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Price of rice in Vietnam: Updated information for effective budgeting

11/01/2024 9.735

For expats and long-term tourists, it is important to understand the price of rice in Vietnam, a staple food in the country, to effectively manage expenses and make appropriate choices during their stay.

Price of rice in Vietnam

Coming to a country where daily meals revolve around rice, it is essential to acquire general knowledge, particularly about the price of rice in Vietnam. The versatility of rice allows for a myriad of savory and sweet delicacies. By staying informed about its cost, you can select rice that aligns with your budget, enhancing your dining experience while honoring this cherished staple food.

1. Main factors affecting the price of rice in Vietnam

The price of rice in Vietnam is determined by domestic and international factors, including production and supply dynamics, consumer demand, government policies, and trade agreements. 

In the first quarter of 2023, Vietnam's rice export price averaged 526 dollars per ton, showing a remarkable 7,6% year-on-year increase to become the world's top rice exporter. This surge can be attributed to international factors such as global food supply disruptions and a higher demand for Vietnam's high-quality rice. 

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Price of rice in Vietnam

2. How much is a kilo of rice in Vietnam currently?

In both Hanoi, the vibrant capital, and Ho Chi Minh City, the bustling economic hub, the price of rice is a key consideration for locals and visitors alike. Let's explore the current prices of rice in these two major cities to gain a broader understanding of the cost of rice in Vietnam.

2.1. Specialty rice prices in Vietnam

Specialty rice can vary widely depending on the region and culinary traditions. Here are the detailed prices for some specialty rice in Vietnam:

Name Price (VND/kg) Name Price (VND/kg)
Gao huyet rong (dragon blood rice) 40,000 Gao tam thom (eight fragrant rice) 19,500
Red cargo rice 40,000 Gao Tai Nguyen Cho Dao (Tai Nguyen Dao Market rice) 18,500  
Cambodian Jasmine rice 28,000 Jasmine rice 18,000
Gao Huong Sen (Lotus Scented rice) 20,000 Thai fragrant rice 14,500
Gao nang thom Cho Dao (Dao Market Special “Fragrant Girl” rice) 19,500 Gao 64 Cho Dao (Dao Market 64 rice) 13,000


Price of rice in Vietnam

2.2. Price of rice in Vietnam for packed bags

Vietnam rice is commonly packed into 5- or 10-kilogram bags. However, smaller or larger packaging options may also be found in convenience stores to cater to a wide range of consumers. 

Name Price (VND/kg) Name Price (VND/kg)
ST25 rice 36,000 Vibigaba sprouted rice (with black garlic) 75,000
ST24 rice  35,000 Vibigaba sprouted rice (with turmeric) 70,000
Long Chau 66 rice  40,000 Hat Ngoc Troi rice (Bac Dau) 29,000
Ngoc Sa Co May rice 38,000 Hat Ngoc Troi rice (Tien Nu) 27,000

2.3. Glutinous rice prices in Vietnam

Glutinous rice is the second primary source of starch after plain rice. While plain rice is used for main courses, glutinous rice is used in many traditional dishes such as che (sweet soup), traditional cakes like Banh Chung, or even rice wine.

Price of rice in Vietnam

Among various types of glutinous rice in Vietnam, "Nep cai hoa vang", which originates from the Northern region, is considered the highest-quality at present. A kilogram of this rice costs you around 31,200 VND.

2.4. Price of broken rice in Vietnam

Broken rice is well-known as the main ingredient for the famous com tam (Vietnamese broken rice) in Saigon's cuisine. Although broken rice is naturally separated from whole-grain rice, it retains the same nutrition as regular rice. A kilogram of broken rice is just around 15,000 VND. 

Kindly note that the prices of the 4 varieties of rice may change on a daily basis, as affected by various domestic and international factors discussed earlier. We recommend checking the latest prices in the Vietnam rice market before making any purchase decisions.

Price of rice in Vietnam

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Being aware of the current prices of rice and other commodities is crucial for effective expense management, particularly if you are an expat residing in Vietnam.

To enrich your Vietnam travel journey, careful planning is essential. Start by researching the best time to visit Vietnam for the most favorable weather conditions. Consider engaging in the best things to do in Vietnam for unforgettable memories. And explore the best places to visit in Vietnam for an extraordinary getaway.

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Price of rice in Vietnam


Price of rice in VietnamPrice of rice in Vietnam


Price of rice in Vietnam

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The price of rice in Vietnam is a crucial aspect to consider for a satisfying culinary adventure. With updated information on different rice varieties’ prices, you can now pick the type of rice that suits your preferences and budget. Hopefully, this article has provided essential information to navigate the rice market and make the most of your rice purchase in Vietnam!

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