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06/05/2021 5.278

In the "shelters" of Vinpearl Safari, the previously emaciated Asian black bears, with fur falling in patches, out-of-control behaviors... have completely transformed. This is considered the miraculous comeback of the bears after 3 long, loving and patient years of the Vinpearl Safari wildlife care team.

The miracle of reviving the Asian black bears’ natural instinct at Vinpearl Safari

26 Asian black bear individuals were transferred to Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc by Hon Me Wildlife Rescue Center (Kien Giang) while they were still upset by a long time living in cramped cages, lacking of basic living conditions.

Different from their supposed size, the bear herd were thin, suffering from declining health. More seriously, there were bear individuals with behavior disorders like "going crazy"...

Hinh anh gau ngua Vinpearl Safari

Having seen frequent panic, unusual actions of the bears such as clinging to the cage walls, unconsciously rubbing their heads against the bars until bleeding, the expert team rushed to find out priority measures to improve the health and morale of the herd. Habitat is the most important factor that helps each individual to regain its balance and to find its instincts.

Therefore, an ideal "territory" was reserved for the bears, with a variety of large plants and shrubs, which suited the habit of climbing, running and living in herds. In addition, Vinpearl Safari built a reservoir and a waterfall, offering a place for delightful soaking, bathing…

In the first 2 months since the bears were brought in, caretakers were on duty 24/24 to monitor and ensure all action developments of each individual. During that time the experts had to prepare everything for timely assistance in case of emergency, while keeping long enough distance for the bears to be comfortable in their “new home”. Little by little, thanks to the patience of the Vinpearl Safari “nannies”, the bears had gradually felt safe in their true home.

Hinh anh gau ngua Vinpearl Safari

Nutrition of the bears was also continuously improved by experts, in order to be suitable for every individual’s health status and taste.

In particular, the food source was of high quality thanks to the direct supply from Vinpearl’s own farm with an area of up to 5 hectares, and a variety of imported foods meeting the standards of world’s top-scale wildlife parks.

Hinh anh gau ngua Vinpearl Safari

To help the bear herd "revive" their natural wild behavior, the staff cared for them, but did not indulge them. At the same time, experts were persistent and skillful in every small action such as feeding methods to train bears rebuilding life habits.

For example, coconuts were not chopped before given to the bears, only a small piece was removed. To get coconut water, the bears had to tear and break the shell themselves. Similarly, the zoo staff hung honey on high branches so that the bears were forced to maintain their ability to climb and find food, which had gradually awakened their natural instincts.

Hinh anh gau ngua Vinpearl Safari

After 3 years, from thin, sick individuals, the bears have become plump, with thick and shiny fur. The unconscious behaviors have gradually disappeared so that wild habits can come back.

Each member of the bear herd is given a lovely name according to its specific habits such as Crazy Bear, Bald... Vinpearl Safari caretakers are even familiar with the feeling and characteristic of each individual, recognizing both their sadness, happiness or their old habits so as to monitor them more closely during everyday care.

Vinpearl Safari - The most special semi-wild conservation park in Vietnam

Not only rare Asian black bear individuals were saved, which is a miracle, many other cases have also been successfully received and rescued at Vinpearl Safari, including sun bears, Pileated gibbons, yellow-cheeked gibbons, great hornbill, Germain's langur... at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, or white-necked rockfowl, great white pelican at River Safari South Hoi An.

Hinh anh gau ngua Vinpearl Safari

Director of Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, Mr. Luu Chi Hieu said: “Saving and restoring wild instincts of animals are not easy. We have experienced experts doing this.”

Vinpearl Safari is the first zoo in Vietnam to receive the Welfare Certification for ensuring animal welfare conditions by the South East Asian Zoos Association - SEAZA, and to be a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums - WAZA . Vinpearl Safari is constantly striving to bring the best living, close-to-nature conditions to thousands of wildlife individuals.

How animals enjoy a happy life at Vinpearl Safari

Hinh anh gau ngua Vinpearl Safari

At Vinpearl Safari, wild animals always have their own way to enjoy happiness. In addition to hundreds of successfully rescued individuals, many "F1 generations" were continuously born healthy, becoming the most vital evidence for the nurture and conservation capacity of the region’s scale-leading semi-wild sanctuary.

Hinh anh gau ngua Vinpearl Safari

Being an active white rhino girl, Winnie “does exercise” by running vigorously around the yard for several rounds every morning. The Ring-tailed lemurs are also famous throughout the area for their playfulness, forcing zoo staff to play hide and seek to take them home every late afternoon. 

Hinh anh gau ngua Vinpearl Safari

In the first 6 months of 2020, there are 216 newborn individuals of more than 30 species including endangered and rare animals such as Bengal tigers, white rhinoceros, Indian hog deer, scimitar oryx, Arabian oryx... at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc. 

Hinh anh gau ngua Vinpearl Safari

At River Safari (VinWonders South Hoi An), Vietnam for the first time successfully welcomed a herd of hatched Black-necked swan, along with a variety of newborn rare F1 animals such as 4 African white lions, 3 white tigers, 2 sika deers...

The affirming statistics of constantly replicated herd, healthy new born individuals have shown the success of Vinpearl Safari in reaching regional standards. The most important thing is that all animal species can live with their natural instincts and multiply constantly at Vinpearl Safari, which creates miracles in Vietnam and all over the world.


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