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Sim wine Phu Quoc: A specialty that will satisfy senses of taste and smell

12/01/2024 34.931

Sim wine, made from the fruits of the local rose myrtle, is one of Phu Quoc specialties. It is often enjoyed by the people of Phu Quoc island while they are enjoying seafood.

Sim wine

Having a wonderfully rich aroma, sim wine never fails to enchant even the most demanding tasters. Today, tourists can find many famous and reputable brands of sim wine with attractive packaging to bring home as gifts. Undergoing a special processing method that brings out the unique flavor and distinctive scent, this Phu Quoc wine carries its own characteristics which cannot be mistaken for any other kinds of wine.

1. About sim wine - a famous specialty of Phu Quoc Island

The pearl island is known not only for fish sauce but also a sim wine made from rose myrtle (sim) fruit. Sim can be found in many parts of the world, particularly the tropical regions of Asia. Nature has bestowed Phu Quoc with thick forests full of this special fruit.

On the island, rose myrtle fruit is made into a fancy kind of wine that has a dark magenta color. Produced by a traditional fermentation method, this beverage has the typical smell of rose myrtle fruit, along with a delicate flavor that is both sweet and strong.

Sim wine

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2. Is sim wine Phu Quoc good for health? Things to know about its uses

Sim wine is very good for your health. It aids the digestive system, especially when you have a full stomach or a high protein diet. In addition, it also nourishes the blood, improves blood circulation, and helps drinkers eat and sleep well. Last but not least, this Phu Quoc wine is good for elderly people’s bones. Any visitor to the pearl island will definitely want to buy rose myrtle wine when they know about its medicinal uses.

Sim wine

3. Explore the process of making Phu Quoc sim wine 

In the island city of Phu Quoc, there are now quite a large number of rose myrtle hills in protected areas. Rose myrtle blossoms and bears fruit almost all year round. According to experienced wine makers, the spring crop brings the top quality fruits, which are essential for making fine wine.

The recipe to make Phu Quoc wine is only available to the island’s natives. Generally, the main ingredients to make sim wine Phu Quoc are ripe rose myrtle fruit, sugar, and rice wine.

When rose myrtle is in season, people pick up their ripe fruits, wash them, add sugar, and store them in a cool dry place for a few days. After that, they add rice wine and wait for several days. Fermentation takes at least 3 months until the liquid turns purple, featuring a sweet flavor and a strong taste.

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4. Where to buy authentic sim wine in Phu Quoc Island?

4.1. Bay Gao sim wine

Bay Gao is the leading brand in the manufacturing of sim wine Phu Quoc. The owner of Bay Gao is Mr. Mac Van Nghiem, known as the first man who made Phu Quoc rose myrtle wine in 1997. From a small workshop, the reputation of this great winemaker spread to the provinces of the Mekong Delta region in particular and Vietnam in general. Bay Gao has a variety of wine products, with the alcohol content ranging between 10% and 29%. A bottle typically costs from 150,000 to 250,000 VND.

Sim wine

4.2. Son sim wine

Son sim wine first came to the market in 2000 with a large variety of products using both traditional fermentation methods and modern technologies. Since then, Son sim wine has become a special gift of the island’s people and nature for tourists. Its product line features beverages made from rose myrtle fruits, such as sim wine, sim honey, rose myrtle syrup, and sim gummy candy. This brand also produces other types of alcohol in addition to sim wine.

Sim wine

4.3. Thanh Long sim wine 

In the winemaking industry of Phu Quoc, a must-mention name is Thanh Long sim wine (also known as Dao Sim, or Sim Island). Located in Suoi May Hamlet, Thanh Long factory lets the wine age for a longer period of time, and thus produces premium wine. They have other sim-based products, such as sim jam, sim chocolate, dried sim, which tourists can bring home as gifts. Prices range from 150,000 to 500,000 VND, depending on the type of products.

Sim wine

4.4. Vang Sim sim wine

What makes the superior quality of Vang Sim sim wine is the careful selection of rose myrtle fruits from the natural forests in Kien Giang province. The fermentation process usually lasts about 4 months, with finished products having the alcohol content ranging between 10% and 39%. Their wine has a sweet taste and very distinctive aroma.

Sim wine

Besides sim wine, Phu Quoc has many other specialties that you should not miss the chance to taste or bring home as gifts. If you are planning to take a tour to the pearl island on your next holiday, enjoying Phu Quoc foods should be your first priority in the list of things to do at this tourist paradise.

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Sim wine


Sim wine

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Savoring every drop of sim wine should be an unforgettable experience when you come to Phu Quoc. Many vacationers choose the pearl island as their destination just to enjoy the flavor of this fruity wine once. And if you are still confused about what to do in Phu Quoc, tasting sim wine is certainly an excellent suggestion!

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