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Vietnam wedding gifts: unveil cultural values and traditional customs

03/01/2024 8.647

Vietnam wedding gifts often encompass a blend of tradition and modernity, with couples receiving symbolic items like delicate silk clothing or designed lacquerware, reflecting a harmonious union of cultural heritage and contemporary tastes.

Vietnam wedding gifts

Wedding ceremonies hold profound significance within the traditional culture of the Vietnamese people. Beyond being a momentous event, they serve as a gateway to explore the unique facets of wedding customs in Vietnamese culture, intricately woven with the rich tapestry of the country's cultural heritage. Within this cultural mosaic, Vietnam wedding gifts play a pivotal role, acting as vessels that carry the essence of tradition and the vibrancy of Vietnam's cultural expressions.

1. The significance of Vietnam wedding gift-giving tradition

It is not by chance that people often say, "A wedding happens only once in a person's lifetime." This expression not only emphasizes the monumental nature of the event but also encapsulates the aspirations of those embarking on marital life—a union that is envisioned to be singular, fulfilled, and lifelong. 

In the context of Vietnam wedding traditions, where ceremonies hold deep cultural significance for the Vietnamese people, the meticulous preparation of attire and demeanor by guests reflects the utmost formality of the occasion.

Moreover, the act of presenting Vietnamese wedding gifts during these celebrations is ingrained in tradition. These gifts, carefully chosen and offered with heartfelt intentions, symbolize the guests' blessings for the happiness of the newlyweds. 

Vietnam wedding gifts

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2. The traditional and modern Vietnam wedding gifts

Here are some practical wedding gift suggestions for you to consider, drawing inspiration from the traditional Vietnamese culture, where the exchange of meaningful gifts is deeply ingrained in the celebration of love and union.

2.1. Cash envelopes

Presenting a wedding envelope not only expresses wishes for the happiness, prosperity, and health of the newlyweds but also signifies the giver's desire to contribute in a small way to the joyous day of the couple. 

To select an appropriate congratulatory gift for a Vietnamese wedding, consider your relationship with the couple:

  • Family members: For close family, a significant traditional Vietnamese wedding gift, such as gold or meaningful items, is suitable, with amounts ranging from 2 to 5 million VND.
  • Close friends: Offer a thoughtful gift or a cash amount between 1 and 2 million VND, potentially increasing for longtime friends. 
  • Acquaintances or colleagues: A modest congratulatory gift, around 500,000 to 1,000,000 VND, acknowledges the relationship's less intimate nature.

Incorporate cultural elements into your Vietnam wedding gift, such as lucky symbols or traditional items, reflecting the joyous occasion and the couple's cultural heritage.

Vietnam wedding gifts

2.2. Jewelry and gold

Jewelry, especially gold, a traditional Vietnamese wedding gift, conveys heartfelt wishes for the couple's happiness and prosperity. It represents not just well-wishes for their union but also serves as a symbolic dowry, offered by family, friends, or close relatives to offer a financial foundation for the newlyweds as they embark on a new chapter together.

Based on gold purity, Vietnam wedding gifts in the form of gold are categorized into various types.

  • 24K gold (9999 Gold): Also known as "vàng ta" or "vàng ròng," 24K gold boasts 99.99% purity, making it ideal for investment or as a traditional Vietnam wedding gift symbolizing a dowry.
  • Western gold: A gold alloy with added metals for flexibility, commonly used in crafting meaningful wedding jewelry like necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Notable subtypes include 18K gold, which consists of 75% gold content and 14K gold, with 58.5% pure gold.
  • Gold Bullion (SJC Gold): A gold bullion, like SJC gold, is stamped with weight, quality, and manufacturer details. Regulated by the state, SJC gold is used for transactions, investments, or as a prestigious Vietnam wedding gift. SJC gold tends to be pricier than other types, making it a preferred option for more luxurious celebrations.

Following 24K gold, 18K Western gold is a popular choice as a Vietnam wedding gift, providing a dazzling and elegant appearance at a more affordable price.

Vietnam wedding gifts

2.3. Ao dai (traditional Vietnamese clothing)

For generations, the ao dai has stood as the epitome of Vietnam's traditional attire. On the wedding day, Vietnamese brides often choose a vibrant ao dai with intricate patterns, often Vietnam’s signature symbols, such as the phoenix, dragon, lotus, cranes, etc., reflecting the rich history and culture of the Vietnamese people.

