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The powerful wineries behind Vinpearl Selection of Wine

06/05/2021 5.232

Through many carefully selected stages, 7 unique wines from the wine "capitals" of the world such as France, Chile, and Italy have been selected for Vinpearl Selection of Wine.

The process of making a perfect bottle of wine requires a lot of steps, harmoniously converging both nature and people elements. In the winemaking process, each producer has its own secret recipes and tricks to enhance the grape flavour. The bottles of wine, made on the grape farms with perfect soil and centuries-old tradition, represent the identity of that place. Therefore, enjoying wine is not only about enjoying the sweet, seductive taste on the lips, but also about exploring its history and identity.

Tosti 1820 – the ‘Wine Heritage" of Italy

The first brand to be mentioned in the Vinpearl Signature wine collection is Tosti 1820 – a wine and sparkling wine maker since 1820. Tosti 1820 is located in Canelli, one of the wine capitals of the world with 524 wine producers and a famous 20-km wine cellar spreading across the city.

Tosti 1820's heritage is made up of a long tradition and culture of winemaking with vineyards grown in areas with the best soil combined with heirloom production methods. With many years of experience, Tosti 1820 has successfully developed sparkling wines with distinctive flavours. In addition, the "belly button" in the middle of the bottle also creates a unique identity for all Tosti 1820 bottles.


Among the wines, Tosti 1820 is particularly known for its Moscato grape variety. Therefore, the unique white wine Tosti 1820 Moscato D’Asti Docg is the first selected name for the Vinpearl Selection of Wine. Take a sip of this exclusive wine and taste the sweetness of the fresh Moscato variety that the Tosti 1820 family brings into each bottle.

Due Palme - The quintessence of Italian wine

Due Palme tells a story about the dream and vision of its maker, the third generation in the family of the winemaking tradition. The love for their homeland is the first and core value of Due Palme’s. Throughout the process of nurturing the vineyard, the wine house always respects the environment and protects a sustainable ecosystem. 300 sunny days of a year with the temperature of up to 40C give Due Palme wines the aromas of ripe fruit, sweetness, balanced tannin level and a seductive ruby red color. 

With the desire to bring quality bottles to all over the world, Due Palme has been a leading exporter of Italian wine, about 10 million bottles a year to 37 countries. 


At Vinpearl, visitors can enjoy Due Palme Primitivo with the strong, alluring flavour of premium cigar and chocolate. Primitivo is one of the proudest grape varieties of the Apulia region in the south of Italy. Due Palme's Primitivo bottles are always carefully invested, having unique styles, and well representing the fertile region of Apulia.

Santa Rita – The winery with prestigious awards

Inheriting a traditional heritage and constantly innovating is the outstanding quality of Santa Rita, one of the luxury wine producers in Chile. Founded in 1880 in the Maipo valley, Santa Rita is a pioneer in growing European grape varieties in Chile.

The quality and excellent taste of Santa Rita wine is regularly appreciated by the famous North American magazine - Wine & Spirits. Moreover, Santa Rita was voted 10 times as "The winemaker of the year" and one of the three wine houses appearing on the prestigious magazine - Hall of Fame. For over 140 years, Santa Rita has been restlessly developing fine wines that deliver great experiences. Its quality has been maintained for decades and wine lovers around the world will be delighted always. 


A glass of silky Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc or a glass of soft and refreshing Santa Rita 120 Chardonnay will leave you perfect memories of a wine discovery journey at Vinpearl.

Ochagavia - Father of the current Chilean wine industry

Ochagavia is one of the wineries under Carolina Wine Brands, the oldest Chilean wine brand name. Mr. Silvestre Ochagavia - the winery founder learned new trends in wine production in Europe and brought them back to Chile together with the first grapes from Bordeaux. That is why he is considered the father of the modern Chilean wine industry.

In winemaking, the company maintains the philosophy of "always developing sustainably by creating an abundance of fruits", always carefully selecting the best variety in its vineyard to achieve the optimal quality and consistency in each bottle of Ochagavia. The company is located in the Central Valley, one of the prime locations for wine growing and wine production, where the temperate climate helps grapes to be fully ripe with highly concentrated aromas and flavours.


In particular, Ochagavia Espuela is made from Cabernet Sauvignon red grape, with an elegant hint of wild strawberries and chocolate, selected to bring poetic and imprinted experiences of Ochagavia at Vinpearl.

Tatachilla - A classy harmonization of both old and new world’s winemaking methods

Tatachilla was founded in 1901. The name of the winery means "Red Land", representing the excellent quality of wine and telling stories of the traditional, historic winemaking methods of McLaren Vale region.

Tatachilla wine is made with the harmony of both old and new world’s winemaking methods, thus always achieving the best quality. The wine is not only known for its unique and historic method of production, but also for the passionate worker teams, who give each wine bottle a soul, impressing drinkers.

Tatachilla was given a prestigious award for handcrafted winemaking, demonstrating a team's passion for premium white, red and sparkling wines.

The red wine made from Shiraz Blend grapes has been selected to be part of the wine collection at Vinpearl. Enjoy a glass of wine with the hot spicy, leathery, and green-peppery taste, blended with the mild bitterness of chocolate and forest bark, you will understand why this winery deserves the fame and prestigious awards. 

Château La Fleur Bellevue - The culmination of the Premieres Cotes de Blaye winemaking region

Among the vineyards in Premieres Cotes de Blaye, Chateau la Rose Bellevue was founded and developed by the Eymas family. With an area of 47 hectares located near the mouth of the Gironde river, Saint-Palais, the region has a Nord-Gironde unique climate condition. Chateau La Rose Bellevue has received numerous awards by the Concours Agricole de Paris, Concours de Bordeaux des Vins d’Auitaine, and the International Blayais Bourgeais Award.  


Renowned producer Château La Fleur Bellevue researched the know-how and produced a variety of wines through professional selection, fermentation, and maturation process. Therefore, Château La Fleur Bellevue deserves to be the “culmination” of Premieres Cotes de Blaye. At Vinpearl, if you are a fan of red wine, you should not miss the sweet, clove - scented Château La Fleur Bellevue Rouge. 

Combining unique ingredients and recipes from the world famous wine "capitals" to create passionate and seductive flavours, each glass of wine at Vinpearl is an interesting story waiting for visitors to explore and enjoy.

Note: Alcohol is prohibited for people under 18 years old. 


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