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Phu Tay Ho in Hanoi: The LATEST sightseeing guide for firstcomers

09/01/2024 5.617

Associated with a fascinating ancient myth, Phu Tay Ho has long been a popular venue for the religious rituals of Vietnamese people. Thanks to its beautiful landscape, this temple has also become a well-known tourist attraction in recent years.

Phu Tay Ho

When it comes to Hanoi travel and tourism, Phu Tay Ho is always on the list of must-visit attractions. This ancient temple can offer visitors an interesting trip that combines sightseeing, worshiping, and learning about Vietnamese rich traditions. The beautiful nature surrounding Phu Tay Ho also allows people to enjoy a tranquil atmosphere and find peace of mind.

1. Where is Phu Tay Ho in Hanoi? 

Phu Tay Ho (Tay Ho Temple) is situated in Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, about 4 kilometers away from the center of Hanoi. Its official address is No. 52, Dang Thai Mai Street.

In the past, this area used to be an ancient village of Thang Long Citadel (old Hanoi). Phu Tay Ho is located on the tip of a small peninsula extending into West Lake, therefore the whole temple is well surrounded by water.

Temple Tay Ho Hanoi was recognized as an official historical and cultural relic by the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism on February 13, 1996.

Phu Tay Ho

2. When was Phu Tay Ho built? Who does it worship?

It is still unclear when exactly Phu Tay Ho was built. According to some legends, the temple was built in the 17th century. It is dedicated to Lieu Hanh, one of the four immortals in ancient Vietnamese belief (including Thanh Giong, Son Tinh, Chu Dong Tu, and Lieu Hanh). 

Phu Tay Ho

Legend has it that Lieu Hanh was a daughter of the Jade Emperor of heaven. Because she broke a precious cup of the Jade Emperor, she was exiled to earth. She took it as a chance to travel and explore the people’s life and was lured by the poetic nature of Tay Ho peninsula. She decided to settle here and opened a small stall as a place to indulge in her literary pursuits.

According to another legend, as she lived in Tay Ho, Lieu Hanh met with Phung Khac Khoan, a famous Vietnamese scholar and mandarin in the 16th century. They became close and spent time writing poetry together. After Phung Khac Khoan returned from a trip to the imperial city, Lieu Hanh had left. To commemorate her, he had a temple built. That was the beginning of Phu Tay Ho.

3. The unique architecture of Phu Tay Ho in Hanoi

Phu Tay Ho is a complex of traditional-styled buildings, including the main building, Son Trang Shrine, and two small shrines. The main building is also the largest and fronts a 3-door gate, which is meticulously engraved with Chinese letters.

Phu Tay Ho

Passing the gate, visitors will reach a pavilion with 2 storeys and 8 eaves. Next to the gate is Son Trang Shrine with 3 storeys and 8 curved eaves. Across the courtyard of Phu Tay Ho are the two small shrines.

In Phu Tay Ho, the most notable relics are the statues of three Mother Goddesses, namely the green Mother Thuong Ngan representing woods, the white Mother Thoai representing water, and the yellow Mother Dia representing earth. The three Mother Goddesses are worshiped here to commemorate their merits of bringing prosperity to life.

Phu Tay Ho

More interestingly, Phu Tay Ho is also home to an ancient Chinese banyan tree, which was recognized as a Vietnam Heritage Tree.

4. An ultimate guide for your upcoming trip to Phu Tay Ho

As Phu Tay Ho is a popular attraction, there are several things to note before you come to have an enjoyable trip:

4.1. The best time to visit Tay Ho Temple

The main festivals of Phu Tay Ho take place on the 3rd day of the third lunar month and on the 13th day of the eighth lunar month every year. During these two days, the temple is often open until late.

Besides, Phu Tay Ho Temple is open all year round for visitors, from 5 am to 7 pm.

4.2. The recommended direction to Tay Ho Temple

Phu Tay Ho Temple is very easy to find and only 4 kilometers away from the city center. 

You can find your way to Nghi Tam Street, then go along to reach Au Co Street before turning into Xuan Dieu and Quang An Streets.

4.3. Some notes for your perfect tour to Tay Ho Temple

  • During the times of festival, the temple will be closed later than usual
  • Phu Tay Ho Temple is always crowded during Tet Holiday
  • Coming to a sacred place as Phu Tay Ho, you should wear modest clothes 
  • Do not litter
  • Avoid making loud noises 
  • Offer incense using both hands and only after placing other offerings on the altars
  • Only place donated money in donation boxes
Phu Tay Ho

In addition to Phu Tay Ho, Hanoi has a wide range of other interesting cultural attractions, such as Tran Quoc Pagoda, Ngoc Son Temple, Hanoi Old Quarter, etc.

Moreover, visitors to Hanoi can also experience new entertainment centers such as VinKE & Vinpearl Aquarium. Vinpearl Aquarium provides a vast exhibition of marine life where you can find all kinds of sea animals and plants. Meanwhile, VinKE is the world of games that no kids should miss out on.

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Phu Tay Ho


Phu Tay Ho

Besides Hanoi, Vietnam also boasts a variety of fascinating destinations like Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, etc. Wherever you plan to go in Vietnam, don’t forget to plan where to stay in advance to get the best experience. The most popular choice of accommodation for tourists is Vinpearl, a top-rated hotel and resort brand with classy services in Vietnam. You can find Vinpearl in almost every tourist city in the country.


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The ancient temple of Phu Tay Ho has always played a vital role in the religious life of Vietnamese people. It is now also a popular tourist attraction for foreigners to explore. While you are in Hanoi, don’t forget to pay a visit to Phu Tay Ho to understand more about local traditions and history.

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