surrounded by white sandy beaches, offering numerous spots for a refreshing dip. Grote Knip is calm and has a vibrant reef nearby, while Mambo Beach, close to Willemstad, has everything you need, including scuba classes. 

Cheap islands to visit in September

3.7. St. Thomas Island

Last but not least, you can consider visiting St. Thomas in September for a delightful vacation. Charlotte Amalie, the capital, offers tempting duty-free shopping and culinary tours. Tourists can dive into the vibrant underwater life by snorkeling at Buck Island or relaxing on the pristine Magens Bay Beach. Take a catamaran to St. John, known for Honeymoon Beach, one of the most romantic in the Caribbean. The journey back includes sampling rum punch while enjoying the Caribbean rhythms. St. Thomas promises a mix of shopping, culinary adventures, and beautiful beaches.

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4. What are the cheap islands to visit in September in Africa?

4.1. Djerba Island, Tunisia

Djerba Island officially made it to the UNESCO World Heritage List on September 18, 2023. Beyond its historical charm, you can head to Guellala, a small village on the southern coast, famous for its traditional pottery. You can buy unique Berber-designed pottery at pocket-friendly prices. Some workshops even give free demonstrations on how they turn clay into beautiful pieces. Don't miss the Guellala Museum to delve into Djerba's rich history and unique culture. September in Djerba is not just about heritage but also a chance to explore local craftsmanship in a natural and affordable setting.

Cheap islands to visit in September

4.2. Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

Zanzibar is renowned for its turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture. September brings the dry season, perfect for sun-soaked days. This island offers relaxation on clean beaches, adventurous activities like kayaking and diving, and unique experiences such as swimming with dolphins at Kizimkazi. Explore the historic Stone Town with its captivating architecture and rich history. Similar to other cheap islands to visit in September, Zanzibar promises a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration for an unforgettable island experience.

4.3. Lamu Island, Kenya

Lamu Island, known as the best island to visit in September, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its well-preserved Swahili settlement. Lamu Old Town features intricate architecture influenced by Arabic, Persian, Indian, European, and Swahili styles, with narrow streets, stone houses, carved doorways, museums, and open markets. Lamu Island's coral reefs, among Kenya's best, offer diverse marine life, including vibrant reef fish, dolphins, and sea turtles. 

Cheap islands to visit in September

4.4. Nosy Be Island, Madagascar

Nosy Be, an island just off the northwest coast of Madagascar, is a favorite among tourists for its tropical climate. The best time to visit is from May to September, during the short dry season, even though there might be some occasional rain. This ancient island is home to unique wildlife, like tiny chameleons and small frogs found nowhere else on Earth. Meeting these fascinating creatures is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

4.5. São Tomé and Príncipe Islands

São Tomé and Príncipe, two islands just above the equator, sit 250 kilometers off Gabon's coast. Unspoiled since the Portuguese discovered them in 1470, these islands boast lush rainforests. These cheap islands to visit in September are home to diverse flora and fauna, including orchids, giant snails, and endemic birds. Hiking enthusiasts can explore mist-covered volcanic peaks. Along the pristine white beaches, four turtle species nest, including the endangered leatherback. Let’s experience the islands' natural beauty and join the locals in open-air street parties at these charming destinations.

Cheap islands to visit in September

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September opens the door to wallet-friendly island getaways. From the sandy shores of the Gili Islands and the cultural vibes of Sicily to the peaceful beaches of Mabul, there are numerous spots that blend beauty with budget. Let’s dive into the warmth, soak in diverse cultures, and enjoy a fuss-free September escape that will not dent your finances. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some fascinating information about some cheap islands to visit in September.

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