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Elephant Mountain Hai Phong: Standing out amidst nature with a unique shape

31/01/2024 35.495

Elephant Mountain An Lao is an appealing tourist attraction in Hai Phong. It not only possesses jaw-dropping natural settings but also holds a significant history.

Elephant Mountain

Elephant Mountain is one of the most worthwhile destinations in Hai Phong, Vietnam. Situated just 20 kilometers away from the city center, this site is a group of rocky mountains that resemble a lying elephant in the middle of lush paddy fields.

1. About Elephant Mountain in Hai Phong Vietnam

  • Elephant Mountain address: An Tien Commune, An Lao District, Hai Phong

Where is Elephant Mountain? Elephant Mountain is located on the border between Truong Thanh and An Tien communes of An Lao District. It is about 20 kilometers to the southwest of Hai Phong city, alongside the Lach Tray riverbank.

Elephant Mountain was designated as a national historical site in 1962 and is a major archaeological site in Northern Vietnam.

Elephant Mountain

1.1. The origin of the name “Elephant Mountain”

Elephant Mountain gets its name from the way it looks from a distance, which is like a giant lying elephant. This place possesses exquisite natural settings with lush greenery, rock formations, and mysterious caves.

Elephant Mountain is also an important historical site thanks to its significant role during the resistance wars of Vietnam against foreign invaders in the 20th century. 

1.2. The legend associated with national pride

According to historical records, Elephant Mountain used to be the shelter of Vietnamese soldiers during the wars thanks to its rugged terrain. The terrain also benefited Vietnam’s guerrilla warfare tactics Thanks to this, Elephant Mountain has been recognized as a national historical site. 

Elephant Mountain

2. When and how to go to Elephant Mountain Hai Phong?

2.1. When to visit Elephant Mountain Hai Phong?

The best time to visit Elephant Mountain is summer and autumn when the surrounding rice paddies are filled with either the green or yellow color of the rice. 

However, if you are not fond of the summer heat, you can choose to visit this place in spring for more pleasant weather. Still, it is always necessary to check Hai Phong weather in advance, so that you will not encounter any rain or unwanted conditions. 

If you love the festive vibe, the Elephant Mountain Festival between the 12th and 14th days of the second lunar month will be the ideal time to visit this place.

Elephant Mountain

2.2. How to get to Elephant Mountain?

From Hai Phong city center, you can reach Elephant Mountain Vietnam either by car or motorbike. If you choose to go on your own, you can search for the Elephant Mountain map on Google Maps. Once you get to the dyke of the Lach Tray River, you can easily see the mountain from a distance.

From the city center, it takes only half an hour to reach the mountain if you go by motorbike and only 10 minutes if you go by car.

3. Things to do on your excursion to Elephant Mountain

3.1. Explore a wide range of mysterious caves

The marvelous caves are the top attractions at Elephant Mountain. It is home to many large caves, such as Gia Vi Cave, Long Tien Cave, Bac Dau Cave, Ca Chep Cave, etc., which have numerous stalactites and stalagmites of strange shapes.

These sites not only look stunning but also hold significant archaeological values. Remains of the Dong Son Culture from over 2,500 years ago have been found in Elephant Mountain. 

3.2. Admire many impressive religious works

In addition to the magnificent rock formations, Elephant Mountain in Hai Phong also houses many cultural and spiritual works, namely Long Hoa Pagoda and Chi Lai Communal House. 

Long Hoa Pagoda was established in the Ly Dynasty (around the 11th century) but was severely destroyed during the wars. Chi Lai Communal House, constructed in the 19th century, has impressive wood-carving works. It is one of the most famous spiritual destinations in Hai Phong.

Elephant Mountain

4. Important notes when coming to Elephant Mountain

  • Avoid visiting the mountain on rainy days, as the Elephant Mountain hiking trail can be slippery to hike and trek
  • Dress properly if you intend to visit the religious sites here
  • Bring along water and snacks 
  • Do not carve on the caves
  • Bring tents and mosquito repellents if you want to camp overnight in Elephant Mountain
  • Do not litter

Aside from Elephant Mountain, there are many other fascinating destinations to visit and have fun in Hai Phong. Notably, Vinpearl Golf Hai Phong is a perfect spot if you are looking for relaxation and luxury in this beautiful city. 

Elephant Mountain

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Elephant Mountain


Elephant Mountain

Elephant Mountain in Hai Phong is a worthwhile destination for both nature lovers and history buffs in Northern Vietnam. Many interesting things in Elephant Mountain await your exploration, so do not hesitate to add this place to your itinerary!

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