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Sapa Trekking: The 4 best treks every adventure junkie needs to try

04/01/2024 15.336

Sapa trekking requires a great deal of energy, skills, and perseverance. This article will provide helpful information for the most rewarding trek in Sapa.

Sapa trekking

In addition to the breathtaking mountain scenery and the beautiful terraced fields, Sapa also attracts tourists with Sapa trekking trips. This activity offers an unforgettable experience for those seeking an immersive travel adventure.

1. When is the best time to go trekking in Sapa?

Sapa has a humid subtropical climate. The best time for a Sapa trekking trip is from September to November. During this time, it is cold with no rain, so you can admire the majestic landscapes with convenience.

In addition, you can choose to experience Sapa trekking from January to March when wildflowers bloom, creating a poetic scene. During this time, the cool weather is ideal for you to participate in the festivals of the local people.

Sapa trekking

2. What to pack for your Sapa trekking trip?

To have a safe Sapa trekking trip, remember to check out the list of items below:

  • Trekking equipment: climbing shoes and sticks, camping tents, tent stakes, pins, sleeping bag liner, backpack, map, and GPS
  • Clothes: water-resistant jacket for summer or thermal jacket for winter, long-sleeved sleepwear, and a pair of sandals
  • Food and drinks: instant foods, drinking water, mineral salt water, or glucose water
  • Other essentials: personal papers (identity card, driver's license), thermal pads, personal hygiene items (toothbrushes, toothpaste, face towel, etc.), sunscreen, insect spray, and medical supplies (medicines for common ailments, antiseptics, bandages, pain relievers, etc.)

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3. Best trekking routes in Sapa Vietnam

3.1. Sapa - Cat Cat Village - Sin Chai Village

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Distance: 7 kilometers
  • Difficulty level: Easy

From Sapa Church, trekkers can go to Cat Cat Village, which is 2.2 kilometers away. Here, you need to buy an entrance ticket, then you can walk to explore the village. 

From Cat Cat Village, follow Muong Hoa Valley for 3 kilometers to reach Sin Chai Village. This unspoiled village has been attracting tourists with its pristine beauty.

Sapa trekking

3.2. Tram Ton Pass - Mount Fansipan

  • Duration: 2 days and 1 night
  • Distance: 11.2 kilometers
  • Difficulty level: Hard

From Tram Ton Pass, you will trek to Fansipan Mountain. On this Sapa trekking route, you can admire the majestic scenery of the mountains along the way. When you arrive at the 2,800-meter-high milestone, you can set up camp, prepare for dinner, and rest overnight.

On the following day, getting up early to watch the sunrise is a not-to-be-missed experience. After that, you can continue trekking and reach the summit of Fansipan within 1.5 hours. At the peak, you can contemplate the whole panoramic views and save energy for the trip down.

Sapa trekking

3.3. Sapa - Love Waterfall - Silver Waterfall - Y Linh Ho - Ta Van

  • Duration: 2 days and 1 night
  • Distance: 20 - 30 kilometers
  • Difficulty level: Moderate

On the first day, you will go from Tram Ton Pass to Silver Waterfall. At around 9:30 am, trekkers will start riding motorbikes to Tram Ton Pass, then go for about 1.1 kilometers along the river to reach Love Waterfall. 

After sightseeing around, you can continue on to Silver Waterfall by motorbike, then go along Muong Hoa Valley to Sin Chai Village, where the Red Dao people live. Here, you can rest, have dinner, and stay overnight at a homestay in the village.

On the second day, you will return to the town center. Along the way, you can visit Y Linh Ho and Ta Van Village. Here, you should ask the local people to take you to the famous suspension bridge and admire the river and waterfalls in the distance.

Sapa trekking

3.4. Sapa - Ta Phin - Ta Giang Phinh

  • Duration: 3 days and 2 nights
  • Distance: 43 kilometers
  • Difficulty level: Hard

On the first day, you will trek from Sapa Church to Ma Tra Village. On the way, you can admire the picturesque terraced fields. At Ma Tra Village, you can stop to rest and have a meal before going to Ta Phin. 

On the second day, you will pass through hills, terraced fields, valleys, and green forests to reach Phin Ho Village. Here, you can rest and have lunch.

Then, you will continue downhill through the rice fields to Lu Khau Village and visit the salmon farm here. Finally, you will go to Suoi Thau Village and rest at the homestay here. 

On the last day, you can take a tour around Suoi Thau and discover the daily life of the Red Dao people. After that, visit Gia Thau Village to admire the terraced fields and head to Kim Ngan Village for lunch. 

After the meal, you will go to Ta Giang Phin Village to discover their highland culture. At this point, if you are exhausted, you can take a taxi to return to town.

Sapa trekking

4. Important notes for trekking in Sapa

  • As the paths are inevitably bumpy and rough, especially up and down the mountains, ensure that you have good health to conquer the Sapa trekking trip.
  • Having a local guide as your fellow traveler is highly recommended.
  • If you want to explore by yourself, check the routes carefully.
  • If necessary, hire a local porter to assist you. Porter service costs from VND 500,000 - 600,000 per person.
Sapa trekking

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5. How much does a Sapa trekking tour cost?

The price of the Sapa trekking tour depends on the duration, route, and other services such as accommodation, meals, and transportation. Below is a price list for your reference:

  • Sapa trekking in 1 day:
    • For 1 person: about VND 660,000/person
    • For a group of 2-3 people: about VND 600,000/person
    • For a group of 4-6 people: about VND 550,000/person 
  • Sapa trekking in 2 days:
    • For 1 person: VND 1,650,000/person
    • For a group of 2-3 people: about VND 1,430,000/person
    • For a group of 4-6 people: about VND 1,320,000/person
  • Sapa trekking in 3 days: about VND 2,300,000/person

Besides Sapa, Vietnam boasts many other famous and alluring destinations, such as Hoi An, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Ha Long, etc.

Sapa trekking

For a flawless trip, booking good accommodation is a priority. Notably, it is recommended that tourists stay at the hotels and resorts of Vinpearl, a top-rated hospitality brand in Vietnam. Vinpearl offers excellent services, high-class amenities, and various lodging options, such as rooms, suites, and villas.

Furthermore, each Vinpearl resort and hotel is situated at a prime location, providing visitors with easy access to nearby attractions.



Sapa trekking

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With breathtaking mountain landscapes and ethnic minority communities along the way, Sapa trekking is a must-try for those looking for an authentic and adventurous travel experience. Hopefully, with the detailed information provided above, you will have an unforgettable Sapa trekking tour.

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