The color red, in particular, represents happiness and good fortune throughout several cultures, including that of Vietnam. A red ao dai, in particular, is significant as a symbolic Vietnam wedding gift, conveying wishes for luck and prosperity, welcoming the newlyweds into a life full of warmth and abundance.

Alongside this traditional ensemble, the elaborately crafted headpiece adds a touch of sophistication, making it an exquisite wedding gift in Vietnam. Red, throughout history, has been synonymous with victory and abundant life. In the realm of love, it represents passion and allure.

Vietnam wedding gifts

2.4. Household items and decor

As the bride and groom bid farewell to their single lives, the transition to living together necessitates beautifying their humble abode. Choosing furniture and home decor as a wedding gift in Vietnam is an excellent choice. Explore some suggestions you can consider:

  • Flower vases: Flowers are an essential part of significant events, adding romance and freshness to the home. Flower vases make an excellent choice as a Vietnam wedding gift for their functionality and visual appeal.
  • Home decor items: If you are unsure about the perfect wedding gift, decorative items offer a diverse and easy-to-choose option. A new home can benefit from decorations such as wall art, clocks, or artistic ceramics.
  • Indoor plants: With the couple moving in together, indoor plants make a thoughtful wedding gift in Vietnam. They not only add aesthetic value but also contribute to a serene environment, promoting mental well-being.
  • Scented candles: For couples who appreciate personal touches to their home, scented candles are an exquisite choice. These not only enhance the ambiance but also provide relaxation and stress relief.
  • Bedside lamps: The bedroom is a space of relaxation and utmost privacy for newlyweds. Bedside lamps make a unique and practical gift, creating a cozy atmosphere in their shared space.

In the context of Vietnamese wedding gift etiquette, these thoughtful and practical items contribute to the couple's new life, enhancing their home and creating lasting memories.

Vietnam wedding gifts

2.5. Other ideas for Vietnam wedding gifts

In addition to the typical Vietnam wedding gifts, have a look at these additional ideas, each blending tradition, practicality, and sentiment:

  • Bride and groom figurines: Gifting bride and groom figurines is a sweet gesture for your dear ones. This gift symbolizes happiness and harmony between the couple. It becomes even more special if you engrave the names of the bride and groom on the figurines, making it a meaningful wedding gift for the Vietnamese couple.
  • Handmade wedding bouquet: Crafting a personalized wedding bouquet by hand is a touching Vietnamese wedding gift. Each bloom symbolizes a heartfelt wish, accompanying the bride on this special day.
  • Matching sleepwear set: For a thoughtful Vietnamese wedding gift idea, consider a set of matching sleepwear. Quality sleep is essential, and soft, comfortable sleepwear can enhance the happiness of the newlyweds as they share peaceful nights together.
  • Matching watches: A pair of matching watches makes for a profoundly sentimental wedding gift in Vietnam. These timepieces serve as a constant reminder for the bride and groom to prioritize each other amidst their busy lives. Additionally, it's a symbolic gesture affirming their shared commitment and the value of time together—a perfect choice for a meaningful Vietnam wedding gift.
Vietnam wedding gifts

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3. Do the guests receive Vietnam wedding gifts?

Throughout the ages, weddings have been more than a ceremony uniting two hearts; they symbolize the merging of two families and even communities. Guests don't just attend to witness; they often lend a helping hand in preparations and post-celebration cleanup. Gifts serve as a token of gratitude for their presence and assistance. While the role of guests may have evolved over time, the psychological desire for appreciation and gift-giving remains an integral part of this celebration.

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Vietnam wedding giftsVietnam wedding gifts

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In conclusion, delving into the realm of Vietnam wedding gifts also gives you a deeper insight into the country’s rich tapestry of cultural values and traditional customs. Each gift symbolizes not just material generosity but a profound expression of well-wishing and cultural significance. As we navigate the vibrant landscape of Vietnamese wedding customs, the exchange of gifts emerges as a heartfelt celebration of love, uniting families and communities in the shared joy of matrimonial bliss.

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