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Song Hau Park: A must-visit destination to experience Can Tho nightlife

23/01/2024 5.617

Song Hau Park is a must-visit destination during your Can Tho travel. With a wide range of leisure and entertainment options and plenty of delicious food stalls to try, this park promises to be the perfect place for an exciting day out.

Song Hau Park

Located in the heart of Can Tho city, Song Hau Park offers visitors a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This natural wonderland is a perfect blend of lush greenery and fun activities for visitors of all ages, making it an ideal destination for a day trip with family and friends.

1. Where is Song Hau Park Can Tho? How to get there?

Song Hau Park is a serene natural park located in the heart of Can Tho city, Vietnam. Aside from its stunning natural beauty, the park's location and accessibility make it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

Situated in Cai Khe Area of Ninh Kieu District, Song Hau Park is easily accessible from various parts of Can Tho city. The park is well-connected to major roads. Thus, visitors can get here by either motorbike, taxi, or public transportation. 

Song Hau Park

For instance, if you depart from Ninh Kieu Wharf, you can reach the park within 9.5 kilometers by car. From the wharf, head northwest on Vo Van Kiet Street, then turn left onto 3/2 Street. Continue straight onto Le Hong Phong Street until you see the park on your right. This route is simple and should take only around 20 to 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

2. Best things to do in Song Hau park Can Tho Vietnam

2.1. Enjoy a variety of physical activities 

With its expansive green spaces and natural surroundings, Song Hau Park is the perfect place to engage in a range of physical activities:

  • Cycling: The peaceful and scenic surroundings make Song Hau Park an ideal spot for leisurely bike rides. Here, visitors can rent a bike and wind through the park's lush greenery at their own pace. Its well-maintained paths will ensure a smooth and enjoyable cycling experience.
  • Walking and jogging: Song Hau Park is an ideal place for those looking to engage in light exercise. The park provides ample open spaces for walking and jogging, and the tranquil environment creates a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere.
  • Enjoying outdoor games: Song Hau Park offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor games. Thanks to the park's expansive spaces, visitors can enjoy games such as soccer and badminton. For those who prefer more laid-back activities, flying kites or playing shuttlecock are also popular options. Remember to bring your own equipment, as the park does not provide any rental services for these activities.
Song Hau Park

2.2. Discover the vibrant nightlife

At night, the atmosphere at Song Hau Park transforms into a vibrant and lively scene. Visitors can immerse in the local nightlife by participating in numerous activities:

  • Trying street food: The park is famous for its street food stalls that offer a wide variety of local food and beverages. Visitors can try out different Vietnamese street foods here, such as banh mi, bun cha, banh xeo, or grab a refreshing coconut juice or sugarcane juice to quench their thirst.
  • Visiting the night markets: Song Hau Park is a must-visit destination in Can Tho city thanks to its bustling night markets. The markets offer a unique shopping experience where visitors can find an array of local crafts, souvenirs, and other unique items. Visiting the markets provides you a perfect opportunity to pick up a memorable souvenir from your trip to Song Hau Park.
  • Watching street performers: If you are looking for what to see in Can Tho, Song Hau park is a hub of entertainment that will surely leave an impression. There are street performers showcasing their skills, from traditional Vietnamese music to contemporary dance. Visitors can even join in on the fun and learn some basic moves from the performers.
  • Participate in live events: With its convenient location, Song Hau Park is a venue for various important events in the city, such as marathons or music festivals. The park also hosts weekend markets like The Box Market and Hello Weekend, attracting many young visitors coming to shop and sightsee. 
Song Hau Park

2.3. Try stand-up paddleboarding in the Hau river

If you are looking for what to do in Can Tho, stand-up paddling is a must-try water activity that can be enjoyed at Song Hau Park. This water sport involves standing on a large board, using a long paddle to maneuver through the waters of Hau River. This activity is suitable for visitors of all ages and fitness levels. The rental services at Song Hau Park are also affordable and convenient, with all the necessary equipment provided for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Thanks to the calm and peaceful water, Hau River is perfect for beginners to learn the basics of stand-up paddling. For more experienced paddlers, its expansive size provides an opportunity for a challenging exercise while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Stand-up paddling can be enjoyed alone or with a group of friends or family, making it a fun social activity to try when visiting Song Hau Park. 

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Song Hau Park

3. Best places to visit near Song Hau park in Vietnam

Song Hau Park Can Tho Vietnam is a convenient starting point to the city's many other attractions. From the park, visitors can easily access several nearby landmarks, all of which are worth adding to your itinerary:

  • Ninh Kieu Wharf is a bustling riverside hub in Can Tho, offering scenic views of Hau River and a wide range of attractions for visitors to enjoy. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the pavement, enjoy the local street food, and soak up the bustling atmosphere of the area.
  • Luu Huu Phuoc Park boasts a distinctive shape of a musical instrument, adding to the park's charm and uniqueness. This serene park is ideal for jogging, relaxing, and admiring the scenic surroundings. Its unique design also makes it a popular spot for photography enthusiasts.
  • Tran Phu Night Market is a bustling and lively market in Can Tho. It is open from 6:00 PM until late at night, offering a wide range of products, including clothes, accessories, souvenirs, and local dishes. Visitors can enjoy live performances while strolling through the vibrant market.
Song Hau Park

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While Song Hau Park Can Tho is a fantastic starting point for your visit, Vietnam has more to offer beyond this vibrant destination. Dive deeper and explore Vietnam's beauty by visiting Phu Quoc, Hoi An, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ha Long, and more. Each of these cities offers unique attractions and experiences that showcase Vietnam's rich culture and natural beauty.

During your travels, choosing the right accommodation is crucial to ensure the best possible experience. Notably, the Vinpearl resort system offers luxurious properties across Vietnam. No matter where you choose to go, you can rest assured that Vinpearl will provide the perfect retreat after a day of exploring.

Song Hau Park
  • Vinpearl Phu Quoc: Located at Bai Dai, Phu Quoc island, Vinpearl Phu Quoc offers four magnificent hotels and resorts with all-inclusive amenities, including private beaches, swimming pools, spas, and various dining options. 
  • Vinpearl Nha Trang: Vinpearl Nha Trang is situated in the picturesque coastal city of Nha Trang, providing guests world-class facilities and services. During their stay, visitors can experience the beauty of the city while enjoying the comfort of Vinpearl's renowned hospitality.
  • Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An: At Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An, visitors are presented with an unrivaled resort that blends modern facilities with cultural heritage, making it a charming attraction on the Central Heritage Road.
  • Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long: Located on Reu Island in Quang Ninh province, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long is a luxurious resort that features exceptional facilities and amenities. Here, guests can expect elegantly designed rooms, world-class dining options, and a range of recreational activities.

>>> Book rooms in Vinpearl Phu Quoc, Vinpearl Nha Trang, Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long to have an unforgettable Vietnam trip!

Song Hau Park

With a wide range of attractions and entertainment options, Song Hau Park has something for everyone. From the lush greenery to the exciting water activities, the park will bring visitors an opportunity to make many unforgettable memories. Be sure to add it to your itinerary when planning your next trip to Can Tho, Vietnam!

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